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From Dee
HERE COME THE EU Food Safety Directives... the draconian evil twin of Codex Alimentarius... where ignorant people decide for the educated what they can consume to maintain and/or restore their health.

Mr. Harper seems to think it's okay to sign away our sovereignty, without our permission or our oversight, to people who are busy destroying the natural health industry in Europe, and adopt their way of doing things "for the sake of a level playing field in trade". Hate to tell you, Stevie boy, but it's NOT okay. What you've done is illegal, and you damned well know it. And Leona Aglukkaq, for your part all you have ever done is kiss the wrong butts. Time you learned that the butts you need to kiss belong to us CANADIANS. Just because you won't admit you've done us wrong doesn't change the facts. Just because you hide an elephant under a carpet doesn't mean it isn't there. And just because you can do stuff like sign agreements we don't want while our backs are turned does not make it right.

WAIT TILL THE KARMA COMES AROUND. There is much for Harper to answer for, him and all his cronies... you know who you are....

And PS....I want to know where the hell you people get off banning a product that has recently been given an NPN... i.e Life Choice L-Tryptophan, something that is abundant in a turkey dinner... Either you people are competent to justify a product's licensing for sale, or you aren't... WHICH IS IT? You need to refund all Dr. Dahl's costs of approval IMMEDIATELY, because you gave an NPN under apparently false pretenses, and need to bear responsibility for that. Life Choice committed NO ERRORS there... but YOU DID.

Two years ago I asked what guarantee a natural health product supplier had that an NPN would indeed stand up to trade agreements... and none of you would answer. NOW, YOU HAD BETTER ANSWER. YOU OWE US THIS ONE.

Dear Elected MPs:

Information like the one below is continuing to report the disgust millions of Canadians have for the governance of Canada today.

Despite years of protesting the policies Health Canada has imposed on Natural Health Products (NHPs), there has been no change. Despotic RAIDS on HOMES and confiscation of products that has been used for decades SAFELY continues. AND Health Canada runs the course that is contrary to those who support the FREEDOM to CHOSE what they wish to take and/or consume for their health either for prevention or nourishment.

I cannot see any choice but to not vote for the Conservative Party. I know the next election will be about FREEDOM of CHOICE to use NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS AND RESTORE THE NHP INDUSTRY.

As the notice below states, we have allowed the government to make decisions they have NO business making for US and our freedom has become very much reduced as is done in Russia. You can thank goodness that revolts like many countries today are experiencing from those opposing dictatorships are not in the Canadian way pity!

L. G. Anderson


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