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From Dee Nicholson []
July 3, 2010
Arsenic in Chicken
In the near future, if a California psychiatrist's recommendation is followed, if you don't want to eat KFC because of Arsenic in the meat, you will likely be diagnosed with orthorexia nervosa.... the irrational fear of impure food.... and yes, it's for real.... Google it!

From Phil Segrave []
July 1, 2010
Internet Cybersecurity Measures
Time to accelerate the distribution of the truth and to download it for the future generations. Once this vital avenue of communication is disrupted, truth seekers will be severely disadvantaged. The mainstream media is totally controlled by fascists. That is why government news censored ratings are down and internet blogs and radio ratings is beating them.

From Dee Nicholson []
June 30, 2010
G20 Ridiculousness...
The law referred to below NEVER EXISTED: It turns out that Charlie Vietch should never have
been arrested in the first place, as he was arrested for being within five meters of the fence and
refusing to provide identification. Then he told his story on the Alex Jones Show. Once that
was publicized, police apprehended Vietch at the Pearson International Airport, on a charge of
"impersonating a police officer" stemming from Charlie telling a security guard (guess he didn't know they had been given special powers as well, not being from here...) jokingly, when challenged at the fence and his identification demanded, "I'm with MI7 (which does not exist) and I'm an agent
provocateur for the Toronto Police"... which anyone with a brain would recognize as a sarcastic
comment! They used this part of the report accompanying his arrest (for breaking a non-existent law) to trump up another charge BECAUSE HE OPENED HIS MOUTH AND IT WENT VIRAL.

From Phil Segrave []
June 30, 2010
Gulf Oil & Tar Covered Over With Sand In Pensacola
Part of the answer is the locals are still allowing themselves to be bribed by the federal grant carrot or stick scam. Their operating budgets are lusting after and dependent on all those gravy train federal grants.

The Gulf is Obama's baby as long as he continues to exercise total control over the fix and the clean up by giving BP the exclusive right to stop the oil leak they caused. If BP's technical expertise caused the disaster, should BP be given the authorization to stop it?

The hurricane season is just starting. Look for the government to declare an environmental crisis some time during the season and order mass evacuations ala Katrina. This will justify passing environmental laws like the carbon tax.

Obama/Soros/Goldman Sachs/BP are not interested in fixing and/or cleaning up. If they wanted the oil, Obama would waive the Jones Act and authorize oil skimmers that could separate millions of gallons of oil per day to operate.

This scandal has a political agenda. The ultimate payoff is the carbon tax the globalist will reap trillions from and further economically control us.

Things are heating up with possible military intervention in Iran. Another war could be used to distract public attention from the corruption surrounding the Gulf and Obama would get a pass on his heavy handed role in the Gulf oil crisis.

From Phil Segrave []
June 29, 2010
EXPOSED! - G20 Police in Black Bloc Anarchist Gear @ 0:45 - Toronto
All the plainclothes people running in that pack, and being let behind the line, are cops--including the black-clad 'anarchist' !!!! BTW, watch out for the old white-bearded flannel shirt cop and the famous 'scary lady' cop

From Bill Norwood []
June 28, 2010
Hi Autism Website Persons,

You may remember me from my promotion of my transcript, of Gary Nulls documentary, Autism: Made in the USA. Well, heres another endeavor which I feel likely would help autism families.

Via promotion of raw foods diets, I seek to help popularize dietary approaches to partial amelioration of autism. My daughter,, promotes raw foods diets, and she points out this example of a parent enthusiastic about the effects on her autistic child,

So, what does the raw foods diet have to do with the most common autism diet?
My suggestion is that the raw foods diet could be an option that would fit the gluten-free and casein-free requirements for autistic persons. As the raw foods diets play out, the reason that the gluten-free characteristic is achieved is the fact that in almost all cases, grains would have to be cooked. Thus all of the baked products, gluten etc get dropped out. Also, only for very few of the practicers does the raw foods idea include raw meat or raw eggs, so it almost always turns out that the practicers are high-percentage raw-vegan, and this drops out the casein, the dairy products.

Anyway, the following tells how to vote for her. I believe that she has some really strong voting points.

And, could you please inform others.

And I continue to be grateful for your important and necessary daily work,

Best Wishes and Many thanks, Billy D. Norwood.

From Marlene M
June 28, 2010
And on the news last night they asked a cop why they did not go after the black bloc and he said they had to let some of it go in order to find all the other ones that were causing trouble. SO they let the ones that burnt the cars and caused all the trouble go and did nothing. I smell a big rat here. I am sure they were ordered to let them go and make it seem like the peaceful protestors were the problem. Nothing new here,they do this all the time. That is our government for you. They are all big liars,big big ones. All this for one billion dollars of wasted money for the elite.

From David Michaels []
June 28, 2010
Protesters attempt to sit peacefully on the grassy median in front of Queen's park in Toronto on Saturday June 26, 2010 - police surround them and move in swinging batons and pepper spray.

From David Michaels []
June 28, 2010

This keeps gets weirder by the day. Almost as if they want us to know it's a hoax.

From Dee Nicholson []
June 27, 2010
Real News journalist attacked at G20
Lots of stories coming out... two CTV journalists arrested today, one last night... and their
credentials were shown but that cut no ice with the officers. Reports exist of American police wearing
Canadian uniforms, of assaults, of brutal beatings...

Then there was the Black Bloc, who were seemingly allowed free rein to burn up police cars
that mysteriously had no gas in their tanks, and were left with the windows open, and caught fire
immediately because some guys threw little burning pieces of paper inside? Sounds like an
accelerant was used in advance, to me... of course, I'm just one of many who watch those terrifically detailed
crime shows and LEARN how they do it....


I say, take it out of Harper's pay cheque. It was his party, let HIM pay for it.
By the way... a busload of his rent-a-cops just drove by my house.... nowhere near a riot
and with absolutely no business being there.

Speaking of rentals....

Shot of the day: It was on the news.... they rented all sorts of Budget Rental Vans for this operation...
and one was clearly shown on a clip showing the protests. They had added a large decal with the word
POLICE on it... but didn't cover the logo of the rental company... so the sign on the back of the van
read: Budget POLICE

Priceless. As long as you don't count the Billion bucks.


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