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From Phil Segrave []
December 3, 2010

12/02/2010 911/PENTAGON UPDATE:

For the 21st century generation, this is where it all started. Two pre-planned wars for profit and political power, and the evisceration of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT presents conclusive evidence a plane did not hit the Pentagon. The light poles and eye witness accounts refutes the goverments version. The public citizen investigators wrote:

'There is no sense in pushing for the federal government to investigate if their own official 9/11 explanation is false when we already have proof that this is the case, and especially when they have already refused to do this anyway.'

Please download (free) and preserve this scientifically conducted investigation for posterity so the truth will prevail in the end:

Download National Security Alert and create/obtain DVD copies

Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis

Citizen Investigation Team

From Phil Segrave []
December 3, 2010

The sheeple are everywhere:

From Dee Nicholson []
December 3, 2010
As the National Health Federation already pointed out in its November 30th News Alert, House passage of S.510 is not a given. Several groups – having picked up on early Congressional news reports – are repeating the news that the bill could be "blue slipped" (meaning set aside and not voted on), because its Section 107 contains "unconstitutional" revenue-raising provisions. These revelations dove-tail with those NHF observations previously made, and what we had gleaned from our own sources prior to any notices having been issued.
A closer reading of Section 107, "Authority to collect fees" of S.510 shows that these are new "user" fees for re-inspections, food product recalls, and for inspections of foreign imported foods and food ingredients. These new fees are, in the bill, and authorized under Subchapter C of Chapter 7 of 21 U.S.C. 379, which is the statutory citation for the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The FDA has had the authority to collect these fees on the books for over ten years. The FDA already collects fees from drug companies, medical device companies, domestic food companies, and even animal-medicine manufacturing companies. User-fee legislation has originated in the Senate, in the HELP committee, and its precursor committees. So, why have these existing fees not been considered to be "unconstitutional" before? But, this is just basic knowledge of FDA law and the Congressional legislative process. Only in Washington can the politicians now suddenly be reinterpreting a "fee" as a source of revenue, and, as revenue, therefore a new tax. But, our philosophy on this issue is “any port in a storm.”
House passage of S.510 may indeed be in trouble. Congressional staffs are saying that, rather than the above, large food processors, upset over the Tester-Hagan exemption-for-small-farmers amendment, are also objecting to House passage. This is good news. Health-freedom advocates are encouraged to continue to contact their Congressional representatives in opposition to passage. There are even more plausible and accurate opposition reasons. The bill authorizes another $1.4 billion in FDA spending. If and when implemented S.510 will not make the food system any safer and will just increase the cost of food. A more layered and complex bureaucracy is not a more efficient bureaucracy.
The House was expected to bring S.510 up for consideration on December 1st, but did not. The longer it stays at the Speaker's desk, the better the chances for non-passage in the House. We can all help this happen. Contact your Representative and tell him or her to oppose consideration of S.510 at the House level.

From Phil Segrave []
December 2, 2010
Just watched Plum Island. Jesse nailed it with over 1300 bio labs all over the U. S. There is absolutely no ligitimate reason for that. Plus there are not that many qualified professionals to work them since the great purge of micro-biologist:

List of Dead Scientists

Then the former director of Plum Island slipped by saying workers breath the contaminated air and when they return home, they are not allowed to have pets.

Oh, did I mention the Montauk monsters that washed up on the Long Island beach? How easy would it be to lab test the tissue to determine if they were part human? The skin of the remains sure looked part human.

Jesse should have dug into that question.

Did you catch one of the best programs on 'Government Sachs'? If that one does not embarrass the hell out of Congress, what will?

From Dee Nicholson []
December 2, 2010
Wonder when our mainstream media will pick up on and report to Canadians that their very democracy is being eroded under their noses with agreements signed by our government which OBLIGATE US to foreign controls WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE.

gcnlive link

…In October, NDP Member of Parliament Don Davies warned that Bill C-42 would give U.S. security agencies unprecedented access to Canadians’ personal information. He addressed a whole subset of data that could be obtained by U.S authorities through the passenger name record created when booking with travel agents. This includes, “credit card information, who we are travelling with, our hotel, other booking information such as tours or rental cars, any medical condition of the passenger that may have been disclosed, dietary preferences, our email address, our employer information, our telephone information, our baggage information.” Davis also added, “This bill would effectively allow the United States to determine when Canadians can leave Canada to fly to many destinations in the world that have nothing to do with the United States. This bill violates Canadians’ freedoms. It violates Canadians’ mobility rights.” Bill C-42 is an encroachment on sovereignty and gives the U.S. unprecedented power over who can board planes that fly over its airspace..
Don speaks against Bill C-42, which would give US security agencies unprecedented access to Canadians' personal information

From Phil Segrave []
December 1, 2010
Click on the following link to watch the documentary film Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century is an historical look at how human beings have been and are increasingly being scientifically controlled: The film is dense with information and ideas.

Here's what Op Ed News has to say about this film (also read Christian's fine write up below):

Scott Noble, the filmmaker behind the extraordinary and informative documentary "Psywar," has made another revelatory and important documentary, available free to the public, called "Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century." Watch it here. Read the reviews here.

"Esentially," says Scott, "this film is about the rise of mechanistic philosphy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarhical systems." The film includes original interviews with: "Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Rebecca Lemov ("World as Laboratory"), Christopher Simpson ("The Science of Coercion"), George Ritzer ("The McDonaldization of Society"), Morris Berman ("The Reenchantment of the World"), John Taylor Gatto ("Dumbing us Down"), Alfie Kohn ("What does it mean to be well educated?") and others."

Read David Ker Thomson's review of the film. He writes: "It answers the significant events of the last century the way a glass answers the implicit questions of a man who peers into its reflective surface--point for point. It corresponds, in short, to reality."

A video for those who want to see aspects of history from a different angle., and help cut through the Matrix. This is a just released, 2 hour video that besides being very entertaining, is highly enlightening in many unexpected ways. Some of you might be aware of a few of these hidden topics, but even for someone like myself who spends endless hours dedicated to these issues, new aspects were pointed out.

So I'm sending the link along below for the full length video. When you have some time to just sit back for awhile, I suggest taking a look, I think you will be quite surprised, and then just extrapolate this to the present moment, and realize how most people really are living inside a created matrix, a prison for our minds. But, knowledge is power, and we as a planet never needed to break free from the many forms of control, that keep most of the planet in ignorance, and hence bondage.

Many of us who are awakened realize, global human freedom and liberty are on the move, but MUCH work needs to be done NOW! The inter-Alpha groups (about 6 all powerful global banks) on the planet are attempting to reconstruct the planet right now through economic warfare. Nation states throughout Europe are having their power taken, and morphed right in front of our eyes, and consolidated under new mechanisms, reporting, and controlled under the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Do you really think America is immune to these same devices? Do you really think it is all happening by oversight, or happenstance?

' The American Dream', in the words of the late George Carlin, " You know why it was called 'The American Dream'... because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Well what's happening in Europe has just a little lead time on the US. Please educate yourself on the 'austerity' measures crippling many european nations into 'debt slaves' as we speak, as they loose their once sovereign powers to the hands of elite banker/businessmen of the world, only loyal to themselves, and now global dominance and control. The Anglo-American faction call it the 'New World Order' (N.W.O.) Those in the inner capstones of power have always been control freaks. I'm sure you might know a few similar types in your own world. They are basically insecure, and yes desperate and therefore extremely vulnerable to being taken down. Some would say, 'a house of cards.'

This video shows many ways the power elite have, and do play the game. But in my opinion, all has lead to this very key moment in history, where their biggest concerted move of all time is showing itself in every direction, with horrendous consequences. But because it is coming from all discordant directions at once its hard to connect the dots. That's why 'On The Pulse' tries to make certain connections for you, to help a clearer picture come into view, sooner than later. So...

Note: this video only gets better as you get deeper into it, so hang with it. Its worth the ride. Good to watch with other individuals. The video can be paused to discuss certain topics, and each others opinions, or related ideas.

From Phil Segrave []
December 1, 2010
Very informative commentary inserts into Dr. Katherine M. Harris's well paid for consumer behavior propaganda article published in The New England Journal of Medicine. You are absolutely correct, the WHO Flu pandemic of 2009 was not just a hoax, it was also a consequence management drill to get the logistics systems deployed and coordinated (including in our public schools systems), the first responders trained (forced vaccinated to keep their jobs) as the military activates intervention units for emergency assistence in the event medical martial law is declared.

As Dr Harris wrote in her article, ...'For no matter how quickly a safe and effective vaccine is produced, it will do little good if large numbers of people refuse to be vaccinated.'... She also co-wrote:

'Maintain vaccine 'registries' that are part of the DMV record system (this would enable law enforcement to instantly determine if the subject was immunized in the event of a declared emergency) thus repealing privacy of medical records laws.'

in a paper entitled 'Strategies and Models for Promoting Adolescent Vaccination for Low-Income Populations' which was sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur, a vaccine producer, which incidentally procured a patent for a H1N1 flu virus over a year before the pandemic. Dr Harris wants to increase 'demand' by behaviour management, not science.

Subject: New England Journal of Medicine Article on Spinning Flu Vaccines to Public

This is enough to make me nauseated but it is subtly hinting on the truth...Eileen

EXCERPT: The 2009 H1N1 virus did give
us one gift of inestimable value:
it provided a full-scale test of the
ability of the United States to
counter pandemic influenza. Yes...this virus was not a HOAX but a "Consequence Management Drill"
If we draw the right lessons from
the response, (from this planned consequence management drill having put in place complete immunity for vaccine manufacturers (PREP ACT) and providers since 2004/5, years before they let the laboratory made virus out into the public)
we can considerably strengthen our country’s public health preparedness. Oh, yeah, we were prepared all right by giving bioweaponary information to Iraqi Saddam Hussein. From the Riegle Report-see full report:

"Sen. Riegle of the U.S. senate asked for and received a list of all the biological weapon components that were supplied to Saddam Hussein by the United States military and that is contained in the Riegle report and I have one page of it here, on page 41 of his report it shows that a shipment of brucellosis, brucella melitensis they call it, biotype 1 was shipped to Iraq in 1986 and it was a component for a disabling disease which very closely resembled CFIDS and which is obviously Gulf War Syndrome"
. (Has anyone noticed that suddenly the Tetanus shot is being "pre offered" rather than used post injury?)
The most obvious lesson is
that we currently lack the capacity
to develop, produce, and distribute
a new vaccine in time to
counter a fast-moving pandemic "You can't make a vaccine for every bioweapon we have in our biological warfare arsenal or the arsenal of the Terrorists that we supplied the starter kit to". Eileen Dannemann
— a fact that reinforces the
need for continued federal investments
in the processes, policies,
and infrastructure required
to swiftly produce and distribute
a pandemic vaccine.

BTW... The CDC has peopled the State Depts. of Health with bioweaponry experts, like in Iowa, Dr. Quinlisk. And these BackScatters, I believe, is about Bioweapons, not explosives. I went to a hearing years ago where Sen. Ted Kennedy was seeking a way to build an invisible fence around America....because he knew that we are in the age of Bioweaponry. He knew we had given our technology over to the enemy. Just like we gave over 25 countries our Depleted Uranium Technology

From Eileen Dannemann
December 1, 2010
See story below:

Go see BURZINKI FILM trailer:
VLA link

Recent positive headway with the Food and Drug Administration:
As we've said all along, the first step in moving forward and getting Antineoplastons approved for public use is getting the public at large aware of this medicine and it's background. Without massive public support, we will see no change. This is beginning to happen.

Just recently, a family with a 22 month old girl in Washington State with a PNET brain tumor (Primitive Neureoectodermal Tumor) contacted Burzynski's clinic for treatment. While data shows that "traditional treatment" has a track record of treating this type of cancer, "however, difficulties with standard treatment can be encountered in very young children, in adults at high risk of complication from standard treatment (meaning chemotherapy doesn't really cut through the brain blood barrier, and is highly toxic - and radiation is, well... radiation) and patients with recurrent tumors".

This little 22 month old girl falls into two of those categories, being both an "young child" and also having "recurrent tumors".

Here is essentially the course of events regarding this case:
1. 22 month old diagnosed with a brain tumor, she had surgery to remove the tumor. Post surgery, a biopsy showed it to be a PNET brain tumor.

2. The family was given the choice of "standard treatment" which offered a low percentage of survival, plus the massive side effects chemotherapy and radiation would have on this child.

3. The family found the Burzynski clinic, and were notified that they would not be able to treat this 22 month old since the FDA requires that she needed to fail chemotherapy and radiation; and also because of her young age.

4. The family talked to many people, including Eric Merola (me) and wanted to try to get a "Special Exception" for this child. Everyone informed them that the only way to get the FDA to change their mind is if a Congressman or Senator intervened, but even then there was no guarantee.

5. A second post-surgical scan showed the tumor was not only growing back, but there were now multiple tumors in her brain.

6. This family contacted Senator Maria Cantwell's office, and explained the situation.

7. Incredibly, because of this single Senator's inquiry, the FDA is now allowing this child to be treated in an Antineoplaston clinical trial without being forced to fail chemotherapy and radiation, and, the age requirement!

This is exactly what we have been talking about! Historically, the FDA has been known to back down when a spotlight is shined on them. This is a prime example of what public awareness and public pressure can do—as there is no scientific basis for the FDA's mandate, only red tape. That red tape can easily be cut when given a sharp enough pair of scissors—and armed with the science. Senator Cantwell, in this case, pulled the scissors out and managed to cut this one. This is landmark, and sets a precedent in how we can possibly win this. As we've always said, it takes "the people" to push and make the change.

Allowing this child into Burzynski's clinical trial is only half the battle. In a group of Phase II clinical trials using only Antineoplastons, with 13 children ranging from one to eleven years old with PNET tumors: Six of those patients (46%) survived more than 5 years after treatment. Five of the six patients had not undergone any previous chemotherapy or radiation prior to being treated with Antineoplastons - they came in clean. This 22-month-old child from Washington State has the opportunity to enter these trials clean as well. Click here for to read the published study yourself.

In contrast, a chemotherapy drug produced by GlaxoSmithKline called Topotecan (also a gene-targeted drug), is undergoing Phase II trials for this type of tumor in children as well. Twenty-six children were treated, two objective responses were noted (7.6%), and these two patients managed to live beyond five years. However, this does not indicate the damage, if any, this chemotherapeutic drug caused these patients.

Therefore, in virtually identical Phase II gene-targeted clinical trials treating PNET in children: topotecan chemotherapy resulted in a 7.6% 5-year survival; while Antineoplastons resulted a 46% 5-year survival. Click here to read this study. It's important to note that while Antineoplastons are free of harmful side effects, topotecan's side effects generally include: hair loss, vomiting, and diarrhea—if you are lucky. If you are one that has a more severe reaction to this drug, the side effects can include: difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips and tongue; severe cough; painful urination, unexplained bruising, and stomach cramps. Click here more on this drug.

The science is clear.

The upcoming public relations campaign will focus directly on all of these issues. Keep spreading the word and sharing the DVD. We will soon have available for everyone a "call to action" for you to utilize to notify your Congressman and Senator of this issue and more.

In solidarity,

Eric Merola
Director, Burzynski, The Movie

From Dee Nicholson []
December 1, 2010
Chips in cards to make them more secure? NOT!!!!!
Wrap them in tin foil, at the very least.... or buy a scan-proof envelope for them...
This should be a big concern if you have credit cards. Thieves now have another tool to steal from you and they don't even have to touch you. Electronic pickpocketing !!! Watch the whole story and take note of the symbol that will let you know if you're vulnerable. This is very important. Click on the link. link

From Dee Nicholson []
December 1, 2010
On why the Indian Government has stopped this vaccine from being administered.

From Dee Nicholson
December 1, 2010
Shiv Chopra explains how India is being drawn into a web of Monsanto control via trade deals with CANADA and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU's) signed with the U of SASKATCHEWAN, where Monsanto funds research... and from which province Monsanto tried to destroy Percy Schmeiser because his crops got contaminated with their GMO seeds!

Greeting from Canada!

I am a non-resident Indian living in Canada for more than fifty years. I am a graduate of Punjab College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Hissar, when Punjab used to include Haryana. For greater details, I introduce you to my book, CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower (2008), which was republished in India last year by Dr. Inderjit Kaur, President, All India Pingalwara Charitable Society, Amritsar. It is available from there at no cost.

The main message in this book is that, relative to India, Canada is a much wealthier country. Blessed with unlimited amounts of natural resources it has the capacity to feed many less fortunate nations. However, the food it has been producing for approximately the last fifty years has become less and less profitable and more and more toxic. The reason for this change is due to misguided policies of both the federal and provincial governments on food and agriculture under the lobbying pressures from multinational industries. Reports indicate that approximately one third of Canada’s population contracts acute food-borne disease each year. Similar statistics are reported from the USA. Not counted in these statistics is the increasing incidence of chronic food-borne disease and death, due to cancer, diabetes and other disorders in both these countries.

During the last four years I had the opportunity to speak on these issues across India. I have also been writing to eminent politicians, research establishments and community leaders. I am sad to report that except for the disaffected farmers and a few NGOs, no one is attending to what is about to hit the safety and security of food in India. According to Tribune News Service of November 24, 2010, India and Canada have signed a number of memoranda of agreement (MOUs) aimed at achieving better health, cleaner environment and economic prosperity via agriculture and mining. Additional reports indicate that these MOUs are also supported by a separate free trade agreement between India and Canada to the tune of five billion dollars per year. Experience shows that the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan where from these MOUs will operate is an internationally recognized hub of bio-tech corruption, since what Monsanto did to one of its local farmers, Percy Schmeiser, for refusing to buy their GMO canola seed. He incurred five million dollars in court costs to fight against this company in the Supreme Court of Canada for saving his own seed. Evidently, not too many farmers in India or Canada could afford that kind of money defending their God given right to save their own seeds, which must be protected to safeguard national food security instead of corporate prosperity.

I understand, the Kisan Swaraj Yatra will conclude at Rajghat on December 11, 2010. I wish I could be there to learn more about your experiences and future plans. Be assured that Mahatma Gandhi and the nation stand behind your efforts. Thank you!

Shiv Chopra

From Mary S.
November 29, 2010
Hi everyone,

A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and your families enjoyed a magnificent day of gratitude, love, joy and peace. We did, with great friends and a beautiful rainbow over Mt. Haleakala.

Lots and lots of changes! Is this true for you too? We are continuing to move beyond the old and into the new, and usually the new is unknown to us and we do best by trusting and going with the flow.

As most of you know, Verna and Mary were to be two of a group of five opening a healing (actually an Ascension) center on Maui. It was clear from August 21, 2009 to both of them that it was to be located in an existing facility, hotel and resort in Wailea, SW Maui. The prosperity and humanitarian funds were due to be released right after Announcements by the end of 2009, and we would be buying a gorgeous and energetically sparkling property, making some alterations to create a physical area for many different healing modalities for Verna to oversee, and managing the remainder of the resort. [Note: This facility is a 431-suite hotel ($700+ each per day ), 27 villas ($1800+ each per day), with 3 pools and spas, beach, water and ocean activities equipment, 3 restaurants and bar, a conference center and ballroom, over 1000 staff and employees, full reservation, accounting and services departments, and magnificent art work and grounds.] A massive concept at the least.

Now, more than one year later, with the prosperity and humanitarian funds and Announcements not yet in public view, so many changes have taken place, and thus there's a major shift in our plans as well. Verna and Mary do not see the need now for such a center, because there are healing and wellness centers opening all over the world in abundance, as lightworkers' consciousness is rising exponentially and capable, inspired people are stepping up. There are new healing and energy modalities coming out practically every day. And feeling tied to the absolutely huge responsibilities of owning and overseeing such a facility, even with great managers and department heads, when the buck stops here because you are the "end person", well, that is beyond huge. And we both like to have lives apart from "work" :-) A 24/7 work schedule is not fun. Been there, done that.

So we were fascinated to read in Karen Bishop's November 11, 2010 email report concerning her own shifts: "Although 'the plan' never carried out as it was intended a year ago, it is having a similar result now, if only in a different way with differing scenarios that fit us much better."

WOW! Same experience. Same conclusion. (For your enjoyment, her entire article is below.)

As Verna and Mary still are on the same page regarding being of service to humanity, and in the healing and transformational areas of living, we have now shifted our plans to holding workshops in many cities, traveling which we both love to do, and an interactive website with workshops and other information posted.

Our workshops will include a new crystal transformational device that takes your intent and communicates to your cells to change and become what your intent states, quantum therapy and zero point energy frequencies and homeopathic sessions that identify and address issues of all kinds, herbal homeopathic weight loss, a new exciting supplement that has reduced cellular oxidative stress in everyone tested [30 to 78] to that of a 20-year-old or younger, and anything else that appeals to us.

We also will be hosting exceptional teachers and healers doing seminars on Maui. In February, Svetlana and Alex will be here on Maui to do a 2-day workshop on energetic codes that promote correction to physical and emotional situations that appear out of line from the Creator's perfection, and the natural regrowth of organs and limbs lost or removed, according to work currently being done in Germany and Russia. Mary is the contact person for them, at We also will host Mimi who will be shooting a powerful documentary addressing divorcing parents and how they can effectively protect their innocent children from the emotional fallout. More information later!

So much new stuff is coming out now, that we prefer the flexibility of adding new modalities quickly and easily.

So, we will keep you posted on our progress and announcements of workshops and other activities.

Have a most blessed day and weekend, and love to all,
Verna and Mary

Karen Bishop's Posting of November 11, 2010:

Greetings everyone!

A brief "book" message and a planetary update:

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who expressed an interest in my
new book, and that is why I am connecting with you now. For those
of you who mailed with updated contact information or new contact
information, almost all of you were already entered into the
database correctly. For others, know that you are now on the list.
The reason for this e-mail is to stay in touch in regard to the
progress of the book, as it has been a bit delayed. But to
elaborate on my long excuses why, I thought it best to explain it
within another brief planetary update (so there would be a method
to my madness!). So here it is:

I mentioned in my last e-mail to you that we had a massive release
beginning in late August and continuing through most of September.
We were done with the intense cleansing process of the summer
(which left many of us acutely depleted, as it was like receiving
chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to remove as much of the
darker and denser energy as possible).

So then, after we were complete with this lengthy and challenging
process (where it felt as if there was no light anywhere), we were
released onto a new and freshly cleansed palette. After we were
released, it was planned that new connections would be made, all
according to who ended up where and how each and every one of us
was now vibrating. Thus, we would then gravitate to whom, to where
or to what was now a much better fit for each and every one of us.
Immediately after being released, things felt great and good again
because of the clean and fresh palette. But oh so slowly, the
energies began to clog up again with more density. Then on 10/10/10
we had a huge energy push forward to assist in the new beginning.
These massive energy surges can frequently be felt as rapid heart
palpitations, hyperventilation, pressure, anxiety, lots of
movement, etc.

During this same time frame, the waves of energy also began;
meaning that the energies would be up for awhile, and then severely
drop for a while. During the drop phase, it was like everything had
bottomed out or that there was no wind in any sail. But then up
again the energies would go and we felt up on top once again. This
was because connections were being made, if oh so slowly. Up, down,
up, down. All during this time things were so so with feeling back
to normal (although we will never be back to normal again, but at
least we are moving back into the light once again).

Then on Tuesday November 2nd, we had a massive influx of feminine
energy. We may have felt like doing, doing, doing with lots of
energy that almost endless supply of energy with no
fatigue. The following day the feminine energy could really be
felt. Perhaps expressing itself as a time for basking with no
motivation, or just a time for self care. It arrived as an attempt
to get things moving with the new connections. They had stalled out
a bit and things were beginning to revert back to the old familiar.

This feminine energy could also be experienced as a sudden knowing
that the old masculine energy was now gone and had no more power.
If you are female, you may have felt a strong desire to connect
with girlfriends...the "girlfriend" energy was very strong. You may
have had a sudden aversion to men (no offense guys...we know you can
have evolved masculine energy along with feminine!). In most ways
involving feminine energy, it was most distinctly here.

This new wave of feminine energy did what feminine energy does. It
provided support, lots of love, caring, and lots of heart. But the
main thing is that it provided a much needed thrust of connection,
as feminine energy loves to connect together in most instances and
instinctively knows how to do it. It may have felt like spring was
here with a very new beginning, all sparkling and light, with
crystals glowing and fairy dust abounding, or simply that things
had changed and would now be good once again.

Now that the feminine energy has arrived, the "highs" are holding
their own much more. Good things are happening once again, support
is here, and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel...or
rather in the here and now. These connections and this new grid
will allow us to move forward and create a new reality for
ourselves. There is now a firm grid in place (unless something
unforeseen comes along, which has happened many times in the past,
but let us cross our fingers that we are now finally situated).
Now, along comes 11/11/10, and this provides the portal of entry
into the new....yet another support. Because this portal created an
entry into the new, it then activated a time of grieving for the
loss of the old. Perhaps feeling sad and crying for no apparent
reason, or maybe for a good reason! Along with the arrival of the
feminine last week, with the 10/10/10 energy pushing us forward
into a new beginning, and now with the 11/11/11 portal and the new
connections, we are finally looking pretty good.

If you have recently cleaned out your closets or removed yourself
from anything that no longer fits who you are, you are most
assuredly ready for a new beginning in a very new space, and this
is why I am writing to you tell you of my new space and
why then, the small delay with the new book.

At the beginning of October, a series of events occurred for me
that made it abundantly clear that it was time to sell my home, as
it no longer fit the purpose for which it was originally intended.
Needless to say, I was stunned and quite frankly, dug in my heels.
In no way was I ready to welcome yet another move. But then as
these things often do, after I resisted, I was practically kicked
out by energies pushing me out in no uncertain terms. At this
point, I really had no choice, and know I will be much better off.

Preparing for selling and all that goes with selling a home has
taken up most of my time since then, leaving no time to write or
even to be in that particular space...thus the delay. But my higher
self knows that I am going to my next step and my new space and it
is all about rejuvenation. After experiencing massive loss and
great endings with almost everything, our next step is to
rejuvenate before we move more fully into our heaven on Earth. I
will thus be re-locating to the feminine energies of the mountains
of western North Carolina, among waterfalls, nature spirits galore,
and the smiling faces of four amazing children. I am excited about
my next step, as it falls in line with our process and I will be
able to bring forth my next endeavor much easier from there. I
never dreamed this would be where I ended up for this last phase,
but after the sifting and sorting was over, it now makes sense.

Although "the plan" never carried out as it was intended a year
ago, it is having a similar result now, of only in a different way
with differing scenarios that fit us much better.

The new book is about experiencing massive loss, pain, suffering, a
loss of identity, and explains why this is part of the process as
this is the in-between stage before arriving in our heaven on
Earth. There is a particular pattern and process that repeats
itself in all areas of our lives before we move forward into things
very new, and it is explained in the book, along with much more.
Along the way, if we know what to look for and how to identify it,
we can see that we have been divinely guided all along, watched
over from above, and protected the entire time.

For those unusually sensitive and with lots of heart, this past year
has been nearly unbearable and it certainly felt like the planet earth
was no longer a place we could inhabit. Enduring these energies of late,
and the climate they existed in, created an exodus for many, as it
simply became too much (I was myself called home on three separate
occasions). For those of us still hanging in there, it is time for
a huge group hug.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and
miracles in your life during these miraculous times,

Karen Bishop

From Dee Nicholson []
November 29, 2010
Notice that these trade groups are extending around the world in a great network of contracts... which are bound to fall afoul of each other. When that happens, a global platform will be absolutely necessary to arbitrate disputes and also to keep their system running smoothly, and this will be GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.
That will mean NO DEMOCRACY FOR YOU... because you will not be able to vote for, or have recourse against, these foreign entanglements.... which the Founding Fathers even warned about when the USA became a country!
There is also another trade agreement like CETA (Canada/EU) being formed between India and the European Union. India uses Ayurvedic Medicine a LOT... and the EU has the new THMPD coming out in April... that would be the Traditional Herbal Medicine Products Directives, covering herbal products, and putting them under draconian restrictions... thereby threatening the very existence of Herbal Medicines wherever the EU Food Safety Directives are in force. VIA TRADE AGREEMENTS (ENFORCEABLE CONTRACTS), these directives threaten to become a spreading cancer in health freedom... and with the passage of S 510 in the USA, with its backdoor to foreign authority directives, just like in Bill C-36, together with our prior entanglements with the USA, and Health Canada's with the FDA, Canada, Mexico, the USA, and India could be rapidly added to the EUFSD... ALL FOR THE SAKE OF FREE TRADE.


THE SCENE: The Total Health Show, Toronto, 2004. I had cornered Dr. James Lunney (C-Nanaimo), original presenter of the late great Bill C-420, which, with a few brief words, would have protected Natural Health Products from being treated as drugs in Canada) just before he went to speak in a health freedom panel discussion. Following is a partial replay of that encounter with our then "hero" in Ottawa:

Me: "Jim, we know about the threat to health sovereignty from trade groups.... push come to shove, which would you support, C-420 or free trade?"

Lunney: "Well, Dee, nobody could argue that trade's not a good thing...."

Seems there was something more important to him than the wishes of Canadians, after all.

C-420 died on the order paper after that when the Martin government died, but was reintroduced in the following Parliament under Harper by Dr. Colin Carrie, (Cons-Oshawa) with the same number. Our new "hero".

Today, that "hero" is the Deputy Minister of Health, and introduced Bill C-36 to Parliament.

That "hero" just shepherded C-36 through the Lower House and also helped squelch the voices of health freedom in this country. He helped open the back door to the EUFSD, and will no doubt be pleased to support the trade agreement that will make it happen.

Coupled with what Canada is pulling off against our Indian brethren, this paints a sad picture of whither our "democracy". The only question that remains is:
It will be your children and grandchildren who will have to live with your decision.

Environmental, labour & health groups denounce India-Canada Trade Agreement

Stop Revival & Expansion of Canadian Asbestos Mines

BANI Appreciates Canadian Journal of Public Health

New Delhi/ 26/11/2010: Instead of immediately banning the import of potentially deadly asbestos, the proposed free trade agreement between India and Canada will boost asbestos trade. In such a backdrop, talks on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between the two countries is quite sad and disturbing and has been denounced by the environmental, labour & health groups. The groups demanded that ban asbestos trade must be deemed a pre-condition for future negotiations on CEPA.

On November 16, Canadian Minister of International Trade Peter Van Loan opened formal talks with Anand Sharma, Indian Commerce Minister on CEPA.

Despite Canada’s leadership in medical care and technology, it is an act of violation when an advanced country that strictly regulates the use of asbestos within its own borders, exports asbestos in India and around the world. Admittedly, India lacks the expertise to monitor and treat incurable illnesses that results from inhaling asbestos fibers.

Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI) expresses its support and solidarity with the protest from health and environmental groups against an attempt by Indian and other investors to revive a big Canadian asbestos mine. Jeffrey and one other remaining mine in the Quebec province of Canada produce chrysotile, or white asbestos, used mainly to reinforce cement used for water pipes and other building materials. Exposure to asbestos fibers causes incurable and fatal lung diseases. In India there is a ban on asbestos mining but trade, manufacture and use of asbestos products is yet to be banned. There is a ban on trade in asbestos waste as well.

The identity of the Quebec leader of the anonymous consortium of investors, who have offered to buy the Jeffrey mine for $15 million, on condition that the Quebec government gives them $58 million financing was hidden for quite a while now it is now known.

These prospective buyers of the mine are led by Baljit Chadha, a Montreal-based financier of Indian mineral extraction. The group also includes investors based in India, Financial Times reported on 24 November, 2010.

BANI condemns the naked lust of this consortium for profit and its criminal disregard for the disastrous heath consequences.

Environmental, labour and health groups are opposed to the approval of C$58 million ($57 million) in loan guarantees needed to convert the Jeffrey mine from an open-pit to an underground operation. They are urging the Quebec government not to approve the loan. The open-pit reserves are almost exhausted but the deeper deposits are among the biggest in the world.

Canada is the world’s fifth-biggest asbestos producer after Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Brazil. India is one of the biggest consumers of cancer causing asbestos fibers from Quebec, Canada. Revival and expansion of the mine would boost asbestos production from the 100-year-old mine from an estimated 15,000 tonnes this year to 180,000 tonnes in 2012 and an eventual capacity of 260,000 tonnes, or about 10 per cent of global production.

BANI expresses its deep sense of appreciation for an extremely powerful editorial by Prof. Gilles Paradis in the Canadian Journal of Public Health calling on Quebec's public health organisations to stop the Jeffrey mine and to demand a ban on the mining and export of chrysotile asbestos. Indeed Canada’s export of asbestos to developing countries like India is a racist policy. Prof. Paradis observes, “"There is an ethical imperative for Public Health Organizations and professionals, and in particular for Quebec's public health leaders, to become more vocal and active in the fight against chrysotile asbestos and to unite behind a common goal of banning production and export of all asbestos." (Editorial attached)

It is high time Indian public health organisations and journals took note of it as well and vocally endorsed the call for immediate ban on asbestos of all kinds including chrysotile asbestos.

From Eileen Dannemann
November 29, 2010
Heinous Mandatory Vaccine Laws in CA
Students entering 6th-11th grades for the 2011-12 school year are required to have a current Tdap immunization on record, according to new requirements announced by the Downey Unified School District on Monday.
In addition to Tdap, vaccines will also be available for chicken pox, hepatitis A and B, DTP, MMR, polio, meningococcal, HPV and tuberculosis. Tdap and flu vaccines are available in limited quantities. link

From Susan
November 29, 2010

As I mentioned in previous emails, their power is vast but also limited. They can do anything they want right now but as soon as the public catches on, a new internet will eventually emerge. Shutting down domains in their most powerful tool to control the internet, and they can do this literally to anyone they want overnight, but whether they will is another question.

Shutting down domains incrementally will not work either. Can you imagine the repercussions if they decided to start shutting down higher profile patriot websites , blogs or health freedom sites? Word would spread like wildfire and they would either have to revert back or accept the consequences of losing complete control of the internet…they don’t want that. The internet is one of the most valuable tools in their spy network right now, so they won’t jeopardize the loss of that control.

That being said, they may eventually try to shut down higher profile domains, but they won’t like the consequences…I’m quite certain of that.

From Phil Segrave []
November 29, 2010
The airport security solution the government crooks don't want you to know about...

This may be the most important video we've ever produced.

First, we created what has turned into the ultimate TSA abuses reference video: "The TSA is Out of Control"

Then, we traced the problem to its source, a government-criminal enterprise operated by Michael Chertoff.

Now, we present the solution.

Please share this video far and wide.

Send the link to bloggers and writers and other influential Netizens.

A special request to StumbleUpon users to give this page a thumbs up.

We can beat these devils, but we need to get real info out before they drown the country in BS.

Brasscheck TV has done its part. Now, we ask you to do yours.



From Dee Nicholson []
November 29, 2010
by Sherri Kane

Jackson, MI (Healthy World News; 11-26-10) It looks like "PharmaFascism" has defeated religious freedom in America.

Dr. Timur Baruti's patient, Michelle Cochrane, 20, arrived at his office completely upset over Jackson County's Judge Susan Beebe's ruling that she get her 2-year-old daughter, Brooke, injected with five vaccines, or go to jail, pay a fine, and even have her child taken from her.

According to Dr. Baruti, a Michigan based family physician who was interviewed on the Insight Hour on, by Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and R.J. Hampton (archive available here), the 35-year-old judge's decision was based largely on her personal beliefs about vaccines.

Beebe sentenced Cochrane on November 22, 2010, because she had gotten her own three children vaccinated, and believed it was the right thing to do, according to the child's grandmother, Amy Martin, who attended the sentencing. Judge Beebe was reported "unavailable for comment" when telephoned for an interview.

It appears that Beebe's ignorance about vaccination risks, and blind personal bias, has set a demonic precedent in the United States, violating constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom by completely disregarding the Immunization Waiver Form, signed and submitted by Cochrane as allowed by the State of Michigan's Department of Community Health for all religious and philosophical objectors.

By Beebe's fascist ruling, she now places the child at risk for a host of life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as mercury intoxication linked to autism.

Beebe's decision completely contradicts what she said in a 2008 interview for, claiming that as family court judge, she hopes she can work to make families safe and healthy.

"This is a case if judicial misconduct and overstepped authority," Dr. Horowitz said about Beebe condemning a mother and child to a lifetime of sorrow, if any one of the eighty-six common autoimmune diseases linked to childhood vaccinations result from her ruling.

Dr. Horowitz has been at the forefront of vaccination risk awareness since 1996 with the publication of his award-winning text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? This book links pandemic AIDS, nerve injuries, cancers, respiratory ailments, and inflammatory diseases to vaccine ingredients and lab animal contaminants. He places the origin of HIV/AIDS in Merck pharmaceutical company's experiments in New York co-sponsored by the Army, the CDC, FDA, and NIAID.

"The top three articles posted in the "vaccine awareness" folder at explain and assert blood-purity laws--the religious reasons to exempt from vaccinations," Dr. Horowitz said and then continued:

"Now we need to add a personal declaration for parents to sign, notarize, and file with the courts, decreeing sovereignty and proclaiming the right to resist vaccination intoxications and violations of constitutional guarantees protecting life, liberty, and property, in this case freedom to protect one's own child."

In March of 2008, Beebe was Governor Jennifer Granholm's pick for County Family Court, a very young judicial appointee. Before that, she worked in the prosecutor's office for six years.

Dr. Baruti regrets Beebe's medical ignorance and potential harm her unjust ruling has on his patients and the nation.
He is among a rare group of medical doctors who has thoroughly researched vaccination risks, and refuses to give them to his patients. He has resisted drug company bribes and propaganda to provide his patients with education and alternatives. He is an avid supporter of silver hydrosols to prevent infectious diseases, like the flu, and is concerned about water pollution that pharmaceutical antibiotics cause.

During the interview, Dr. Baruti was asked if Big Pharma had ever approached him to promote their vaccines.

"A couple of them," he replied. "Gardasil and the one for Shingles, . . . . They said they would give us some type of 'special pricing,' is how they put it; and they would help with providing us with literature to provide to people. . . . After looking into it, and doing my own due diligence, I decided not to do that."

The vaccine maker, Merck, claims Gardasil helps prevent the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer. Research indicates the Gardasil vaccine actually presents cancer risks, and includes a sterilizing agent.

Court rulings promoting such risky vaccines evidence the global depopulation agenda as presented by Bill Gates. Gates, and leading globalists that include central bankers, powerfully impact public opinion and legislation upon which the entire vaccine industry advances. This is beautifully exposed in Dr. Horowitz's latest film PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller.

Gates is the world's leading contributor to "vaccination programs" through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft's founder began massively funding vaccine research at the same time he settled his dispute with global financial regulators threatening to break up his company for anti-trust violations. (Read about Goldman Sachs pressuring Gates and degrading Microsoft beginning in 2000 by CLICKING HERE.)

"Whenever you read or hear that Bill Gates has donated millions to 'vaccination programs' as a humanitarian service, don't believe it," Dr. Horowitz advises. "Most of his so-called 'donations' have gone to companies or entities controlled by his partners at Goldman Sachs, like CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, co-chairing with Murdoch the Partnership for New York City--which is a David Rockefeller founded drug ring--the same people, partners, and firms, implicated in the crashing economy, the bankrupt housing industry, the 911 "terrorist attacks," the 2009 Swine Flu fright and 'pandemic' fraud, and the recent BP/Halliburton/Transocean oil rig demolition in the Gulf of Mexico."

According to BigPharma's propaganda, "effective vaccines could save 30 million lives by 2030," said Jerald Sadoff, president of a vaccine foundation that received $200 million from Gates to test new vaccines.

But Gates personally contradicts this common claim while expressing his love for vaccines in PharmaWhores. He encourages deadly vaccination side effects, celebrating the fact that these will reduce global populations by 10-15%. This, obviously, is the opposite to health-protection and life-extension most people ignorantly assume vaccines provide.

"One of the things we found, when we researched the vaccine additive called Polysorbate 80 in Gardasil," added Dr. Baruti, " is that it caused sterility and infertility in women. Now they want to give it to young ladies, and even young men, as of February, 2011."

This information evidences the fact that this vaccine was made primarily for sterilization to support global depopulation.

R.J. Hampton, Investigative Journalist and TV show host of We are Change Hawaii, commented, "As a woman of color, I know this particular vaccine (Gardasil) has been targeting minorities. The way to eliminate a group of people is to eliminate the breeders, and those that would carry the future genes. It's a very real thing that we have to guard against." No pun intended.
Dr. Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola: Nature Accident or Intentional? records how many man-made plagues were developed in labs controlled by pharmaceutical profiteers, now celebrating Judge Beebe's ruling.

He attributes Beebe's decision largely to the fact that Cochrane, a single mother, fighting for custody rights with her pro-vaccine x-husband, signed for social assistance, giving the government virtual title over Brooke's fate, including legal responsibility for the vaccination decision.

"If Beebe thinks she made the right ruling, she has a lot to learn," Dr. Horowitz said. "Requiring children, as wards of the State, to get vaccinated is reminiscent of Merck's Hepatitus B Vaccine trials involving gay men in New York and mentally retarded children at Willowbrook's State School on Staten Island. Judges there, too, neglected the risk of giving children chimpanzee-cultured and contaminated viral vaccines that best explain the school's closing in 1976, and the so-called "gay plague" outbreak in the Village at the same time due to the same 'vaccine program.'"

A friend that I contacted to discuss the Cochrane case stopped me mid-sentence, and asked. "Is this happening in America?"

From Susan
November 29, 2010
The anger and discontent at the problems of the world is understandable, as you have been led into the planned chaos and failure scripted by the Illuminati. For many years they have eased you into the conditions, which have brought about the demise of your civilization for their plan to rule the world. In doing so they have created the need for change, and thought to use the opportunity to introduce a world government. It would of course have been formed with their hand picked representatives, and given them total control and your enslavement. However, the opportunity for change has also opened the door to our own agenda for your release from them. As matters have grown out of their control, so we have prepared ourselves for the re-instatement of your freedom and sovereign rights.

When the Illuminati have tried to escalate your problems and bring martial law into being, we together with our allies have stepped in and prevented it. We have stemmed the tide of their advancement, whilst at the same time your consciousness levels have increased. This has effectively focused your sights on what was hidden from you, and you are able to see through the subterfuge that has been taking place. Not only that, you have realized what you have been denied and learnt about us and our divine plan for Ascension. The future is no longer a mystery thanks to the many channels of truth that exist on Earth. However, there are varying degrees of clarity and you need to be extra careful when deciding which ones are reliable. It is often a case of individual channels having a subconscious desire for a certain ending to the cycle, and attracting entities that resonate with that vibration. By and large your attention will be taken by those whose messages concentrate on love and Light. Those who talk of punishment and the wrath of God, are working from a different level that is often the result of orthodox teachings.

As in all matters that affect you personally, we will always recommend that you follow your own intuition. It will lead you to what is right for you at this time. Sometimes you have lessons to learn, which will occasionally take you on a detour and back again to the correct path. Do not concern yourself if you realize that you have followed teachings that are laced with misleading information. The important aspect is that you rise above them and advance in your evolution. In truth there is no hurry except you are desirous of ascending. However, you will need to put into practice your highest version of what it is necessary to follow when you are working towards your Christ Consciousness. It can be summed up by “doing for others what you would have done for yourself” and seeing that all souls are One.

Human Beings are surrounded by people that are in judgement of each other, and it is even promoted as entertainment in your media programs. It is not the way of those who are enlightened, although we do not mean that you should stop your reasoning or have opinions. It is the deliberate targeting of people with a view to pulling them down that is negative and damaging. It is often in the form of bullying that plays upon that which is different to what is considered normal. It can become racial, and creates the very separation that the dark Ones play upon to create disharmony. As we often tell you, each of you are a godspark and One with each other. Therefore when experiences are chosen for each lifetime, they will invariably move you from one race to another. At this particular time as the end of the cycle approaches, you may be sure that you have lived in every major country of the world. You would therefore almost certainly have followed the customs and religion associated with them. It is the way in which your understanding grows and your awakening occurs.

We members of the Galactic Federation may have been on Earth, or another planet where a different form of evolution exists. However, regardless of where it takes place, it ultimately means progressing to the higher dimensions. All souls are of the Light, and in the highest dimensions take the form of Light Beings. I am SaLuSa and come from Sirius, and you are probably aware that our Federation consists of all different civilizations that have ascended. In the past you will have read of the Venusians, Arcturians, Pleiadians and Andromedans who serve with us, are mostly associated with past contact with Earth. There are of course others, but they are not necessarily connected with us. All of our members have for example long given up the barbaric practice of war. We represent love and Light and maintain peace in the Universe, and as in your case help those who are ready to ascend and join us.

Bear in mind that your freewill has operated all through your experiences. Even now there is no forcing of Ascension upon any soul, but because of the importance of these times it will be placed before you. It is then your decision as to whether you accept it, and if you do every help will be given to ensure you succeed. We cannot sufficiently emphasize what a unique opportunity you have to leave the cycle of rebirth, and rise up to the higher levels of beauty and sheer happiness. If you could but visit them as some souls have, the feeling of utter contentment and peace would overawe you. Once you have known the joy of such a level, it is with reluctance that you return to Earth. Of course you can experience happiness on Earth, but it is usually short lived before your life is disrupted. Relationships are often the root of your unhappiness, but that is part of your learning to overcome such obstacles. In this respect be aware that you are experiencing exactly what you planned, and it is just as well to try and understand the lesson that it is meant to bring to you. Once learnt, you will not normally be expected to pass that way again.

Matters on Earth are coming to a head, and before much longer something must happen to provide us with the opportunity to come out into the open. There may be signs of where it is all leading before the year-end, but in any event we are totally ready to take off. It has been so for quite a long time and we upgrade our program according to what is happening on Earth. There are stirrings of what is required to enable us to proceed, and some of you have picked it up. We can say that we are in charge of earthly matters inasmuch that as far as we are allowed, we are in control, and will soon be with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

From Eileen Dannemann
November 29, 2010
The 4th amendment to the constitution specifically states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED, and Warrants shall not be issued, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Do the back scanners constitute "unreasonable search". Why doesn't Homeland Security show us a concrete example of what they are looking for....that is....what explosive device could possibly be hidden in our bra, under our testicles and up our butt hole that would warrant such immoral, base, intrusive government action, so we can determine if this search constitutes an "unreasonable" search.

Isn't it "unreasonable" to search for mundane explosive devices In the age of bioweaponary? While we are radiated and humilated in airports and perhaps later in sports arenas, Terrorists have the option to spray weaponized bacteria into subways, in buildings, in sports arenas..or perhaps weaponize a tick or a mosquito or genetically manipulate virus (hmmm).


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