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From Dee Nicholson

With Harperius as supreme dicktator, there is little MP's can do to stop him, but there is plenty we Canadians can do.

It is time for our voices to be heard, en masse, to say NO to what hurts us. It is time we took back our citizen power. No government rules anyone without their compliance, and as the people of BC just proved, if we want it badly enough, we just have to demand it.

But how do we get all of Canada riled up over these issues enough to take time away from their tech devices and actually stand up for themselves?

People complain and complain, but do they actually ACT? Are they paralyzed by fear of the government? They need to watch V for Vendetta over and over until they get it: People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their PEOPLE.


From Eileen Dannemann
Breaking news propaganda from the Institute of Medicine, August 25, 2011

Vaccines are largely safe, and do not cause autism or diabetes, the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) said in a report issued today.
Notice that the "epidemiological" study in the following IOM report. They purposely omitted the H1N1 2009 vaccine which the National Coalition of Organized Women, Dr. Paul G. King and Dr. Gary Goldman reported a rise of 2,500% of fetal death (spontaneous abortions and stillbirths) reports on VAERS after the administration of the H1N1 shot to pregnant women. At first the CDC/ACIP denied the statistics presented to them...eventually they confessed to the validity of the statistics but never made it public. More egregious, and despite the rise, they set for a campaign to the Ob/Gyn's to urge pregnant women to have flu shot (with mercury) in the next and all the following flu seasons.

SEE STATISTICS and press release for details on the cover-up
VLA link

From Phil Segrave
As for the tyranny in Maryland. TSA abuses is bad enough, but this Maryland thing is police state Nazism on steriods.

I pray for the families being subjected to that terror. Medical freedom to decide what goes in my children's bodies (fortunately I do not have any) or my body is my line in the sand.

Without being redundant or fear mongering, the NWO eugenicists want to cull the herd with slow kill vaccines in the name of 'herd immunity' and make the surviving population love their servitude: Think brain barrier penetrating nano vaccines. This is not the Aunt Bee and Barney Fife 'Mayberry world' we are living in anymore.

Time to wake up !!!

Subject: Re: Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard

Nothing could scream, "Genocide!" louder. I have heard that there is now bovine syphilis being implemented into the vaccines. It is in an intent to spread the virus through school children. I take Trioxysilver and Zeoheal to ward the deadly crap off. I have helped so many friends and family to heal themselves, with them, that I can't help but stand by them and their efficacy! Zeoheal is the only known solution on Earth that actually has Zeolite in it. It removes radioactivity form the human body. I am glad that I am stocked up with enough to help my loved ones. Thanks for the update, Phil, although it seriously turned my stomach! Liz

From Phil Segrave
I dug up some stuff that may shed some light on Gadhafi's character. My position is Gadhafi, as well as Saddam Hussein, are/were what is referred to as 'benevolent dictators'. Both of them made qualified improvements in the social and physical infrastructures of their countries by raising the standard of living, relatively speaking, minus the debt based fiat counterfeit currency scheme the international bankers are using to control and exploit economies in the Western world. Both Gadhafi and Hussein promoted an image of themselves as humanitarian political leaders (see Gadhafi's whistle blowing exposes below), however, all dictators, by definition, must be ruthless to their political opposition to be in and remain in power.

In order to fully understand what is going on in Iraq, Libya and the Middle East, my view is it is necessary to see the long term panoply of orchestrated events (see attachment). The world's ruling elites must bring monarchistic rogue governments, and their independent economic systems, into submission before the secret society banking crime syndicates, with their dynastic royal bloodline crime family partners, can cap the pyramid with their scientific police state oligarchic world government plan..

Thus, the militaries of technological advanced nations are being used as imperialistic war machines. Allied political leaders, such as the de facto former colonies of the West front men dictators Gadhafi and Hussein, and their Middle East countries banking systems, must be betrayed and replaced. The 'rebels', supported by the corporate media, fighting to remove Gadhafi, are working for the banksters one world totalitarian government agenda. My prognosis for Libya's future is the Libyans will discover the new boss will be worse than the old boss.

From Phil Segrave
The body recognizes synthetic, chemical based, symptom suppressing drugs as foreign toxic substances which the liver immediately tries to purge from the bloodstream. In the case of diabetes, insulin is a slow killer. The conventional AMA endorsed medical myth is the majority of diabetes is not reversible; which is caused by cellular malnutrition (from today's diet of processed, MSG chemically preserved and flavor enhanced, nutrition less fast food and canned goods). A strict vegan diet of fresh fruit, non-genetically modified veggies and pure drinking water will stabilize, if not reverse, most kinds of diabetes that has not advanced to the stage of causing permanent damage to an organ.

This is not medical advice, just my opinion.


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