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From Phil Segrave []
September 3, 2010
I have heard several well informed speakers discussing important distinctions between common law and commercial law, but I can't remember didlelysquat about them only that commercial (maritime) law is revered by the elite's as a means to maintain law and order among their business counterparties.

Since the rest of us are considered by them to be their human resources, or commercial assets, as presented in the first segment of The Red Shield video, they are salvitating at the thought that their centuries old high tech police state globalization agenda is closer to becoming a reality, thus, in their minds, we all are under the jurisdiction of their commercial law, with or without out consent, because they have the militaries to back them.

Incidentally, I think Keith was implying the judge was bowing to the sovereign crown which further implies the courts allegiance a monarchial head of state, which is superceded by the covert banker elites, rather than the people's court.

From Dee Nicholson []
August 30, 2010
Go back to the email I sent you all on Thursday, titled "What's new in Bill C-36", and take note:
US Senate Bill S510 sounds suspiciously similar to Bill C-36 in terms of its constitution-riddling language. In view of what I postulated for you all regarding what is really going on behind the scenes, that the European Food Standards will be foisted upon us via CETA and then south through the USA to Mexico via NAFTA, do a little dot-connecting and what do we see? We see the groundwork being laid in S510 as it is in C-36, for all this to happen.
And another chunk of democracy bites the dust.
This is serious stuff. Literally, your voice is being silenced, your choice erased, the nation's health sovereignty is on the block. If your vote does not count, where is your democracy?


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