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From Eileen Dannemann

Thanks they are out to get the alternative med people. We are working to the last minute to overturn the Washington State leg that will be law as soon as it is signed that puts hurdles in the vaccine exemptions.

This is a multipronged attack, School Based Health Clinics, false flag pandemics, hospital corporations forcing employees to get immunized...and it won't just be for the flu, modifying legislation, no legal redress if you are vaccine injured, Michigan passed a law that you can not sue a drug company if the drug is FDA approved, attacking religious exemptions. It goes on and on.

The Michigan Mom that shot a gun at the fully armed Child Protective Services who were taking her 13 year old because the mother refused to continue giving her respirdal needs help. This heretofore unvaccinated, homeschooled child became "apparently" mentally ill after the mother had her immunized with the full complement in order to get her into middle school. I guess she didn't know about religious exemptions. Here is the article:

We need a vaccine saavy MD in and around Detroit Michigan who would testify that vaccines could be the cause of her sudden mental situation. Actually, the mother took her off the Respirdal and she is doing much better. Hopefully we can get her on a detox routine from the vaccines. We have requested her vaccine record and we will let all our vaccine professionals know so that we can give her a detox protocol.

From Phil Segrave []
Dead / Jailed /Missing Scientists & Individuals Affiliated With The BP Oil Disaster

Gregory Stone

February 17, 2011 - LSU scientist Gregory Stone, 54 - Unknown Illness

Anthony Nicholas Tremonte

January 26, 2011 - Anthony Nicholas Tremonte, 31 - Mississippi Department of Marine Resources officer, from Ocean Springs arrested on child porn charge

Dr. Thomas B. Manton
January 19, 2011 - Dr. Thomas B. Manton former President and CEO of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation - imprisonment and subsequent murder while jailed

John P. Wheeler II

December 31, 2010 - John P. Wheeler III, a former Pentagon official and presidential aide and a defense consultant and expert on chemical and biological weapons - was beaten to death in an assault, body was discovered in a Wilmington landfill

James Patrick Black

November 23, 2010 - James Patrick Black, an incident commander for BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill response team, died Tuesday night near Destin, Florida in a small plane crash'

Chitra Chaunhan

November 15, 2010 - Chitra Chaunhan, 33 - Chauhan worked in the USF Center for Biological Defense and Global Health Infectious Disease Research - Found dead in an apparent suicide by cyanide at a Temple Terrace hotel. She leaves behind a husband and a young child.

Dr. Jeffrey Gardner, Swan Doctor

November, 2010 - MIA Status - Dr. Geoffrey Gardner, Lakeland, FL - Swan expert who “ran into legal trouble over an expired prescription license has closed his practice” — Was investigating unexplained bird deaths near Sarasota abruptly and immediately closed his practice, and apparently his investigation into the deaths of swans in Sarasota, suspected to have been impacted by the BP Oil Disaster. No one has heard or spoken with him since. Watch this news report covering his investigation before his disappearance:

Roger Grooters, Cyclist

October 6, 2010 - Roger Grooters, 66, was hit by a truck as he passed through Panama City, Florida. Mr. Grooters had been knocked down and killed close to the end of a 3,200-mile trans-America charity ride to raise awareness about the Gulf Coast oil disaster. He began his cross-country bike ride in Oceanside, California, on September 10th. Grooters's family and friends will cycle the final stretch of the journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic in his honour, raising cash to support Gulf Coast families. Read more:

Senator Ted Stevens

August 9, 2010 - Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, 86, the longest-serving Republican senator in history, was among nine people on board when the 1957 DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter, crashed into a brush- and rock-covered mountainside Monday afternoon about 17 miles north of the southwest Alaska fishing town of Dillingham, federal officials said. Stevens was the recipient of a whistleblower's communication relative to the BP Oil Disaster blow-out preventer, and a conspiracy of secrecy to hide the facts from the public. (

"You and your fellow Committee members may wish to require BP to explain what action was ultimately instituted to cease the practice of falsifying BOP tests at BP Prudhoe drilling rigs. It was a cost saving but dangerous practice, again endangering the BP workforce, until I exposed it to Senator Ted Stevens, the EPA, and the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission." The cause of the crash is still an OPEN investigation by the NTSB (

Matthew Simmons

August 13, 2010 - Matthew Simmons, 67 - Simmons’ body was found Sunday night in his hot tub, investigators said. An autopsy by the state medical examiner’s office concluded Monday that he died from accidental drowning with heart disease as a contributing factor - “It was painful as can be” to be only insider willing to speak out against the "officials" during the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientist Joseph Morrissey

April 6, 2010 - Scientist Joseph Morrissey, 46 - cell biologist and college professor, a near-native Floridian who chose to return to South Florida after studying at elite universities - was fatally shot during what police say was a home invasion robbery.

From Eileen Dannemann
Vaccine folks: This link is to a bill in NC that could start a dialogue about inutero vaccines with mercury and the miscarriages NCOW documented last year.

Thanks Jeff...Obviously this is an abortion bill, but you are right...this could apply to our miscarriage cases after the administering of the H1N1 vaccine to pregnant women.

The bill looks like it might pass. Do we have anyone in NC who can let us know its status? Wonder if other states are going to follow suit. The problem is that it is going to be very difficult to find a North Carolina women who had a miscarriage with the H1N1 shot. The VAERS data records do not give the names. But perhaps we can start a little "fire" to wake up the Christian Right as to their complicity in killing these unborn babies by allow the CDC to promote vaccines for pregnant women and 45 vaccine doses to them after they are born-6 years old. Of which....the flu shot recommended for in utero, 6 months then every year after that contains high levels of Thimerosal (mercury).

We could write a letter to the editor of the NC papers. Anyone on our lists in North Carolina? Newspapers usually prefer to accept local submissions.

From Phil Segrave []
VIDEO: Leuren Moret - Scientists declare northern 1/3 of Japan uninhabitable and should be evacuated - BREAKING NEWS

From Eileen Dannemann
Thanks, are so right .. this may be the most inspirational video I have ever seen. Thank you for find my tribe!!!
This shall be the video mantra of the student vaccine liberation army.

From Phil Segrave []
Subject: RE: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation [IWOV-DM_US.FID223949]

Celebrities don't go for this by choice. They are sold out by their parents when they're young. The father of the Mandrell Sisters was proud of it - Cathy O'Brien said he would brag 'Look at what the program has done for my daughters! They'd never have become this good on their own!'. Remember Michael Jackson's father - he was Michael's handler when he was just a boy and known to be harsh and demanding. Cathy describes her father the same way. Often the father of a celeb is offered a lot of money to enter his child into the program and convinced it will be good for the child b/c he/she will become rich and famous. Think of all the messed up young singers, actors, sex symbols, etc. Remember when Brittany shaved her head? That was b/c she broke from her programming and lost her mind. She 'recovered' when she underwent a 'tune up'. Youtube is bursting with videos exposing this. A lot of America's youth are getting wise to the cultural manipulation going on. There are videos exposing the Rap genre take-over, the sex culture being promoted, etc. Just do a search on Youtube like "Illuminati in music".

Subject: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation [IWOV-DM_US.FID223949]

You may have seen this video already. It appears that the technology is called "Transcranial magnetic stimulation". The gibberish is a re-arranging of letters in the words - sort of like dislexia.

Cathy O'Brien said that her mind programming involved learning to read signs in a unique way or to read them backwards. For example, the sign on a door at the Whitehouse read "Service Entrance", but she was trained to read "Serve us in trance". She said that on road trips with her handler, the road signs all had other meanings to her (she read them backwards, I think she said). The purpose of this training was so she could never really know where she was, in case she ever broke out of her program.

She also said that the mind-programming techniques used in MK Ultra had advanced technologically. She was programmed using trauma to induce Disassociative Identity Disorder. Her daughter underwent "harmonics" - something done to the base of her brain stem. This technology is the kind used on singers and actors, I think she said. For example, the Jackson 5, the Mandell Sisters, Brittany Spears, etc. Many performers and celebrities have their talents enhanced by this technology and become slaves to the industry. This mind control reaches into sports, music, movies, news, arts, etc. You've probably all heard of Disney's little world of slavery via mind control.

From Eileen Dannemann
Cows: Genetically Engineered with Human Genes to Produced Human Milk

From Dee Nicholson []
And we wonder how come the weathermen on tv can't seem to get it right any more... then blame it on "climate change"! The climate isn't changing so much as the air is moving around in weird ways these days... shoved, pulled, stretched and twisted into shape by this vast network of stations all over the world... allowed by all other countries!

Frequency Technologies and a New Devastating STEALTH WEAPON of Invisible WARFARE.

Added Comment: There are technologies at the disposal of governments, corporations, and unsavory criminal entities and persons that make it possible for them to attack populations and their survival essentials WITHOUT their EVER KNOWING IT - all masterfully camouflaged as unfortunate "Acts of God”. – like Earthquakes, Droughts, Floods, Hurricanes, Mind Control, etc.

This is a form of WARFARE of which most people are not even aware, let alone ready to believe or accept. It sounds too farfetched for them to wrap their minds around it.

We ignore these technologies at their own peril. We leave them in the hands of gangsters (in and out of government) at our own peril. We fail to dismantle the installations used for transmitting these technologies at our own peril. We permit ourselves to be “sitting ducks” at our own peril.

Unless you know what and who your enemy is, and from where and how you are being attacked, this will remain the WARFARE Technology used to attack people and the environment without us even knowing what hit us.

Become informed - remove the gangsters from all positions of power - and close down the installations used to administer these "ASSAULT Technologies".
If we don't, we are in a race back into the STONE AGE again.
We call ourselves “civilized” – yet most of our economics and technologies are directed at finding new ways of destroying humanity and the spaceship called planet Earth.
“People succumb to mass insanity as a mob.
They regain it again, one at a time.”
“If what one does is not aimed at leaving the world a little better than one found it,
it is best left undone.”

On Monday's show, electrical engineer and researcher Brooks Agnew talked about Project HAARP-styled technology, used by the U.S., China and Russia to artificially manipulate the ionosphere & weather, and potentially control populations and armies.
By using different frequencies, HAARP technology can cause structures in the ground to vibrate, bringing on geologic effects such as earthquakes, he explained.
The recent quake in Japan might have been induced this way, he speculated, adding that of the countries that have this technology, China would have the most to gain by Japan's loss. There were also signs (a lavender colored sky) just before the quakes in Chile and Haiti that indicate possible involvement of the technology, he added.

Using HAARP technology to manipulate the weather is the "perfect weapon" that leaves no fingerprints-- "It's [viewed as] an act of God that comes in and directs a hurricane into your path, or starves you out of rain for a couple years, or causes a summer of heat so bad that your wheat cooks into dust," Agnew commented (He demonstrated some of this technology on an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura). HAARP techniques have also been applied as a non-lethal weapon/psychological operation during wartime, as well as possible experiments on civilians, he detailed.

From Eileen Dannemann
U.S. Government Calls for the Phase-out of Dental Mercury Amalgam...

Guest Article by Charles G. Brown, National Counsel

Consumers for Dental Choice

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

In an extraordinary development that will change the global debate
about amalgam, the United States government has announced that it
supports a “phase down, with the goal of eventual phase out by all
Parties, of mercury amalgam.” This statement – a radical reversal
of its former position that “any change toward the use of dental
amalgam is likely to result in positive public health outcomes” –
is part of the U.S. government’s submission for the upcoming third
round of negotiations for the world mercury treaty.*

From Dee Nicholson []
THIS IS UNREAL.... these people literally descend into gibberish and don't know what's come over them...
Would LOVE to see Judge Judy at a loss for words, but not this way...
There is no question in my mind that these people are being targeted with something, and ELF seems a good pick as it tends to cause "migraines".... as does being too close to a GWEN tower....
Perhaps what we are seeing is the PTB's way of ensuring that only THEIR news is read properly, and that if anyone violates, they can make sure instantly that they cannot speak at all...

Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame.
In four high-profile cases, the latest involving fast-talking Judge Judy, the presenters have started off speaking properly but have then descended into undecipherable nonsense - looking confused and unstable.
The frequency of the 'attacks' - and the fact that recorded examples of the mental meltdowns have been popular on websites - has led to conspiracy theorists pointing the finger at shadowy government experiments.

daily mail link

From Eileen Dannemann
Theosophy and Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy (Waldorf education) (THEOSOPHY) (second post down ANNIE BESANT)
. (5th post down RUDOLF STEINER-Anthroposophy)

Some States argue that it has to be a sincerely held belief, or bonifide religion, or membership in a established religion (that has been ruled unconstituional...and I have the citations from the Supreme court)

Some say it has to be a religious that precludes the use of doctors or is outright against vaccines.

Theology is a religion (of which the State probably hasn't heard of ...but they outright ban vaccines)

Rudolf Steiner was part of Madame Blavatsky's theosophy movement until he started his own.
He is the founder of the Waldorf schools.

This is what he says: 5th post down...

You don't have to read is mostly videos.
Share with your kids.
I will send stickers for them to share at school when you give me the green light.
I will send you the GAP diet book (casein, wheat free)
CHANGE YOUR PEDIATRICIAN....before they call CPS on you. Tell them you found another pediatrician closer to your house...or something.

REMEMBER THIS: It is very important that you never say anything to the schools nor the doctor about the health risks of vaccines. You ONLY say, that you are studying Christian Science and Theology and you aspire to establish your self in unity consciousness as to depend on spirit, not matter as your protection, healing and health.

People who have asked for a religious exemption have lost in court because they articulated a dual argument. Say nothing but that it against your personal religious proclivities. You must use the world "religious", which, by the way...has the root RELIGIO...which means from the Greek ...
Going to the SOURCE.

They more optuse...they more they will believe you because they don't understand the Truth.

From Dee Nicholson []
Excellent synopsis of the arguments against GMO and Monsanto... use these points when grilling candidates and their toadies!

Lawsuit seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s GMO patents


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