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From Dee
Dear Ms. Jordan,

I'm sure you are well-paid for your job, but you have to ask yourself if they're paying you enough to lie bold-facedly to everyone who has the knowledge Mr. Proteau has, and try to slough off educated people as dumbass consumers.

Hate to inform you, Ms Jordan, but as far as health-aware people are concerned, people who have done their own research and seen that GM foods KILL, and who know that of all corporations on this planet, it is MONSANTO that is known as the "most evil of them all", you have just spewed a pile of ineffective, lying garbage in answer to a direct question.

We're not idiots out here, Trish. We know why corporations sponsor things, and it isn't because THEY like them, it's because the PEOPLE like them, and the association of your corporate name with those events makes you somehow "good guys" in the eyes of the public. We know you aren't. We know you're planning on engineering ALGAE now, we know you've altered ALFALFA, we know you have agents in our governments, we know what you spend on lobbying, and we know that you are not in it for the beneficent cause of feeding the world.

We know that animals fed GMO are dying, aborting, getting sick. We know that animals offered a choice between GMO and non-GMO choose non-GMO EVERY TIME... and that is many different species.

We know that the bees are dying, because of Roundup. We know that with the death of the bees, the destruction of the hives, comes the destruction of FOOD. But you don't care. You just want to own it all via your never-ending patents on genomes.

Yes, we know. And you know we know. Which is why you are scrambling to make something absolutely horrific into something acceptable, and failing. You lied directly about Europe in your response to Mr. Proteau. We've already heard what Europe thinks of GMO, and that BASF and Monsanto are moving ops out of there because you are NOT WANTED. The whole of Europe is banding against you, as we speak. And you would be disingenuous in the extreme to try to say otherwise, given the mainstream coverage it's getting.

WE ARE NEXT to show you our backsides.

We have, as humans, the right to know what we consume. And you cannot argue the fact that if these products are safe, you should have no qualms whatsoever in touting their inclusion in packaged foods. The ONLY possible reason to avoid labeling of GMO's is that THEY ARE POISONOUS TO LIVING ORGANISMS. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON TO HIDE THEM EXCEPT TO COVER YOUR CRIME. Throwing money at it will not make it go away. Not even the loss of Prop 37 will make it go away. And you know it.

When Monsanto decides to be honest, perhaps you won't get emails like this. In the meantime, I can only ask how you can damned well sleep at night.... and gee, do you feed your OWN children this garbage? That is CHILD ABUSE. It is, because you come from the company making this stuff and KNOW the truth about it, DELIBERATE NEGLECT. So, I bet you don't. And I bet there are no GMO's in your company cafeterias either, right?

Do not bother to answer me. You have nothing to say that can placate me or make me change my mind, nor will you change the minds of the millions upon millions around the world who are onto your games. Meanwhile, I am sharing this letter with my list of prominent health activists around the world. I just shared with them a comprehensive list of GMO-containing products, and won't these companies be surprised when their bottom lines start to sink? (Really, did Kellogg's think nobody'd find out about Kashi? Please!)


Funny how that works.

With a firmly raised middle finger,

Dee Nicholson,
Health Columnist (international)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: JORDAN, TRISH L (AG/5125)
Date: Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 8:27 AM
Subject: Your email to the CCA re: Monsanto support for curling in Canada
To: ""
Cc: "" , "" , "" , ""

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for expressing your viewpoints to the CCA. I am sure they will respond to you as it pertains to their sponsorship strategy and how they engage companies to support the sport of curling.

Monsanto Canada has been a significant sponsor of the Canadian Curling Association for more than 10 years. We have had 3 long-term agreements with the CCA that featured Monsanto as the Presenting Sponsor of key CCA events such as the Continental Cup, the Brier and the Olympic Trials. We are now in the last year of our current 3-year agreement and our relationship with the CCA, curling fans and farmers across the country has never been stronger.

Monsanto supports curling because it is a sport embraced by farmers and rural communities. Monsanto is an agriculture company – 100%. Our only customers are farmers so we strive to support causes that are important to them. Curling is one of those passions. We have had excellent feedback from curling fans and our farm customers about our support and commitment to curling and we continue to be proud to support a sport in Canada that is so uniquely tied to the social fabric of rural communities across this country. We are constantly thanked by the players and fans for our support of curling and we are humbled by the opportunity we have been given to be involved.

We also support CurlManitoba provincially and are a key sponsor of Team Jennifer Jones and well as some other junior curling teams in Manitoba. Locally, we support the DEKALB SuperSpiel in Morris, MB – a competitive bonspiel that attracts some of the best curling teams in Canada and teams from other world areas. We also support the DEKALB SuperLeague – a competitive curling league in Southern Manitoba that supports amateur curling and includes many teams comprised of farmers.

I don’t know how your opinions of Monsanto have been formed, but I share a couple of links that refute the links you provide below. The first is from the European Food Safety Authority as just one example of how academics, scientists and regulatory bodies around the world have swiftly and harshly discounted and criticized the Seralini Rat Study. It is a flawed study and not in any way supported by the significant body of research on GM crops. More than 2 trillion meals containing biotech crop ingredients have been consumed by thousands around the globe with zero reliably documented cases of harm to human health. Seralini is a known anti-GM activist researcher and he has made similar sensational claims before – they too were trashed by the academic and scientific community as faulty science and his findings have not been able to be replicated or confirmed by any other regulatory or food safety body.

The second link is from Academics Review. Jeffrey Smith is also a known anti-biotech activist. Every single one of his claims is responded to by independent 3rd party scientists and academics at this link.

As to the 3rd link, I am not aware of it at all but I can tell you 100 per cent that Monsanto is not doing ANY work with the human genome. We are an agricultural company that focuses exclusively on working with plants and enhancing agricultural seeds for the benefit of farmers and the environment. You can learn more about the real work we do at

In the end Kevin, we are fine with you holding whatever opinions you wish to hold about agriculture, farmers or Monsanto. I would just respectfully ask you to choose what fits best for you, but don’t hate your neighbor because he/she chooses differently. Agriculture and farmers need every possible solution to enhance agricultural production and arguing over the right way or wrong way to farm certainly doesn’t do much to support farmers in their goal to feed a growing world population and do so in an economically and environmentally viable way.

Finally, as I mentioned above, we are in our last year of our current 3-year agreement with the CCA and we have informed them that we will not be moving forward with continued sponsorship of CCA events post-2013. This in no way reflects on the CCA or the very positive experience we have had with them and with the sport of curling. All great relationships/projects run their course and it is simply time for Monsanto to look at other options and seek out new partnerships where we can grow and develop our business and support our farm customers. So, that bit of news may make you happier.

Hope to see you at the rink in Penticton. The curling will be exciting.

Trish Jordan
Public and Industry Affairs Director

t. 204.985.1005
c. 204.799.7696
f. 204.488.1577

Monsanto Canada Inc.
900-One Research Rd.
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 6E3

From Dee
A variety of foods, which are commonly sold in supermarkets, are
laboratory-genetically-modified (GM), so as to spawn poisonous pesticides
in the stomach and in the intestinal tract of the shopper and her family.
"Last year, doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found
Bt-toxin in the blood of [women and their babies] . . . eating Bt corn
[and corn syrup] might actually turn your intestinal flora into a sort of
`living pesticide factory', essentially manufacturing Bt-toxin from within
your digestive system on a continuing basis."


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