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From cdsapi
The Siamese Twins of Monsanto's Ag-chemicals and Genetically Engineered FOODS are a Death Sentence for Humanity.

CDSAPI's Added Comment:
Please pass the information in the article below to every politician, every Public Health bureaucrat, every health professional in your area, every news and media outlet, all farmers and farmer’s organizations, civic organizations, especially in your contact area - and above all - to all your family, friends, and contact list.
The preservation of the purity of the food supply and the agricultural lands that produce it are the cornerstones that determine whether any civilization survives or disappears into history.
The Elites, using the Corporations that they own, have launched a War on Humanity. When attacked, we have an obligation to act in self-defense and to protect the planet on which humanity and all other life forms depend.
We have to stop the Global Elites from using their owned Corporate Monopolies like Monsanto, patent rights on “life”, falsified science info, laws passed and protected by paid-off politicians, to destroy lives with impunity, and to profit trillions of dollars while they implement a carefully crafted “Destruction of Health and Death -Depopulation Agenda.
They have garnered Legalistic Rights that were conceived with criminal intent, and deceptively and criminally enshrined in laws passed by well-positioned Trojan Horses.
We have to take them back. Laws are made. Destructive Laws must be UNMADE and reversed again.
Laws have to serve humanity – and cannot be allowed to be engineered to destroy it..
The perpetrators of this evil agenda are not ignorant of the real science and the implications of their perversion. They know exactly what they are unleashing – and why - and the devastating consequences. That was their intent!
They have tried to cover up their tracks with falsified data and lies at every turn.
This is truly the work of an “Evil Empire”.
The lives and livelihoods that they are destroying are ours, our children’s, our grandchildren’s and generations yet to be born.
We have to use every tool at our disposal. Our time, our talents, our resourcefulness and ingenuity, our determination and perseverance.
We face a WAR of AGGRESSION which uses FOOD as a Weapon of Mass Destruction
– and this is now our BATLE for SURVIVAL that we must fight and cannot afford to lose – no matter what it takes!

From Dee Nicholson

HERE IT COMES..... what we've been warning about.... the international control over our rights is coming home to roost and FAST... threatening our rights and our health.

I've been screaming 'trade groups!' for ten years now.... finally, it is as obvious as the nose on your face that this international scourge destroying our sovereignty apace is indeed coming to Canada, and our government wants it that way.

Do people have to wait until they will kill others for a ham sandwich, before they say no?

Teresa Wild
Obama and Harper are set to sign a harmonization of security and food "saftey" bill this coming Wednesday. I strongly urge everyone who enjoys growing their own food and choosing what they feed themselves with to educate themselves on this issue.

The draconian "Food Safety Modernization Act" of the US has been used to shut down the Amish, community potlucks, organic vegetable growers, owner-run dairies, community gardens, and everything that pertains to food freedom and independence.

Many people feel that it is wise to grow their own in the face of economic collapse, but this new attitude in the US has made it a felony to do so. And it's coming to a garden near you.

If you are not outraged, you're not paying attention...which is just what Harper is hoping. Please go to the following link and read the article written by Aaron Dykes, and also follow his own links. He is a very reputable researcher, and everything he claims is documented. We are in trouble, here, and our sovereignty has been taken away while we were busy doing other things.

From Dee Nicholson
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