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From Dee Nicholson []
July 10, 2010
Liar, liar, badge on fire....
Yes, he lied... he admitted it on camera at a press conference, but I wish people would get it right... There IS a Public Works Safety Act. It WAS the act they used... except for one HUGE point: BL-IAR LIED when he said that there was a "zone" outside the "public work" which was protected. The only things protected by that act are INSIDE THE FENCE, NOT OUTSIDE. Notwithstanding, Charlie Vietch does have a hell of a case against the police for false arrest, as does anyone else who was grabbed. Charlie, by the way, was strip-searched FOUR TIMES. Three of those searches were sexual assaults, because only the first one could be remotely considered legal. Several top officers should go down in flames here, among them the Commissioner of the RCMP, the Commissioner of the OPP, and the Chief of the Toronto Police. And if we could find anyone higher who was giving orders, they oughta be gone too.

From Dee Nicholson []
July 9, 2010
We have the example of the WTO forcing the US to alter corporate tax law, and now we have the EU directing traffic in the ECONOMIES of member nations..

From Anonymous
July 9, 2010
I wonder how long it will take before the world begins to reject the incremental show of force on our lives. How many more wars? How much more tax? How much more poison in our food and air? How much more pollution? How many more lives lost? How much more of our freedom gone? I wonder how much more it will take before we all combine our human energy, work together and choose a city, region, country and earth that represents what we truly want as people? Or is human and earth destruction what we want? It is time to decide, right now.

From Dee Nicholson []
July 8, 2010
This guy had one fact wrong: The Public Works Protection Act does NOT have a clause in it that extends the secured boundaries of a public work beyond its own boundary. That was a LIE told by the Chief of Police, and which he admitted in a news conference last week. He had a stupid grin on his face and said he was just "trying to keep the criminals out of the zone". The mere fact they used that act was a mistake that should not have happened. But the fact that they LIED about its applicability, and arrested people for violating a clause that in fact did NOT exist in the stated law, makes this a most egregious issue.
I can say one thing.... that "independent inquiry" had better be independent. There are a lot of people really pissed off and thinking lawsuit... and many who ought to be, like the 57 year old farmer from Thorold who couldn't get out of the way of police fast enough ( in the designated free speech zone) because he was sitting on the grass and is an amputee with only one leg: police tackled him, shackled him, ripped off his artificial leg, and told him to HOP to the nearest paddy wagon, then shoved him into a cell with nothing to sit on but cold concrete, and didn't give him a wheelchair for many hours. If that were MY dad....

It's time for the Prime Minister to take responsibility for the G20 fiasco.
A room filled with police officers stare at pulsing screens; feeds from 85 cameras cover most of Toronto's downtown core. This was the command centre for the G20 Integrated Security Unit (there was another ISU command centre in Barrie). In charge was the RCMP Chief Supt. Alphonse MacNeil.

It may have been Toronto police on the streets, but the Feds ran the show. It had been that way from the start. It was the Prime Minister that insisted, over Toronto's objections, on holding the G20 at the Convention Centre. It was the ISU that wanted the Public Works Protection Act. Blair is wearing it, but operational command was MacNeil's.

At some point over the weekend the Operational Commander of the Integrated Security Unit watched the action unfold and made two fateful decisions. The first was not to immediately move some of the thousands of available police officers into position to stop a hundred or so people from breaking store windows. More importantly, not to quickly stop the trashing of several police cars.

CISIS had decided there was no credible terrorism threat. The whole rationale for all the security was that a small segment of protesters would cause some property damage and might try to storm the security fence. Yet when the windows broke and police cars burned, for perhaps as long as an hour there were no police in sight.

Watch the CP24 coverage of police cars on fire Saturday night on Queen St. The journalists ask over and over again, where are the police? One says the police were here and then they left, leaving the cars to be torn apart and torched. Read the Toronto Sun reports on embarrassed police who say they were told to stand down.

MacNeil told his hometown paper, the Cape Breton Post, "We have the ability through our video feed to see everything that is going on,"

"There are even helicopters and planes providing video feed."

"We can see them from the air, we can see them from the ground, if there is anyone trying to interfere, we would see that."

We know the police had infiltrated the Black Bloc, we know they had cameras that could see "everywhere", so why couldn't they defend their own vehicles?

Was this part of a plan or a "lack of available resources" as we have been told? Only a public inquiry can answer the question.

Television images of police cars ablaze set the stage for mass arrests.
The decision to order the arrests of around nine hundred peaceful protestors was the second major decision by the Operational Commander. It was clear to everyone who watched the television coverage (never mind the police cameras), that the actions against property were isolated incidents and did not involve the vast majority of protesters and onlookers.

What was the reason for such a blanket attack on the freedom of assembly, one of the Charter's fundamental rights?

Not only were there mass arrests, but the culture of brutality exhibited by police was extraordinary, given they knew that every move was being watched and taped by their command.

Who ran the training programs that led up to the weekend and created such a sense of impunity?

Who decided that journalists were fair game? Journalists were punched, shoved, arrested, and told they would be arrested if they didn't clear the scene. Having G20 press accreditation was no protection.

What meaningful right to a free press will there be if journalists can't report on how the state exercises its authority? If the government is going to have a legal monopoly on the use of violence, then the public must have the ability - and for this they rely on journalists - to witness, investigate and report on how the machinery of coercion is wielded. There is nothing more important in maintaining some level of democracy.

A month before the G20 I wrote a commentary that said this:

"Is it possible at a time when Canada's government debt is reaching European levels - and we are sure to hear another round of "deficit mania" that the banker's political and "journalistic" representatives are fanning from Athens to Washington - that a massive investment in Canada's police force would be a hard sell?"

So, we get back to the one billion dollars (ok, to be exact according to the PBO it's $929,986,110). If Toronto police spent $122 million (that included their own men and all the city police who travelled from across Canada, airfare, hotels and overtime), and the OPP bill for the G8 in Huntsville was around $35 million, how much of the remaining $840 million or so was actually for the G8/G20 weekend?

National Defence got $77 million and CSIS $3 million, but the Mounties received the lion's share - at least $500 million. They did have to guard the foreign guests, deal with the major meeting sites in Huntsville and Toronto, and coordinate the overall security. But given how much more this is than the cost of thousands of men paid out of Toronto's much smaller budget, it's hard to fathom that this was mostly manpower cost.

Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, in a report roughly breaking down the costs says, "It is still unclear how the RCMP will spend its sizeable share of incremental costs". So, where did the money go?

It's just way too much security for a city that has a history of peaceful protest. So what's it really all about?

One is forced to wonder if a hidden agenda of the government was to build the RCMP's technical and surveillance capacity. Are they preparing for the kind of social unrest that might develop in the future if Canada is serious about meeting its G20 pledge of halving its deficit by 2013 - at a time when the world seems heading back into recession? Do our security forces look at the rising tide of strikes and protests in Europe and decide to get ready here?
Ok, a lot of questions and speculation, but some of it easy to answer with a full and unrestricted report from the Auditor General.
But here's the big one, in terms of accountability, and only a public inquiry with the powers of subpoena will get at this.

Who gave Supt. Alphonse MacNeil his marching orders? Who gave him the green light to violate the Canadian Charter of Rights? Who wanted the Public Works Protection Act? Imposed on the Convention Centre and covertly served up by the Ontario government, it was a test of what civil rights lawyers are calling a form of martial law.

It’s not too many degrees of separation to get to the real man in charge - The Prime Minister. This was his show from the start.

Should not Mr. Harper step forward and straightforwardly defend his decisions? If he thinks Canadians should be willing to support and pay for a massive investment in more policing aimed at domestic dissent, and be willing to compromise basic charter rights in the process, then say so. Let’s have a proper public debate about it.

And for that matter, shouldn’t Ontario Premier McGuinty join him? He went along with the imposition of the archaic 1939 PWPA meant to stop German agents from attacking public buildings.

Only a public inquiry, with subpoena power, led by a person of courage can really get to the bottom of this. But that’s not likely to happen, unless dear readers, you raise your voices and demand it so.

Note #1: The Toronto Police Services Board said Tuesday they would create an independent review into police conduct during last month's G20 summit. It will not have subpoena power. Much will depend on who the Reviewer is. If it’s someone of with guts and wide respect, it could make a contribution.

Note #2: The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has a petition going in support of:

1) An independent inquiry into the actions of the police during the G20, including:

* The dispersal of protestors at the designated demonstration site in Queen's Park late afternoon, Saturday June 26th;
* The detention and mass arrest on the Esplanade on the night of Saturday, June 26th;
* The arrests and police actions outside the Eastern Ave. detention centre on the morning of Sunday, June 27th;
* The prolonged detention and mass arrest of individuals at Queen St. W. and Spadina Ave. on the evening of Sunday, June 27th;
* The conditions of detention at the Eastern Ave. detention centre;

2) Repeal or amendment of the Public Works Protection Act to meet basic constitutional standards; and

3) Law reform to ensure that the Criminal Code provisions relating to "breach of the peace", "unlawful assemblies" and "riots" are brought in line with constitutional standards.

From Dee Nicholson []
July 6, 2010
I'll take my Vitamin C and my chances, thanks... I love the occasional hot dog.... but it's occasional!! Those who are on reduced incomes have little choice, there's the rub. If you're on welfare in Toronto, for example, your food budget for one person is less than a hundred dollars per month. Try getting your nutrients with that!
It's always more about the money. People who can afford to eat well do so, in general. People struggling do not. You will find, upon visiting certain poor neighborhoods, that there is a plethora of fast food businesses serving buckets of junky food, and every mother carrying some form of prepared dinner. You'll see a lot of Kraft Dinner in their shopping carts. You won't see a lot of vegetables and fruits, or organic items because they are just plain out of range. Food prices are skyrocketing... about 30% in the last year alone, and keep going up in larger and larger increments.
People are being forced to give up nutrients in order to feed their families, and have no idea what to buy to replace things they can no longer afford... so they resort to less and less healthy food.
And the first to go are the poor... the "useless eaters". Now they can't eat properly, so are they just "useless people"???

Pass the Mustard, or Just Pass on the Hot Dog?
Comment by Andrew W. Saul
Editor-In-Chief, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service
(OMNS July 2, 2010) More hot dogs are eaten at the 4th of July holiday than at any other time of the year. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, an all-too-real trade organization) says that "during the Independence Day weekend, 155 million will be gobbled up" and that Americans will consume more than seven billion hot dogs over the summer. "Every year," they proudly proclaim, "Americans eat an average of 60 hot dogs each." (1)
That looks to be a modest average of just over one hot dog per week per American. But there are at least 7 million vegetarians in the US, and another 20 million who would be inclined to avoid meat. (2)
This means that even if you do not eat any hot dogs at all, someone else is eating your share.
But a hot dog or two a week? Big deal!
Maybe it is. Children who eat one hot dog a week double their risk of a brain tumor; two per week triples the risk. Kids eating more than twelve hot dogs a month (three a week) have nearly ten times the risk of leukemia as children who eat none. (3)
And it is not just about kids. Of 190,000 adults studied for seven years, those eating the most processed meat such as deli meats and hot dogs had a 68 percent greater risk of pancreatic cancer than those who ate the least. (4) Pancreatic cancer is especially difficult to treat.
Think twice before you serve up your next tube steak. If your family is going to eat hot dogs, at least take your vitamins. Hot dog eating children taking supplemental vitamins were shown to have a reduced risk of cancer. (5) Vitamins C and E prevent the formation of nitrosamines. (6,7)
It is curious that, while busy theorizing many "potential" dangers of vitamins, the news media have largely ignored this clear-cut cancer-prevention benefit from supplementation.
May I also suggest that you have your kids chew their hot dogs extra thoroughly. In landfills, "Whole hot dogs have been found, some of them in strata suggesting an age upwards of several decades." (8)
Bon appétit.

(1) .
(2) .
(3) Peters JM, Preston-Martin S, London SJ, Bowman JD, Buckley JD, Thomas DC. Processed meats and risk of childhood leukemia. Cancer Causes Control. 1994 Mar; 5(2):195-202.
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(5) Sarasua S, Savitz DA. Cured and broiled meat consumption in relation to childhood cancer: Denver, Colorado (United States). Cancer Causes Control. 1994 Mar; 5(2):141-8. Comment at .
(6) Scanlan RA. Nitrosamines and cancer.
(7) Cass H; English J. User's guide to vitamin C. Basic Health Publications, 2002, p 64-67. ISBN-10: 1591200210; ISBN-13: 978-1591200215.
(8) Smithsonian, July 1992, p 5.

From via Phil Segrave []
July 6, 2010
I am one of those unfortunate people who is able to see what is not obvious to most. Back in the 70s it was obvious to me that big pharma was in the process of infiltrating government and their (so called) health care systems and turning health bureaucrats into covert sales agents. It took some time, but eventually a very bright MD friend found out through experience that I was right.

Actually, the big pharma scam goes back decades. Drugs (and vaccines) don't cure anything, they only treat the symptoms. The perps use this delusion as a cash cow and soon to come social engineering tool. They are planning to use nano biological agents to turn an otherwise rebellious world into placid mindless robots who will love their enslavement. What better way to get this poison into bodies than to stage a pandemic and pass 'herd immunity' laws?

When I watched the planes hit the twin trade towers I knew this was not a terrorist attack. It was an attack on our freedoms. The terrorist threat was conceived, engineered and implemented for one purpose, to eliminate human rights and freedoms. And it did exactly that. But I believe we have not seen the worst yet, far from it.

Always multiple agendas at play: To justify power politics for oil, poppies and domination as foreign policies; war is a racket that deceives sheeple into defending their countries, religions and/or races while the docile domestic public believes it is their patriotic duty to support (taxes) and fight (supply sons and daughters) wage them.

As you wrote, the big kahuna is problem, reaction solution: Scare the public into sacrificing their freedom for their security by orchestrating a boogey man (Ben Ledan) and/or disease (H1N1). It is a centuries old SMO, which is fine tuned to materilize the masonic wet dream of world governance.

A few weeks ago I sent an email to Jane Burgermeister. With my permission she posted it on her site. In my email I stated that the H1N1 pandemic was a test balloon intended to identify cells of resistance and that in the next false pandemic web sites such as the Flu Case would be disabled. When I told people that an internet kill switch was either in place or in the works they said it could never happen. But what most people are unaware of is that kill switches have been in telecommunications systems for a long time. I know this because I used to work in telecommunications.

The bad guys always set up the infrastructure and activate the system before they legalize it (thinking of that was then Echelon, and what is now no FISA courts, etc.) Not only will they have the capacity to control the internet physically, but they will have the ability to criminalize it's unauthorized use. Users will have to register and login in with who knows what: Their retina scan or embedded chip?

A very effective way to render a population passive is to cut back on social services and raise the unemployment level. This is exactly what is happening in most industrialized countries. As the economies of these countries sink the very banks that engineered the economic crash will buy public infrastructure for pennies on the dollar using the tax money our governments funnelled to them under the guise of a necessary ball out.

You are getting warm and warmer. The politicians told us NAFTA and GATT would bring world prosperity. Instead they exported our jobs rather than our products. Now the politicians are cutting unemployment benefits so the jobless (there are less low paying job because the borders are wide open) can experience economic devastation. The objective is to descimate the middle class.

Buying back the infrastructure is blase now (they did that scam in the 30's), the gameplan is population reduction and 'rendering the population passive' as you wrote.

Your are right to be concerned about your H1N1 videos either suddenly being deleted from the web or access to them being blocked. I see mandatory vaccination programs coming soon that will be enforced by force for those who resist. Once we are vaccinated we are screwed.

They control the mainstream media and they must control the internet. As the Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance, Genocide video warns, the best way to 'render a population passive' is to inject everybody with nano robots that can turn people into cyborgs that will not know they are enslaved.

Thanks for your continued efforts.
Best wishes,


From Phil Segrave []
July 5, 2010
With all the negative news to be concerned with, any attention to the flu season appears to be a faint blip on the radar screen. However, the flu pandemic controversy threatens all of us directly, so it is important to keep the issue in mind so last years hoax will not be repeated again.

About one year ago just prior to the H1N1 WHO flu pandemic of 2009, I collected articles and YouTube videos to developed a larger mosaic of the issue. The result was The WHO Flu Scam first and second edition. After millions of 'experimental' H1N1 vaccine doses were manufactured and distributed (fast tracked without license) with politicians on the pay roll of Big Pharma passing forced vaccination laws under the guise of 'herd immunity' to protect public health, the so called pandemic failed to materialize.

Recently, the video's prophetic conspiracy warnings regarding a for profit political agenda have been documented by the prestigious British Medical Journal and other peer review publications, as well as independent investigory committees in Europe:

WHO slammed for flu pandemic response

The World Health Organization's handling of the swine flu pandemic was deeply marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies, a top medical journal said on Friday.

From Phil Segrave []
July 5, 2010

This was no accident, but assuming it was the leak could have been blown the first week as oil wells under Russian control were. There are political and economic agendas being developed with this 'made-to-happen' disaster. The environmental damage is to justify a tax on oil based carbon tax on consumers. The toxic 'dispersants' is to cause a large portion of the oil to sink for latter retrieval thus causing further environmental damage. Obama and BP are using the Gulf of oil as a dumping ground.

Some outside skimmers are finally being allowed to 'clean up' after political pressure has forced the perps to do it. Tropical storms will further exasperate the damage to estuaries, rivers and beaches. Any subsequent hurricanes will be used as an excuse for further delay in controlling the catastrophe. The economies of the Gulf coast has been decimated and mass evacuations may ensue because of deliberate mismanagement of the crisis, especially if future storms cause the toxic chemicals to move inland.



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