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From Dee

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From: F L
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012 11:24 am
Subject: whoa read this article just out

> Well lookey here! Lots of goodies here and talk about the
> international agreements now affecting local economies and
> decision making around "sustainability ".
> The article tries to make the protesters look like they are
> talking about an invisible boogie man! But later, admit what
> Agenda 21 is designed to do without giving any credit to the
> protestations.
> This is an incredible article. The truth is coming out. People
> panicking. Everyone speaking a different language. For clarity
> during this significant psy op taking place.... it is important
> to keep abreast to the game changing going on a daily basis by
> the puppet masters.
> This quote stuck out for me:
> "California...Where opponents are fighting laws passed in recent
> years to encourage
> development around public transportation hubs and dense areas in
> an
> effort to save money and preserve rural communities."
> What is not mentioned that the rural communities will not be
> enjoyed by the owners or the common man and woman. The rural
> communities will belong to the UN conservation areas enjoyed by
> the few in control and those with future security access to them.
> This article is so incredible. The Tower of Babylon..where
> everyone is speaking a different language.
> The elite have won. The UN has used the practice of
> COMPARTMENTALIZATION and promotion of the principles of Agenda
> 21 at the local level WITHOUT ever referring to Agenda 21 at the
> local level. This leaves the local councillors totally confused
> about what the opposition is talking about.
> Also, note the woman at the end of the article who plans on
> taking away public podiums and microphones to stop the dialogue
> at the Sustainability meetings?
> A pure example of the control freak minions moving the agenda along..
> F

From Eileen
This article is quite compelling and introduces the story of an African-American teen Aliah Gleason, who was screened at school without written parental consent, given multiple psychiatric labels due to the screening, taken from her parents, institutionalized for 5 months and medicated with multiple drugs. The parents fought endlessly to gain back their daughter from unnecessary diagnosis and medication.

Please take the time, one phone call, one email...ask your Congressmen to co-sponsor this bill...sponsored by Ron Paul. Ask your representative's legislative director to read the story above. FIND YOUR CONGRESSMAN:


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