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From Dee Nicholson
Everyone needs to be aware that almost ALL processed food contains some genetically-engineered ingredients... and that over the course of time, these things damage many functions of a healthy body.
We are not being allowed the right of choice, because governments and groups of governments (trade groups, including Codex) are attempting to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by not LABELLING the GMO content.




-------Original Message-------
From: cdsapi
Subject: The GMO mass experiment must be halted NOW - it is destroying our health massively

CDSAPI’s Added Comment: The debate over genetically engineered Round-up Ready and BT Toxined crops is no longer an academic matter of pros and cons . It is a matter of FOOD being turned into a Health/Life destroyer. This wholesale mass experiment must be HALTED IMMEDIATELY!!! That means – IMMEDIATELY.
It is the primary mandate and responsibility of government to protect citizens and their environment by preventing the marketing of products, especially foods, that are destructive to the health of man and animals and destroy the environment and its ecology.
Since 1996, the American and Canadian Governments (using taxpayer money) have invested heavily financially in the biotech industry, and as such, have opted for supporting the Corporate vested interest in promoting GMO expansion. The misinformation released to the public continues to be a monument to deception, lies, cover-up and propaganda.
Governments regulatory agencies have sided with Monsanto and the biotech industry – and in the process have abandoned their responsibility to protect the integrity of food safety. The evidence is now overwhelming - Genetically engineered food is inherently so dangerously toxic that it is destined to destroy the health of both the humans and animals that consume it. The destruction of health has just begun with an exponential increase in illness and disease – so huge and challenging that the economic and medical systems are incapable in dealing with the consequences, both financially and medically.
GMOs are boxing us into a “health/life-destruction” paradigm - they constitute an “economic noose of destroyed health” and they must be removed from the marketplace and the environment.
Food is the foundation of life. It is OUR responsibility to demand that governments do not permit the production and marketing of GMO food that are life/health-destructive.
We can no longer afford the luxury of being academic sideliners and theoretical onlookers and debaters. There comes a time when the “rubber meets the road”. And it is NOW!
We need YOU – everyone of YOU – to DEMAND that GMOs be IMMEDIATELY designated as toxic foods – and must be removed from the food supply. NOW!!!
Please go to the indicated website links for information and action. Support the work that Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology are doing sacrificially – for the benefit mankind and the SURVIVAL of all life.
Use this material to educate locally – if everyone covers their own backyard, the whole country will be appropriately informed - and moved into ACTION.
We cannot permit Corporate profit and monopoly to destroy our health and the health of our children, with as yet unpredictable escalating severity.
Comment by Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity

From Dee Nicholson
I just signed this petition... you should too.
Canada exports asbestos into developing countries without the benefit of controls over such dangerous substances, and while Canadians are all aware that asbestos is bad news, Mr. Harper, and, to be fair, all his predecessors, have allowed this nation to assault the health of workers in these other countries by exporting asbestos to them that cannot be used in Canada.
I might remind Mr. Harper that what is good for the Canada Goose is also good for the gander.... Canada's customers offshore who suffer because somebody here makes money on their misery!

If Stephen Harper thinks asbestos is safe for export, he should put it back in his home!

On June 20, the United Nations will vote to place an international ban on asbestos and Canada continues to refuse support to list chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous substance. Prime Minister Harper stands as the main obstacle to this global agreement.
We call on Prime Minister Harper to:
• Join the United Nations in banning the production and export of asbestos worldwide.
• Institute a just transition program for the 500 remaining asbestos workers and the communities they live in.
Asbestos kills 100,000 people every year by cancer and other deadly lung diseases. It is banned in 52 countries, including the European Union. The Canadian government has even removed it from Parliament and the Prime Minister's home.
So why is Canada still a leading exporter of asbestos to developing countries? Canada is the only G7 country still mining, producing and exporting this deadly substance!

From Dee Nicholson
'Connecticut lawmakers moments ago voted 90 to 57 in favor of Senate Bill 1014, decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use by adults. Senate lawmakers had narrowly approved an amended version of the measure on Saturday; House lawmakers concurred with the Senate today, sending the measure to Democrat Gov. Dannel Malloy — who will sign it into law.' link

From Phil Segrave
I just finished listening to the Alex Jones program about the bloodthirsty elite. Did you hear him say that after they killed Kubrick, they cut out 25 mins. of "Eyes Wide Shut"? I wonder what was in those 25 mins. Have you ever heard Jay Weidner's comments on Kubrick? Check it out:

I thought Alex said Kubrick was taken out because he would not cut those 25 mins. Anyways, there was enough in that extradinary and important film that made it past the cutting room floor to get the ominous warning out for those who are not asleep.;read=199057

Thanks for sending this Weidner video. I will check it out and get back to you. Weidner is pack full of esoteric secret society knowledge (the ones who have great power to affect our lives) serious researchers need to know. If there is a predatory class ruling our world, it is crucial to learn about their historical backgrounds.

The Rayelan Allan story is interesting to. I used to exchange email with her quite a bit when she started Rumormilnews so many years ago.

Weidner has a lot of inside dirt on Hollywood, having been a screenwriter in that venue, until he went independent. He said one of his fellow screen writers, I think he was referring to Kubrick, told him that he was going to leave Hollywood b/c there was too much evil there.

I'm confused about Lincoln (see screen shot below). When I was in Washington DC, I went to the Lincoln Memorial and in the gift shop I bought a little book containing quotes from Lincoln. During his 1st campaign for president, he declared that he was in favor of a central bank. Do you think this is a deliberate misquote? Or perhaps Lincoln was duped in the beginning and later discovered the true nature of the bankers?

I watched a program on the History Channel recently. One of the historians mentioned Lincoln did some dirty work for the railroads, so Lincoln played politics early on. He may have experienced some kind of conversion after in got in office. His early speeches were anti-slavery, but he did not start the Civil War on that until the Emancipation Proclamation speech; when it was deemed politically correct to take an anti-slavery position.

The Civil War, like Lincoln, was an enigma. The South wanted to retain state sovereignty, in other words, the freedom to make it's own decisions, yet while doing so, the South persisted in denying freedom to blacks for economic exploitation. Lincoln's position was against state sovereignty, which is morally reprehensible too. If the South had took the moral high ground and renounced slavery, the North's position would have been morally indefensiveable.

I think Lincoln, like many American presidents, was under some level of control and had a handler or handlers (like Wilson was under the control of Mandel House). It's interesting that his wife's maiden name was Todd. According to ex-illuminati, John Todd, that is an illuminati family name. He said his real name is Lance Collins (Springmeier lists Collins as one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines).

Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was reported to be a paranoid schizophrenic, however, they both were devoted to their children. Yes, I have read she belonged to the illuminati bloodline.

The Collins family specializes in the dark rites of the illuminati. They produce, not exclusively, but for the most part, the witches that preside over the rituals. John Todd himself was a male witch. Putting all this together, I get the picture that Lincoln was groomed for the role of "front man" for the illuminati operations in America. At some point along the way, I think Lincoln awakened to the reality of the bankers and their evil plan.

This scenario is so typical in American history. I heard that Woodrow Wilson was a nobody professor and was catapulted into his role by the puppet masters and propagandists. They kept him under their thumb by blackmail - apparently they entrapped him in an illicit adulterous affair (sound familiar?: JFK with Marilyn Monroe, the 1st mind-controlled "Presidential Model" according to Cathy O'Brien). Like Lincoln, JFK tried to break their puppet strings and was publicly executed for it.

As you know, after enableling the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, Wilson later repented by publically stating he sold this country out to the international bankers, but did nothing to repeal it.


From Dee Nicholson
Do you ever feel that you're the only
person in your circle who "gets" what's
going on?

Let me assure you, even if that's the
case, you are not alone.

Here's someone who gets it and has
a fiery - and funny - way to tell the
truth to power.

Don't miss this one - and share.


From Susan
From Facebook
Profile: Martin Truther

Global Warming and Climate Change skepticism examined
All I know is that it is NOT MAN-MADE. I will never pay a global carbon tax, it is ludicruous.
Martin Truther I will not pay a global carbon tax either, even though I've concluded, along with the scientific community that global warming is indeed anthropogenic.
Jeremy Swanson I still don't believe it's caused by humans. The earth goes through natural changes in climate. It always has, global warming is a hoax.
Martin Truther ‎@Jeremy -- That is your prerogative. If you choose not to read the above link, there's nothing I can do about that.
did Al Gore design this site ?
Martin Truther
‎@Kevin-- My comment is somewhat tongue in cheek. I only want people to be aware that the concentration of carbon in fossil fuel deposits was a long, slow, gradual process spanning more than 100 million years, according to the fossil recor...d. Now, in the span of a couple hundred years we are returning most of that carbon to the atmosphere and oceans again. We are unwittingly re-creating the atmospheric conditions that may have prevailed in the era of the early dinosaurs. The rest I'll leave as an idea for science fiction writers to pick up, if they wish. Human beings have existed for only about 1 million years-- a mere blip in the Earth's history-- and apparently not a stable blip at that-- what if the Earth is really meant to be occupied by dinosaurs and human beings are merely a way to reset the atmosphere's carbon content every few hundred million years. We get our chance on the Earth's stage only to briefly dance before annihilating ourselves in a tragic magic trick gone horribly wrong. But, as long as we leave the right conditions for the next 200 million years of dinosaurs (some might say "reptilians"), perhaps we've served the purpose nature intended. My hope is that such a fatalist musing would inspire people to take the necessary steps to avoid annihiliation, but such efforts have been slow to catch on so far. Here's hoping we can do better.
Martin Truther ‎@Colin -- John Cook created the site.

Martin Truther More about John Cook:

Despite any further reports or websites such as John's generated to convince the masses that global warming is man-made, we must realize the there is a plethora of inaccurate and highly exaggerated peer-reviewed publications of based on scientific literature that comes from fraudulent sources. Thus, we cannot with any certainty know that ANY literature supporting anthropogenic global warming to be accurate or scientifically sound.

Based on all the research I've reviewed, man is only responsible for a very small and negligible percentage of global warming. The majority of climate change is natural.

We have many sources on both for an against the argument of anthropogenic global warming (more against than for)
Global warming results on

We must also realize that the very institutions that attempt to deceive the masses on anthropogenic causes for global warming are the same ones that are responsible for polluting the earth and creating a culture that caters to polluting. That alone should make all skeptics of global warming skepticism pause and think about who and what is really behind their sources.

The bottom-line is that Mother earth will do as she must to maintain her resources and balance of ecosystems in the long-term. She will not allow destruction on a planetary scale due to human intervention. If we understand the concepts behind what the earth really is, we will understand that the earth is in a period of cleansing and healing and not destruction. The government engines of fear will have you believe the opposite because they are well aware of the matrix of change that is now active around the globe.

There's no point in debating global warming any further as it is futile in the grand scheme of what it actually represents to humanity, and there is no amount of science that will allow you to comprehend this. Just know that what we have done to the earth is in the inception stages of reversal.


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