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From Susan
Phil, people can take from that article as they will. If the article’s content does not resonate with who they are, and their research validates their own impressions and opinions on the subject material, then it becomes irrelevant to debate it, as their truth is their own and they attract and gather the data that is necessary to support their own conclusions. The author does not need to quantify the evidence or making sense of it in qualitative form for it to be universal or factual. This is a false assumption.

Your attempts at discovering the “real truth” as you state are your own and only your own. It’s actually somewhat of a misnomer as you cannot discover the “real truth” for another person, so there is no right or wrong answer.

There have been no forces or conspirators to enslave us but ourselves. I have said this many times that the PTB are simply manifestations of our own creations and an integral portion of the ying yang equation. The malevolent forces that “conspire” against us are purely an illusion of our own reality and we are a subset of that vibration. You can never and will never experience ANYTHING in your life of which your vibration is not a part of.

Everything is connected and everything one as is now being proven by scientists such as Nassim Haramein Esoteric cosmology is simply a system of thought generated from all that is.

Cosmic cycles are merely cycles in consciousness. Nature does not operate by the laws of physics, it operates by the laws of consciousness and physicists know this very well by now and it frustrates the hell out of them especially because consciousness cannot be explained entirely from a scientific or physical perspective. Nature is not beyond the control of the human mind. The human mind (or rather heart) is used as a vehicle for consciousness and thus is part of nature. It can control nature as they are one in the same.

All things on the planet are evolving to 4D, not just humans. This is all by choice. Nothing is being forced on any human being….never has, never will be. There are no victims in this game. It is purely from an egocentric perspective that makes us believe we do not have complete control in what we experience.

I disagree with your statement (or perhaps reiterated from Wikipedia) that philosophical cosmologies are faith based or that esoteric cosmologies are based on intellectual understanding of science and the laws of physics. Many philosophical cosmologies are about a balance between theoretical formulas and scientific analysis and details, which are not particularly dominant or consistent in concepts based on faith. Equally, many esoteric cosmologies are often not based on the laws of physics.

Also, there are very few New Age practices and philosophies that teach anti-creationism. It is only the controlled media perceptions and mindset that has created this fabricated falsity. On the contrary, most new age practices are not cults at all, and the origins of most of these teachings dealt with the nature of reality and oneness. For example, Vedantic philosophy was one of the important influences on New Age philosophies where the creative power of God was embraced.

That fact that any pundits of Christianity (or anybody for that matter) would label all new age movements as malevolent benefactors of hidden cosmological knowledge is purely a ego perspective to influence and further control the masses. It relies on keeping the populace entrenched in the falsities of religion and non-secular control. If it’s new age, it must be bad. However these control mechanisms put in place thousands of years ago have weakened dramatically in the past few decades and are weakening further as we approach our destiny as 4D beings where such mechanisms will cease to exist, as will government as will money.

Interpretations of any article we post on consciousness as being propaganda for self-servers is just that…an interpretation. If readers become defense, antagonistic or angry over any articles they read, they should always ask themselves “why is something being activated within me that makes me feel this way?” They should look within themselves and try to assess why that anger is present and move on. Readers will take from it what they will. If it does resonate, they will move on and embrace other informative articles that agree with their mindset. A non-judgmental approach is best when reading any material. It is only then that we can truly assess what we are perceiving while we are reading and why we interpret things the way we do.

From Phil Segrave
Some Christian fundamentalist will say the recent PD article is New Age claptrap that includes such buzz words as 'ontology, esoteric cosmology, involution, spiritual evolution, epigenesis, planes of existence, mysticism, psycho-spiritual transformation, altered states of consciousness, and harmonic convergence'. The author(s) of the article omits presenting any empirical evidence to support the articles thesis. So, from my point of view, both hypothesis, fundamental Christianity and New Age theology, can be characterized as faith based philosophies that have their origins in legends of antiquity.
I underscored many terms in the results of my research below to illustrate why I think the validity of either historical discipline or schools of thought can only be determined in the future. However, both philosophies can not be held valid, if one of them becomes self-evident.
I hope you will have and take the time to evaluate my amateurish attempt to discover the real truth, as I am sure you want to do. If you read further, you will find such terms as numerology (such as regarding the occult representations of sequence 11:11:11), harmonic consciousness, Gnosticism, mysticism, and Hermeticism all have their roots in 'pagan' pre-Babylonian and Egyptian esoteric cosmological (see definitions of emanation, involution, spiritual evolution, epigenesis, planes of existence) mystery religions and the manovolent forces that conspire to use this knowledge to enslave humanity.
If esoteric cosmology is a system of thought that deals with hierarchies of spiritual disciplines, planes of existence, and the evolution of altered states of consciousness, then how do you account for the emanations and the connections between them and cosmic cycles? If the term cosmic cycles denotes spatiotemporal physical substance-mass-energy or metaphysical naturalism (nature operates by the laws of physics), how can the supernatural and/or free will exist? If nature (cosmic cycles) is/are subject to cyclic metaphysical forces that are beyond the control of the human mind, how can humanity evolve to a higher plane of existence or dimension by choice in a kind of psycho-spiritual transformation?
The two cosmological concepts: Cosmic cycles and psycho-spiritual transformation are thus incompatible by definition. While religious and philosophical cosmologies appear to be faith based and esoteric cosmologies appear to rely on the intellectual understanding of science and the laws of physics, neither discipline has yet to be conclusively proven or debunked. Perhaps time will tell.

In the mean time, faith based New Age cults such as Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Theosophy and Hermeticism continue to teach their mystical anti-Creationism theory regarding emanations and involution (see definitions below) that the world, our reality and notion of existence, is part of a complex sequence of cosmic cycles in which we spiritually ascend and descend in various stages of reincarnation from and to 'divine omniscience' that transcends the known physical universe.
The problem is the preceding group of theologies have been identified by pundits of Christianity as being the malevolent benefactors of hidden cosmological knowledge that is used to exploit the 'un-illuminated'
After you read the excerpts that follow, please extrapolate why you think the thesis of PD's harmonic consciousness convergence (placing-others-before-self) article is not the subtle New Age propaganda of the self-servers. Phil

From Eileen Dannemann
Fluzone High-Dose was first offered midway through last flu season. Manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur estimates that 10 percent of seniors who were vaccinated last season received the high-dose version. The vaccine is loaded with four times the usual virus-fighting antigen,

Maybe this is why Stan's mother got hallucinations and violent dreams for weeks after he flu shot three years ago.

From Phil Segrave
The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up
...'In short, the drug lords need an increased vaccine schedule to make up for their patent-run-out losses. More, for reasons internal to their operation, vaccines are not that profitable, individually. The drug industry, especially the vaccine component, takes in a lot of money. But, they have to put out a lot of money. According to the authoritative source,
"The imminent arrival of the dreaded "patent cliff" has been haunting the pharmaceutical industry for years, and it's finally here. With patents on many blockbuster drugs about to expire, an estimated $250 billion in sales are at risk between now and 2015, according to data from EvaluatePharma. '...


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