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From Phil Segrave []
Jared Lee Loughner: Psychotic or Vaccine Induced Madman?

VacTruth Link


I wholeheartedly appreciate and support the well written article you published on your wonderful site I hope everyone will take the time to read it and share it. The case needs to be investigated for the reasons you cited.

Approaching the AZ shooting as a case where the perpetrator's crime was committed by a victim of possible medical malfeasance, intentional or otherwise, which resulted in the likelyhood that Loughner may not have been responsible for his actions, is supported by a vast amount of evidence. Court records all across the country and the world are full of cases in the thousands of suspects being tried for homicides while they were on various types of anti-depressants and vaccines.

However, as we both know, the Mainstream Media is not going to cover that possibility, especially if there is evidence of a conspiracy that equates to Loughner being a mind control subject. The following are excerpts from two previous emails I sent out that represent red flags in that regard:

Email 1:

Attorney Judy Clarke: The Mind Control Lawyer?

...'Judy Clarke is the Forrest Gump of criminal defense attorneys. Otherwise unassuming, even shy, she seems to turn up, front and center, for many of the cases we'll never forget.

She counseled Ted Kaczynski 13 years ago this month when the Unabomber was toying with the government in advance of his guilty plea.

She served on teams that defended Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Timothy McVeigh

She helped an unrepentant Eric Robert Rudolph, the Olympic Park bomber, avoid a death sentence. She was present and accountable during the chaotic trial of Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who drowned her two small children in a car in a lake. She even represented Zacarias Moussaoui, the mercurial al-Qaeda conspirator. All of those defendants faced capital charges. None are currently on death row.

And now, Clarke is Jared Lee Loughner's attorney in a dramatic case that surely will be in the headlines for years to come.'...

CBS News Link

Politics Daily Link

AZcentral link

Email 2:

'I am forwarding the interesting article you sent me with the qualification that anything I relay does not necessarily reflect my opinion or my beliefs. The accuracy of the author's statements should always be validated by further research and the readers should make up their own minds as to how truthful the contents are.

What I have heard about Judge John Roll, he was lobbying for state AZ legislators to appropriate more money to cope with the increased court cases related to illegal immigration. Both Judge Roll and Rep Gabrielle Giffords were reportedly pro gun rights, supported Sheriff Mack and against open borders. In my opinion, the Jared Loughner was another in a long string of MK-ULTRA Manchurian candidate sleepers who are programmed to be lone wolf shooters to generate support for anti-gun and anti-civil rights laws.

His site is still up at the link below. Look at the list of key words he kept repeating over and over in is convoluted rants. He was trying to communicate a message and he was allowed to do it. The article you sent made reference to the key word 'currency' in a case Judge Roll was involved with. Could this be the missing dot that breaks the coded message regarding Loughner's other seemingly unrelated key words and Judge Roll's case? Is his alleged 'handler's sending a coded message of their own through Loughner? You be the judge.':

Jared Lee Loughner site:

Key words repeated over and over in his videos: Mind control, sleep, dream, brainwash methods, dreamers, currency, government officials, conscience dreaming, unconstitutional,

How to: Mind Controller]

I had favorite books: Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Wizard Of OZ, Aesop Fables, The Odyssey, Alice Adventures Into Wonderland, Fahrenheit 451, Peter Pan, To Kill A Mockingbird, We The Living, Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Pulp,Through The Looking Glass, The Communist Manifesto, Siddhartha, The Old Man And The Sea, Gulliver's Travels, Mein Kampf, The Republic, and Meno.

The public's perception of the case is shaped by disinformation and the absence of accurate information, so the demand for full and complete investigations do not exist. However, your article stands a better chance of motivating public support for an investigation than any hint of a diabolical and willful conspiracy to deploy a Manchurian Candidate, just as the recent launching of the new book Vaccine Epidemic ( Promoting vaccine choice is easier to sell than vaccine criminalization and getting authorities to look at Loughner not be responsible for his actions because of vaccine and/or drug adverse reaction would be easier to sell too.


From Phil Segrave []
Featuring more than twenty experts from the fields of ethics, law, science, medicine, business, and history, Vaccine Epidemic urgently calls for reform. It is the essential handbook for the vaccination choice movement and required reading for all people contemplating vaccination for themselves and their children.

From Jeffry John Aufderheide
I wrote this new article -- the one thing the Mainstream Media is NOT talking about is Loughner could have had an adverse reaction to the MMR given to him at the beginning of the school year. Why aren't they not asking real questions about getting to the bottom of what happened?

I think we know the answer, though. We won't get answers unless scientific tests are performed on him and that will likely never happen in my opinion.

VacTruth link



From Eileen Dannemann
“A country that requires all children to receive a product—no matter how beneficial—knowing that some children will die and others’ lives will be destroyed by the use of that product, risks losing all moral authority.” James Turner, JD.

From Vaccination Information Network (VINE)
Who said vaccines are ineffective? Vaccines are actually very effective at what they are designed to do, namely to impair children's mental functions.

It's not just the mercury that does it, either, but also the many other neurotoxic ingredients, each of which is added with the purpose of impairing or switching off a particular area of the brain. That's the REAL science behind vaccinations - the disease prevention bit is just something for the gullible to believe in.

Unfortunately, the propaganda designed to link the injection of biochemical agents into babies' and children's bodies with disease prevention in people's minds, has worked well.

From Dee Nicholson []
On behalf of the National Health Federation of Canada (the Canadian affiliate of the oldest and largest health freedom organization in the world, founded 1955 - ) and our entire membership,
I am writing you a last-minute reminder that what you are supporting, which is the allowing of export of Monsanto GMO seed product from Canada, versus a SANE examination of risks involved prior to allowing such sale, paints you as a person of less intelligence than a:


Bill Lashmett watched as two or three cows were let into a feeding area.... The first trough they came to contained fifty pounds of shelled Bt (genetically modified) corn. The cows sniffed it, withdrew, and walked over to the next trough, which contained fifty pounds of natural shelled corn. The cows finished it off. The next group of cows did the same thing. Lashmett said the same experiment was conducted on about six or seven farms in Northwest Iowa in 1998 and again in 1999. Identical trials with hogs yielded the same results, also for two years in a row. Lashmett, who has a background in biochemistry and agriculture, says that animals have a natural sense to eat what is good for them and avoid what isn't.

The Washington Post reported that mice, usually happy to munch on tomatoes, turned their noses up at the genetically modified FlavrSavr tomato that scientists were so anxious to test on them. Scientist Roger Salquist said of his tomato, “I gotta tell you, you can be Chef Boyardee and mice are still not going to like them.” The mice were eventually force fed the tomato through gastric tubes and stomach washes. Several developed stomach lesions; seven of forty died within two weeks. The tomato was approved [for human consumption] without further tests.

According to BBC News, April 27, 2002: “Safety tests on genetically modified maize currently growing in Britain were flawed, it has emerged. The crop, T-25 GM maize [corn], was tested in laboratory experiments on chickens. During the tests, twice as many chickens died when fed on T-25 GM maize, compared with those fed on conventional maize. This research was apparently overlooked when the crop was given marketing approval [for humans] in 1996.” (From Seeds of Deception, by Jeffrey M. Smith)

In tests done, NONE of these creatures, in fact no creature ever offered GMO feed with an option to eat natural seed instead, has EVER eaten it. NATURE rejects GMO, yet you seem convinced that you know better than God... not to mention the Canadians who employ you. And I would remind that starving Haitians know better too: they BURNED 400 TONS OF MONSANTO SEED rather than plant it, when Monsanto donated it to them. That's not good enough for you?

If any other employee fails to represent his company (us), he gets fired. Why should you be different?
The world is rejecting GMO, and at this point, with all the information out there, you either stand with the people, or you stand with MONSANTO. WHICH IS IT, MR. EASTER? WE REQUIRE AN ANSWER. And please, a personal one, not one of those stupid talking points responses. We will be publishing your reply extensively world wide. Your chance is now to win friends... or not. We want to know where you got the mandate to tell us what we can eat, by spreading this garbage indiscriminately around the world!

We Canadians want to be healthy, and we want other nations to be healthy too. WE WILL NOT BE FORCE-FED GMO FOODS!

Oh, so sincerely,

Dee Nicholson

Co-Executive Director,
National Health Federation of Canada

From Phil Segrave []
The Psychiatrist and the Drug Rep

From Phil Segrave []
The Healing Autism Project with Dr. Kenneth Bock

Healing Autism: A Breakthrough Approach with Kenneth Bock, M.D. explores some of the causes, controversies and treatments surrounding the autism epidemic.

The film presents the heartbreaking challenges five families face, showcasing the successes they experienced after being introduced to Dr. Bock and a breakthrough biomedical healing program.

Healing Autism chronicles their story from initial evaluation, and follows their progress over the course of a year. The dramatic improvements have been remarkable -- a “must see” for every parent searching for solutions.

Clinical Approaches to Detoxification in Children

From Phil Segrave []
Weather control is not science fiction.

This is old technology that was already operative - and often used - in the 1960s.

50 years later, the technology is no doubt far more advanced.

Remember that next time, you see catastrophic once-in-a-century storms in places like Pakistan, an area the US seems to have a strong desired to destabilize.


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