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From Eileen
November 12, 2010
Folks...How long are you going to waste your time with government??? Do you really think that one day CDC or the State Dept. of Health; or the State Legislature will decide in your favor to REMOVE ALL VACCINE MANDATES from the children's schedule? IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT...keep on going.

Or perhaps you are hoping for the removal of just 10 vaccine out of 40? That ain't happening any time soon either...not in your life time.

Instead of an improvement in vaccine policy...after all these years...the establishment is adding 20 more vaccines- flu shots with mercury, every year, to the schedule for pregnant women, 6 month-19 year olds. More....they are now forcing health care workers to get a flu shot with mercury or lose their jobs.

Join us on the streets...Join the student vaccine liberation army. Wake up the offended ones. History proves that students create the change. We are open to send rolls of 500 stickers FREE to any activist who want to saturate their HS or middle school. We are ready to print another 20,000 VLA as soon as we get another $400.00 in donations to complete our $1,000 printing cost.

Watch Kaiser Permanente inject a 12 year old with FIVE vaccines at once at the new based health clinics.

This is what happened in Washington State. A state that banned mercury in children's vaccines AND banned mercury in the flu shot as well...the legislature and the Dept. of Health refuse to support their own law...on the contrary....Read it and weep.

For your info. Ann I was able to submit copies of the NCOW written testimony to the Board of Health,and Generation Rescue info of 11 positons about mercury, and Lisa Sykes and Worldwide Methodist church and CoMeD Against mercury in vaccines and medicines, and Ann's published letter to the Editor of the Olympian from July 25,2010, Mary Selecky,DOH Secretary written resonse letter to the Editor of Aug.13,2010 in which she supported thimerosal in vaccines, and Ann Cliftons unpublished response letter to the Editor of the Olympian. Ann also submitted hard copies of the Saputo Belitsos article from Townsend letter which pointed out that when CBS could not get raw data from CDC they went to every state and found that 83 to 98% of reported swine flu cases were not even flu(.Feb.Mar Townsend Letter.) Doreen Randal also testified and gave The Board Executive staffer much written documentation. They approved the polio vaccine schedule change. They said this did not mean they were for mercury in vaccines, but they are because the Vaccine Association folks including 3 insurance companiers testified they will leave mercury in vaccines. They have no legal liability. The Pediatricians have also testified they want mercury left in vaccines. This testimony was at the Senate Health Committee Hearing on SB6263 during the 2010 legislative session as they ripped off Senator Oemigs anti-mercury in vaccines all through high school wording. Eilene Cody then went to Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee and got HB 2551 ,the vaccine association bill passed out with the understanding they would leave mercury in vaccines.
The Board made copies of late testimony at the Nov 10 meeting. We had 5 people testify. We felt the combination of testimony was good from our anti mercury position. Ann Clifton 360-357-6263.

From Eileen
November 12, 2010
I just took took 5 minutes (though they said it would take 15). I think it is good to take this University survey...hope you also will take the time.

If you want to participate in a fluoridation survey from the University of Pemmsylvania, click on the link below,

From Dee Nicholson
November 12, 2010
For those of you who like the concept of making demands of Members of Parliament via the actual law, this is for you. It is the work of two people who have worked on the sidelines for some time... until Bill C-36.
Let me know what you think...

10th day of November in the year Two Thousand Ten

RE: Bill C-36

Dear Civil Servant:


Let me kindly remind you of your status of a Civil Servant. If you have any doubt that you are Civil Servant, I bring to your attention the following Supreme Court of Canada ruling:

Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217

67 The consent of the governed is a value that is basic to our understanding of a free and democratic society. Yet democracy in any real sense of the word cannot exist without the rule of law. It is the law that creates the framework within which the "sovereign will" is to be ascertained and implemented. To be accorded legitimacy, democratic institutions must rest, ultimately, on a legal foundation. That is, they must allow for the participation of, and accountability to, the people, through public institutions created under the Constitution. Equally, however, a system of government cannot survive through adherence to the law alone. A political system must also possess legitimacy, and in our political culture, that requires an interaction between the rule of law and the democratic principle. The system must be capable of reflecting the aspirations of the people. But there is more. Our law's claim to legitimacy also rests on an appeal to moral values, many of which are imbedded in our constitutional structure. It would be a grave mistake to equate legitimacy with the "sovereign will" or majority rule alone, to the exclusion of other constitutional values. [underlining added to highlight key points]

What are the moral values imbedded in our constitution? Moral values are imbedded in the Canadian Bill of Rights [1960] and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [1982]. Perhaps reacquainting yourself with these foundational documents will provide guidance to that question. The proposed Bill will violate many key fundamental doctrines that have been enshrined in these important historical documents, especially when it comes to my PRIVATE right to privacy, consumption of foods, natural health products, liberty, life, and property etc.

But even more fundamental is the fragile power that was granted to you by the people. The Supreme Court of Canada highlighted that very clearly when in the paragraph listed above they stated “The consent of the governed is a value that is basic to our understanding of a free and democratic society.” How is that power fragile?

Consent: “A deliberate and free act of the mind; an act of reason accompanied by deliberation.” Source: Canadian Law Dictionary (5th Edition)

Please note my dear servant that you currently have my consent to being governed if you govern based on those key moral values and principles. You are under a very clear mandate to protect my rights and freedoms, not to infringe on them. My dear servant, if any Bills pass that are in direct violation of your mandate to govern, this will result in you breaking the law.

The fact remains: You are not ascertaining and implementing the “sovereign will” of the people.

Instead you are ascertaining and implementing specific lobby interests, rather than the concerns of the people. These specific lobby interests are not your mandate. In fact you have exceeded your mandate if you proceed with this Bill or any other Bill that has been lobbied by these or any other corporate or international interests.

Let me further elucidate. Perhaps another court ruling may help you understand the scope of your office:

R. v. Schmidt, 2010 ONCJ 9

139. In Wholesale Travel Group Inc., [1991] S.C.R. 154 at paragraph 122, the Supreme Court of Canada made the following instructive comment in relation to the development of regulatory legislation pertaining to food and drink:

While some regulatory legislation such as that pertaining to the content of food and drink dates back to the Middle Ages, the number and significance of regulatory offences increased greatly with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Unfettered industrialization had led to abuses. Regulations were therefore enacted to protect the vulnerable -- particularly the children, men and women who laboured long hours in dangerous and unhealthy surroundings. Without these regulations many would have died. It later became necessary to regulate the manufactured products themselves and, still later, the discharge of effluent resulting from the manufacturing process. There is no doubt that regulatory offences were originally and still are designed to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. [underlining added to highlight important point]

140. And at paragraph 128 the Supreme Court continued with this theme in the process of distinguishing between criminal and regulatory offences:

At the same time, some conduct is prohibited, not because it is inherently wrongful, but because unregulated activity would result in dangerous conditions being imposed upon members of society, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.

141. In my view, these poignant statements from the Supreme Court beg the question: “If the ultimate purpose of regulatory legislation is to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, especially those who are particularly vulnerable, do those members of society who expressly waive the need for protection, still need the protection”?Relating this to the case at bar, if, in consuming raw milk per se the cow share members are not committing an unlawful act, and they wish to continue to do that within the parameters of the essentially private cow share program, why should they be forced to be bound by legislation which is intrinsically aimed at the vulnerable – those who need the protection?

Your mandate has always been to protect the vulnerable public. Your actions in fact have the potential to cause harm to the vulnerable which is in direct violation of your mandate. We the people will hold you fully accountable for any violations of that mandate should any harm come to any people that you are entrusted to protect. There has been no evidence provided that the products you are trying to govern have had or will ever have any adverse effects on the people consuming, using or purchasing them. Why are you trying to pass legislation such as this in the first place? Is it so that you can control and manipulate the people to the wishes of the international corporate monsters that have grown up around us for the sole purpose of profits and control? If this be the case, you again are in violation of your mandate as a Civil Servant.

Also, you are put on notice that your authority in the private sphere has always been null and void. Should you or any other servant attempt to extend your authority or jurisdiction into the private you will be violating fundamental principles of law. Let me kindly remind you that your jurisdiction falls within the public sphere only. Perhaps this below definition will remind you of that, if the above court cases have not yet convinced you.

GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF CANADA [GOVERNOR-IN-COUNCIL] “The Head of State in Canada; the personal representative of the Queen. He or she holds in all essential respects, the same position in relation to the administration of public affairs in Canada as is held by the Queen in Great Britain.” Source: Canadian Law Dictionary (5th Edition)

The jeopardy faced by you, our Civil Servants, is this: If you pass any Bill that violates the moral values of our country, or attempt to intervene in our private lives, or violate our rights as sovereign people, we will revoke our consent to being governed. We will hold you accountable for those torts and we will no longer participate in the tyranny that has grown up around us. Are you of the belief that we the people do not hold the authority to do this? Perhaps a closer examination of Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217 is in order.

The “consent” of the governed means; I can choose whether I will be governed by you or if I will take up the duty to govern myself. Many fine people have already made that choice and are teaching people how to do that. It is a very simple process to revoke our consent to being governed and you can do nothing to stop this process. This is an unalienable right granted to us by our Creator and or Creation, and is outlined in 1 Samuel 8 in your bible.

Your authority and power could quickly evaporate if you don’t start governing yourselves appropriately. It is my duty to hold you accountable to the moral values of this country and as such, I put you on notice that this Bill does not fit those values. I hereby put you on notice to cease and desist immediately.

The choice I leave to you.


From Eileen Dannemann
November 8, 2010
Folks: Dawn Richardson is one of the foremost intelligentsia of activism as it concerns Legislation by state. She has put together an IT access portal through the National Vaccine Information Center so that you can immediate access what legislations are going on (behind your back or unknown to you) in your state. Say for example...when the New York assembly was pushing to allow underage kids to get sexual vaccines without the "knowledge" or consent of their parents. Wouldn't you have wanted to know that? REGISTER NOW and get familiar with it. As it builds it will also enable you to have your legislators contact information at your finger tips...even on your Iphone.


Join now and build the activist's national legislative awareness network under the reliable umbrella of Barbara Lo Fisher's NVIC.

Dear Activist Friends,
I am really excited to share with you a tool that is going to really help our movement that I have spent close to a year designing and developing for The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) called the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP). It is free to use and you can register at Please check it out – we can use it to help with your efforts in the U.S. My educational and vocational background is in the computer science and engineering world and I took this experience and coupled it with the 14 years of grassroots activism to create an online interactive database and communication system designed to inspire and assist people in their own state to work on legislative initiatives to protect and expand state vaccination exemption laws and fight vaccine mandates in states that don’t have universally accepted vaccine exemptions.

Features center around making state legislative activism and communication streamlined, simple and efficient. People want to be involved but often don’t have the time or knowledge of what they can do to help. Each state page includes modules displaying current action alerts, legislation to watch, and announcements. Additionally, links are included to display state specific current vaccine exemption language, access to state sponsored legislative sites and affiliated state organizations. One unique and very beneficial feature displays each member’s elected legislators and their contact information with direct links to their online web feedback forms and websites. This feature enables our members to be viewing an action alert while also viewing in the right margin all contact information for their elected legislators. This is possible though features uniquely designed for the NVIC Advocacy Portal. This is a dream for smart phone users who can be viewing an action alert and either touch their legislator’s phone number for a direct connection or enter a note through their legislator’s internet contact form.

Additional tools for our NVIC Advocacy Team Members include legislative vaccine issue tutorials, tips for legislative communications, and a section that automatically displays the name and complete contact information for all of our member’s state and federally elected officials. There is a “Tell a Friend” feature where our members can input their friend’s name and email address and the site will send a personalized invitation from our member to join our team. We include web stickers with html code so people who are a little web savvy can post graphical links to our site on their websites, blogs, Facebook, and Myspace.

Central to the function of the NVIC State Advocacy Portal are its communication features. Team Members are automatically subscribed to their state email lists so they can receive timely email action alerts and email newsletters highlighting current legislative initiatives related to protecting and expanding vaccine exemptions and fighting vaccine mandates in states that don’t have universally accepted exemptions.

We plan on also using conference calls, webinars, and live interactive internet based training and support sessions to employ leadership development strategies, achieve team and community building, and promote recognition and appreciation of our members. All of this information will be plugged into the NVICAP. The site has just been released and most states are not in legislative session just yet, so this is the perfect time to get people registered and used to it so they can be ready in January. If you would like to read more, you can see Dr. Mercola’s announcement today at mercola linkor NVIC’s announcement at nvic link

This site does not aim to replace any group. We envision the NVICAP to be the one stop shop for advocacy information for all groups and individuals who can agree on the one simple fact that everyone should have the right to be able to make informed vaccination decisions and decline vaccination. If you know of activities occurring in your state related to this common mission and need something posted, let me know so we can get that done. So please check it out, register and let me know what you think. Thank you!


Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy
National Vaccine Information Center

From Phil Segrave []
November 8, 2010
As you know, there is an agenda to intimidate employees to vax or lose their jobs everywhere, denying everyone the right to make our own medical decisions. The vaccine pushers are justifying their tyranny on a theory called 'herd immunity' that has never been validated with independent clinical trials.

If the vaccines really work, there is no reason to force vaccinate anyone because those who get them are protected: Case closed. So the 'herd immunity' argument is based on junk science, greed and, in my opinion, a genocidal agenda. Why else would they use a bogus reason to force vaccinate a population?

Also, visit Lee's site and email him. He is a health care professional in the States trying to warn others.

Watch a video I produced in 2009 called The WHO Flu Scam before you take any vaccination and try to warn others so they can make an informed decision. The video's prognosis was validated this year by subsequent investigations by European authorities of collusion involving so called medical experts promoting the fraudulent flu pandemic of 2009 who had financial and political conflicts of interest with WHO.

The WHO Flu Scam (1 of 18)


From Dee Nicholson []
November 8, 2010 link
Update on Hutchison-Lazaryan frequency generator clearing polluted Gulf waters Nancy reports that local captain of a boat that charters dolphin sightseeing tours, who had no idea what she and John Hutchison had done in treating the polluted waters with their radio/audio frequency generator, logged an entry concerning the change in the water and the dolphins being "happy". This was in a neighboring bay.


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