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From cdsapi
Cdsapi’s Added Comment: We must be grateful that there are some extremely dedicated and courageous people who are very alarmed at what they have witnessed after spending many years working “inside the policing and military systems” and who know the inner workings, the agenda, the training and the ultimate goal of “complete control and total subservience. These people are the ‘true leaders’ with the dedication of service to humanity. We need them to be our “Statesmen and women” – instead of the “corruptible politicians” who dance upon the stage.
From the tone of this article, one becomes acutely aware of THEIR sense of immediate urgency as they see the agenda unfolding with increasing rapidity and vengeance. As a society, we have ignored the incremental, but devastating assaults on our liberty and freedoms over a very long period of time, excused to accommodate expediency and short-term personal benefit, convenience and profiteering, all camouflaged in the name “progress” and “for your good, safety and ‘security” through devious propagandized lies. So carefully the snares have been laid.
We are indeed at a crossroads. We either take heed and realize that it is WE, individually and collectively, who have to stand up to the tyranny that threatens to engulf every aspect of our lives; it is WE who have to protect and retain control over our public institutions; that it is WE who have to defend our civilization – OR watch as it intentionally and ruthlessly dismembered and reduced to rubble, devastation and population annihilation - as the “Police State” mentality of leaders in our government and military has already done to many parts of the planet – and aggressively maneuvers to conquer ALL.
It is alarming to watch citizens blindly giving their support to political candidates whose speech and actions display criminal agendas. It is the response-ability of citizens to refuse to endorse, vote for, or give support to any politician who lacks character and principles – politicians that are clearly bought-and-paid-for, serving the global financial CRIME syndicate. When we endorse CRIMINALS for public office, we are guaranteed to reap CRIMINALITY in their actions. (the last decade is a monument to this truth.)
It is WE who have turned a blind eye to corruption and have incrementally embraced and/or excused corruption at every level, over decades – for temporary or illusionary benefits; it is WE who have allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated with programmed propaganda and “officialized” lies; who have failed to pass on to our children insights of depth, leaving them incapable of the DISCERNMENT that is prerequisite to making wise decisions, individually and collectively – the foundation of a solid civilization. It is WE who have ignored, and even promoted, the abandoning the non-optional principles that are collectively identified as the WISDOM OF THE AGES.
These brave and deeply concerned and dedicated individuals are doing their utmost to organize the protection of our liberties and freedoms, even against odds.
One thing is very obvious: It is NOW or NEVER!
It needs all of us to get “on board”.
We are on the Titanic - this not the time to continue “dancing”
It is the time to focus on the SURVIVAL of a “principled civilization” that each of us is determined to protect and reestablish!
It is the job of those who “know” to sound the alarm bells loud enough for EVERYONE to be alerted, so that no one will be able to say “I did not know”.
We must be the MEDIA since the mainstream media is a huge part of the problem, refusing to allow the TRUTH about the “tyranny agenda” to be revealed. (In fact, the mainstream media is cheerleading the agenda.)
Many, many times I have been asked about armed resistance to national tyranny, leaving no doubt that those who want this to occur are ready, prepared and anxious to do so. Still others are very angry, but unwilling to commit to anything other than their own arguments and a belly full of Budweiser loudmouth. Agenda warriors wave the flag for their pet peeve but are unwilling to use their real names for anything other than a “Facebook” entry. I have been insulted by patio patriots who like rare steak, but don’t like the sight of blood. “Do something,” they shout, “but leave me alone. I don’t want to lose my internet service.”
Keep filing your taxes, vote for the lesser of two evils, complain about the price of gas, go to your do-nothing church, watch the city council vote in one more Agenda 21 UN grab, send a donation to Human Rights watch and “Twitter” your life away. Then, write to me and brag about how you are doing everything you can to throw off the police state that has surrounded you. Devotion to stupidity, denial of truth, and deliverer of destruction has given you every right to be at the center of our devastation. Thank you for your clear dedication to encouraging all levels of government to strip you of every right passed on by inheritance from those who knew what those rights meant and paid the price for maintaining them. It all stopped with your REFUSAL to stand with the heroes of history and their on-going sacrifice to see to it that we lived in freedom and prosperity.

From Dee
What does Anthropomorphic mean?

Anthropomorphic Collective Nouns

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals. For example
we're all familiar with a

Herd of cows,

a Flock of chickens,

a School of fish

and a Gaggle of geese.

However, less widely known is:

a Pride of lions,

a Murder of crows

(as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens),

an Exaltation of doves
and, presumably because they look so wise:

a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons.
They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

Believe it or not … a Congress!


From Eileen
India: Baby dies after vaccine-authorities accuse parents of “smothering”
‘Four days after a two-month old died after having administered with the first dose of pentavalent vaccine at Vithura in Kerala, a high-level team consisting of experts from the Union ministry of health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has ruled out the possibility of her dying due to the vaccine. The experts investigating into the case in fact have pointed to “smothering” as the reason behind her death.

From cdsapi
Cdsapi’s Added Comment: I appeal to you to Please pass this on to every parent you know.
We MUST stop sacrificing our children to the Vaccine gods and Big Pharma economics.
Yes - Vaccines have caused and continue to cause an epidemic of illness and developmental destruction;
– Yes, vaccines are one of the root causes for the exponential explosion in the autism epidemic;
- No, Vaccines are NOT safe, no matter how many times and how vociferously the Public Health, medical and industry "self-appointed experts" declare them to be safe - when all the evidence points in the other direction.

This is a 14 minute video – by Dr. Nancy Banks - a doctor who has thoroughly researched the research on the vaccine issue - and she is trying to alert us all to the dismal truth before any more children are sacrificed.
The Truth will never be admitted by officialdom because many years of mandated vaccines have caused so much mayhem and destroyed so many lives that the “liability implications” demand “silence” at any cost. Officialdom resorts to “Science by Declaration”, since it has no evidential justification.
The aftermath of the mandated vaccine schedule is far more serious than any disease that they claim to be preventing. Aside from the fact that there are very effective therapeutics to treat any of these diseases – therapeutics that “officialdom” has decided to keep off the medical table, again to protect the profitability of Big Pharma’s drugs.
The cost of this insane “health policy” is not just dollars spent ineffectively.
The cost happens to be the health and development of "our children".

Another great video on the developmental disruption caused by vaccines.
Vaccine's Safety: A Crime Against Humanity


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