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From Eldon
Natural Health Supplements: What's In A Slogan?
Why Professional, Therapeutic Medicine?

(Calgary, AB) For over 25 years, Life Choice has been formulating and supplying naturopath doctors and natural health stores with the purist nutraceuticals. No natural health manufacturer in Canada, the United States or Europe, can match the company's commitment to sourcing only the purest raw materials. Ingredients, that form the basis of each and every formulation.

Unlike most of it's competitors, Life Choice uses only USP Pharmaceutical grade ingredients in their formulations..Can other natural health manufacturers say the same?

The company's slogan is a very simple one. It consists of 3 words; "Professional, Therapeutic Medicine".

Why Professional?

When we speak about "professionalism" we are talking about product development.

Each formulation in the Life Choice family is under the direction and control of a highly trained, qualified, certified and knowledgeable naturopath doctor and professional chemist; skilled professionals who both understand the chemistry behind the product, and the physiology of its mechanism of action and therapeutic benefits.

Why Therapeutic?

When we refer to "therapeutic" we are talking about the healing [or a treatment] of a disease.

Each formulation in the Life Choice family is formulated to have "therapeutic' value. Why? because their formulations are designed not only prevent disease, but to treat the cause of the disease and to bring the body or mind back to a state of optimum health

Why Medicine?

When we refer to "medicine" we are talking about a substance or formulation specifically manufactured to prevent or treat a disease.

From our perspective, this term is closely related to "therapeutic". Do our formulation do what they are intended to do? Do the claims of our products match our scientifically intended results?

At Life Choice, all of our formulations undergo rigorous clinically testing, as a result, the answer to the above questions would be a resounding "Yes".

More Than Just A Sentence

For Life Choice, the slogan, "Professional, Therapeutic Medicine" is more than a sentence consisting of 3 words. It's a combination of words that means a commitment to quality, purity and high standards. It's a choice of words that means a true commitment to the individual, their family, and to their health.


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