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Exercise may cure grumpiness
For all those who have remained in their rocking chairs despite the evidence that exercise fights disease, researchers now say activity makes older people just plain happy. More


Exercise Helps the Mind
Feeling blue? Doctors now are suggesting that an underused and inexpensive treatment appears to reduce depression and other mental disorders: exercise. More


High blood pressure linked to mental decline
Uncontrolled high blood pressure may be a risk factor for intellectual decline in older individuals, researchers report. More


Walking Improves Mental Health
Aging couch potatoes are being encouraged to get up and walk after a new study found people over 60 who walked rapidly for 45 minutes three days a week maintained better cognitive functions. More


Mental Problems affect Sexual Behaviors
Young people who show signs of psychiatric problems are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors that can only exacerbate their situation. More


See it, imagine it, it's the same to your brain
Imagining something and actually seeing it are virtually one and the same to the brain, researchers said. They said the same parts of the brain light up when a person thinks of a face or a scene as when the same person actually looks at a photograph of the same face or place. More


Meditation helps to lower blood pressure
Taking part in programs designed to modify behavior, such as anger management training and transcendental meditation sessions, seems to have a measurable impact on blood pressure in African Americans, according to preliminary results of the Health Education and Diet, Stress Management and Anger Reduction Therapy (HEAD SMART) study. More

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