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Release Endorphins and Relieve
Anxiety With 6 Easy Activities

Staying calm and collected has obvious health benefits both physically and emotionally, in your relationships with others and with yourself. The release of endorphins does just that -- soothes physical and emotional pain. The risk of stress related illnesses and complications diminish significantly when one is not bound by an anxious mind. High stress disrupts our hormonal balance and homeostasis.

Endorphins are our body's internally produced means of sedation and euphoria. The science behind them has been  presented to the public from an exercise science perspective and not so much in regards to mental health. A sense of Zen and control for one's emotions is not necessarily in the hands of a personal trainer or psychiatrist.

There are around 20 different types of endorphins and according to an ongoing clinical study, the soothing aid of endorphin release can be accessed in many more ways than going to the gym or running down the block.

These 6 simple options release the feel good effects of endorphins and are accessible to all of us in Toronto!

  • Pet your Pet- it has been scientifically proven that feeling the warmth and trust of animals increased activity in the pleasure centre of the brain. There is also concrete evidence that endorphin production sky rocketed with this form of pet therapy.
  • Practice Yoga & Cardio- Yoga focuses on slower breathing to decrease rapid heart rates due to anxiety and soothe tense muscles while freeing negative energy from the body and mind. Ironically, increased heart rate caused by cardio exercises instead of stress releases the most intense endorphin response!
  • Meditation- does not have to be a complex or corny form of relaxation; meditation exists in many forms unique to every individual. If you cannot achieve the physiological response of controlled endorphin release, soothe your mind by thinking of all that makes you smile- take yourself away to an individually defined happy place and nurture your soul.
  • Eat Spicy foods- Strangely, spicy foods such as hot chili peppers and wasabi release endorphins from the brain  for the body processes these spicy sensations as pain! Sudden pain and shock is numbed by the release of endorphins. Some of you may  know the sedated state of extreme endorphin release when the body responds to a broken digit or deep cut. Eating a dollop of wasabi can in fact switch the gears of your building anxiety to neutral in a heated arguement or state of rage.
  • Make love- A healthy sex life which involves physical and emotional release between you and your partner keeps steady endorphin levels flowing through your body and keeps the pleasure centre of the brain from accumulating cobwebs!
  • Be a thrill seeker- Adrenaline releases endorphins and a sudden fright such as that of a scary movie enables people to forget any other lurking anxieties and troubles of the mind. Thus adrenaline junkies always crave the thrill factor because emotional well being is a healthy addiction- just remember to balance safety with happiness!



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