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Stealth Vaccines: The Greatest
Terrorist Attack Ever, on a Global Scale

What is this so called swine flu's so called immunization program against a bioengineered H1N1 swine flu virus if not an openly terrorist attack using openly terrorist tactics carried out by multiple government organizations using mandated bioweaponry?

Would terrorists not make it their business to know the weaknesses & inadequacies of democratic mechanisms & to employ key persons in weak or corrupt medication licensing systems?

The current media exacerbated developing chaos is masquerading as a possible flu pandemic. In reality it constitutes a much larger opportunity on a massive scale to implement the genocidal murder of billions, men, women, & children, in an eerily similar fashion to the way in which 3000 innocent people were murdered in the World Trade Centre tragedy.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act a very important document has emerged. In that document we discover that doctors already know & are trying to cover up the fact that previous immunization programs have caused serious damage to the human nervous system.

H1N1 swine flu vaccines contain live viruses & considerable amounts of mercury plus squalene adjuvants which have proven to be damaging to the human nervous system & to cause auto-immunological disorders, while psycho-neuro-immunology teaches that the immune system is closely linked to the nervous system. Damage to the former invariably means damage to the latter.

Immune systems become weakened by vaccines, not reinforced. The psychological ability to fight disease in general & specific diseases in particular via these viruses (the so called placebo mechanisms) are ether lost or radically reduced by vaccine poisoning. Psychological mechanisms of immunity are still ill understood, better appreciated by complementary medical practitioners than by doctors.

Swine flu vaccines can not only be damaging because of the presence of the above mentioned adjuvants but also because they are being deliberately contaminated with other deadly viruses including bird flu virus & 1918 virus.

Weakened immune systems would have to give in to several deadly virus strains at once, which could further lead to premeditated global catastrophe. Terrorist collusion within government is thought to have targeted the World Trade Centre in 2001.

At that time biowarfare "rehearsal" attacks were also implemented against the U.S. populace, involving anthrax contaminated envelopes sent to key locations in the U.S. Not coincidentally, during the Gulf War, this biowarfare rehearsal was then used to justify the use of anti-anthrax vaccines containing squalene, which were given to American soldiers which procedure in turn may have caused an auto-immune disease called “Gulf War Syndrome”.

Now it becomes obvious just which power mad organizations have been infiltrating public institutions & targeting weak, unsuspecting, & somewhat chaotic democratic mechanisms. Shock & awe is the preferred method.

The Swine flu faux pandemic is clearly intended once again to make use of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine warfare tactics against the populace by using its own governments, all in order to implement totalitarian world governance in the wake of a possible WHO generated pandemic scam. International governance has already mandated a bio-weapon driven terrorist attack through this global vaccination program. Ironically, those intent on achieving world government are already in the process of mirroring exactly the methodology of their own vaccine, behaving in ways which mimic their own bio-weaponry.

In reality, the WHO is proceeding in exactly the same fashion as their own H1N1 vaccine agenda, acting in precisely the same underhanded manner as do their own engineered biowarfare designed primary vaccine weapons.

The WHO is attempting to do so by invading "member" countries with toxic additives (militia), destroying each country's own internal democratic "immune systems" by using auto-immune disease injections of turncoat militia, ordered to be injected into each country and to turn against the host, a situation wherein each country's own antibodies (army) turns & attacks its own organism (the country of each given army) because of a poisonous & deep corruption within its own internal (formerly democratic) information systems.

In much the same way, our armies could be used to destroy the very population they are designed to defend.

The error responsible for this type of self-destruction is based on some weak and unsecure mechanisms underlying decision making processes in our public institutions.

The question is: Are our "elected" decision makers in American and European democratic institutions even remotely as secure as we assume are our airlines and our armies? Nothing Is more deadly than Martial Law.

Once it starts, it will be without warning. When martial law was implemented in Poland in 1981, telephone lines were closed down, post offices & correspondence were controlled regularly & roads were blocked by the standing army. Please act now. Contact friends, family, neighbours & members of parliament. Stepping out of the WHO mandated global immunization program in global acts of solidarity may suffice to paralyze a possible NWO terror attack. Countries may well replace such programs with their own prevention measures, equally effectively. On the other hand, in countries like Belgium or Switzerland dangerous decisions have already been made. They will find themselves in a very difficult situation if they totally forfeit their parliamentary powers to globalisation advocates & outsiders.

Finally, resist being vaccinated this winter. Hopefully, if the demand is strong, all members of European parliaments not already in collusion with plans for global totalitarian regime by force may be willing to educate themselves before succumbing to any decision to vote in favor of martial law.

Reference Source 234
October 7, 2009


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