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Urgent Appeal For Flu Truth Seekers
To Heed Dangers of Mutated Virus

Thousands of flu truth seekers have been rightfully spreading the flu scam, flu hoax and flu hype for months. The myths being perpetrated as truths by the media and health agencies have been beyond ridiculous. However, the time has come to use that strength and energy to publicize "real" impending dangers on upgraded mutated or recombined viruses that present a "real" threat to our health.

I've been reporting on the global H1N1 flu fraud since February of this year. There has been overwhelming evidence establishing the flu hype as just that, "hype", and nothing more. First there were speculations on swine flu origins and then more political lies and disinformation immediately began to validate theories of a worldwide flu scam. For those who need an overview, including technical information, I still refer people daily to Dr. Deagle's excellent report which breaks down the lab origins and population control initiatives by the WHO and UN.

Once governments began to intensify fear mongering strategies in the summer, it became very clear that mass vaccinations were on their way to prepare for a slow but steady WHO and UN sponsored genocide.

The tides have now changed. It is imperative that we stop focusing on the pandemic hype promoted by the media and start concentrating on publicizing the upgraded viruses which are about to infect the west in the masses.

There are already projections of what could happen if the same virus that infected the Ukraine affects other countries. There are now close to 2 million people infected in the Ukraine from a virus that causes a much higher level of immune stress and cardiopulmonary failure. The deaths being reported there, now close to 400, are almost certainly a misrepresented number by the WHO. The actual number of deaths may be closer to 10,000 as reported by infectious disease experts, who have estimated a fatality rate of 0.5%.

Now, emerging evidence is suggesting that the lethal virus may now be infecting Norway and Eastern Europe. There are additional reports indicating that the same lethal virus may now be present in Canada and the U.S. The increasing number of deaths in Texas, Iowa and Ontario are elevating the concern that the virus is already in North America.

It is of the utmost importance to broadcast the crimes of geoengineering initiatives being used to accelerate the pandemic.

Kelley Bergman's recent article is an excellent interpretation of how the media is playing the alternative media's tune to sway listeners back to their pathetic messages of deceit. It won't work.

The media will now try and spin their stories on the H1N1 pandemic and call this a second wave of the swine flu based on spontaneous mutations. This falsity will attempt to convince the public that these mutations suddenly appeared when in fact the upgraded virus has been engineered from the start and conveniently released in incremental phases throughout the world.

The virus may continue replicating while it acquires more genetics as it spans across the globe. This may create additional changes to the virus increasing its potential to overwhelm the immune system of its victims.

The upgraded virus is not a hoax. It is real and has the potential of infecting up to 10% of populations around the world. That could translate to millions of deaths which may occur in waves in the next few years.

I urge all flu truth seekers to shift their energy and coverage of the flu, encouraging a broader coverage of the "real" pandemic upon us. If we continue our focus on what was, we can't focus on what is.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

* A full list of h1n1 vaccine ingredients, alerts and warnings.

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November 24, 2009


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