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Researchers Working On Vaccine To
Destroy The Immune System of Newborns

As soon as babies are born, the medical establishment immediately attempts to convince mothers of myths that their newborns are in urgent need of genetic testing, antibiotics and vitamin K shots. All are completely redundant and unnecessary for healthy newborns. Now, researchers are adding to this compilation of myths by publishing a study which ridiculously proposes to strengthen newborn's immune systems with vaccines, when in fact it will do precisely the opposite.

The researchers claim that babies are immediately susceptible to diseases and infections, and that their immune systems aren’t adequately developed to fight diseases. However, they don't take into account the mother's immunity, antibodies and immunoglobulins that are passed on to the baby, which gives all newborns the power to resist almost any infection, whether animal or human.

Instead, the University of Missouri researchers in their study propose to treat the newborns’ immune systems with vaccines which typically contain immunotoxins, neurotoxins and sterile agents. Due to the nature of vaccines and their constituents, they are impossible to manufacture without at least one of these toxins in their formulas. The researchers are targeting these vaccines for pediatric applications in the first four weeks of life, the most sensitive and fragile in neurological development.

“We’re trying to improve the immune system of newborns to make them more like adults’ immune systems and, therefore, less susceptible to diseases,” said Christine Hoeman, doctoral student in the MU School of Medicine. “Although our testing has only been on animal models thus far, our ultimate goal is to create better pediatric vaccines for humans to improve the balance within the immune system.”

Hoeman and Habib Zaghouani, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology and child health at the MU School of Medicine, ludicrously claims that that all newborns have an imbalanced grouping of white blood cells. They suggest that when newborns are exposed to an allergen more than once, the imbalance leads to possible infection and allergic reactions. Again, they make no attempts to explain the powerful mechanisms passed down to newborns from their mothers which negate allergens, whether exposed once, twice or more times. Their assumptions are based on zero immune inheritance from mother to child, a complete absurdity!

Despite documented statistical correlations between vaccines and allergic reactions, Hoeman and Zaghouani contradict this evidence by suggesting that vaccines will help mediate allergic reactions while fighting off infections.

“What’s happening is that the TH2 cells are killing the TH1 cells, creating the imbalance,” Hoeman said. “Once we know more about the timeline of the imbalance, we can start to develop the vaccine, which would increase the levels of TH1 and would ideally be administered in newborns soon after they’re born.”

Hoeman and Zaghouani’s research was published in The Journal of Environmental Medicine and Trends in Immunology and funded by the Biotechnology sector.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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December 16, 2009

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