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End of the Wild Soul: Homo Lobotimus and the War for Your Mind

Recently coming into public view have been several proposals in the media for taming the human populace that many perceive would amount to “biological lobotomization.” The last time this language was so conspicuous in the public arena was when the BBC documentary The Century of the Self characterized the engineering of mass consumerism and egocentrism, spearheaded by psychopathic genius Edward Bernays, as the creation of "lobotomized happiness machines."

Bernays later spearheaded the campaign for mass consumption of fluoride, which not only lowers IQ but also fosters docility (and was thus used in Nazi concentration camps and Soviet gulags).  Implementation of the new proposals touted in the media would surpass even fluoridation in their efficacy in altering the human psyche in ways that serve the agenda of a global tyranny. 
This is a tyranny that is scientific and technocratic, not only in its use of advances in biowarfare but also of state-of-the-art techniques in consensus management.  It is a tyranny envisaged by its self-chosen architects as a system encountering little or no resistance because the oppressed will have been reprogrammed to love their servitude.

The word ‘lobotomized’ was also used by New World Order investigative analyst Alan Watt in summarizing the game plan of the global power elite laid out in Charles Galton Darwin’s The Next Million Years:

      He says…on page 132 “Breeds are specialized for particular purposes, but the essence of masters is that they must not be specialized.”  Now, here’s your key to it.  He goes on to say in this book too, that the elite, the master race or master breed, must retain all their survival capabilities…because THEY WILL BE GUIDING THE WORLD AND THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD.   So …they will not lobotomize themselves.  They will have US all lobotomized to be domestic creatures who work happily for them.

The recent proposals in the media include genetically altering the brain in a way that would diminish the survival instinct, adding the toxic metal and psychotropic drug lithium to the public water supply, and dramatically expanding the mind control of U.S. troops through the use of ultrasound to stimulate regions of the brain to control alertness, anxiety/stress, physical pain, and “behavioral reinforcement.”  In this article I will spend most of my focus on the first proposal, as a large amount of detail is available on it, the blow back it has encountered is remarkable, and the ensuing “spin” tactics of the controlled media are educational. 

In essence, it has been presented to us as a vaccination for re-engineering the brain to overcome stress.  On August 2, 2010, the Daily Mail published an article titled “Jab that could put a stop to stress without slowing us down:” 

         Academics say they are close to developing the first vaccine for stress – a single jab that would help us relax without slowing down.  After 30 years of research into cures for stress, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuro-science at Stanford University, believes it is possible to alter brain chemistry to create a state of focused calm.

Under a photo in which models reassuringly portray a medical authority figure in a white coat and a beaming patient about to receive her injection, the Daily Mail article characterizes the significance of the stress vaccine as follows:  “The future: The cure for stress could be converted into a vaccine and means big changes for society” (author's emphasis).

The  article reports that  Sapolsky  “claims he is on the path to a genetically engineered formula that could remove the need for relaxation therapies or prescription drugs.”  Based on 30 years of study of the process in which all mammals produce adrenal steroid hormones called glucocorticoids in response to a threat, Sopolsky has concluded that modern man produces them excessively--both in amount and in inability to turn them off:

      After early setbacks, the Stanford team has adapted a herpes virus to carry engineered “neuroprotective” genes deep into       the brain to neutralize the rogue hormones before they can cause damage…to reduce the neural damage caused by stress….      Last week, a Stanford University colleague…said:  “In humans this engineered virus would shortcircuit the neural feedback       caused by stress, that lingering feeling of tension after a crisis has passed.  It would leave you fresher and ready to deal with       another threat, so you can maintain your drive, but with more focused calm rather than bad temper and digestion.  This could change society.”    

Dr. Mercola’s expert medical opinion is that “artificially manipulating stress hormones to create a state of ‘focused calm’--using a genetically engineered, herpes-containing vaccine that essentially short-circuits your brain's normal response to stress--is a risky proposition at best.” He places Sapolsky’s work within the context of what he calls the “vaccine myth,” in reference to the dangers of vaccinations for communicable diseases--a subject currently at the forefront of public policy concerns as a result of heartbreaking consequences of the flu shots being aggressively promoted both here and abroad. He observes that stress is not a communicable infectious disease that would qualify for vaccination, but rather a natural response whose ill effects can be addressed effectively without the help of Big Pharma.  And he brings to mind the hidden agenda of the New World Order architects, who see the mind as the “final frontier” to be conquered by neuroscience, when he asks: “Will we soon be lining up to get vaccines to protect against sadness, anger, and anxiety too?  Perhaps we can develop a shot to make us virtually immune to any of the feelings that make us human!”

One of the comments on Dr. Mercola's article wisely notes that in lieu of a new stress vaccine we need to address some of the root causes of the new level of social anxiety.  This insight reflects the broader one that the modus operandi of the globalists has always been Problem / Reaction / Solution.  The problem in this instance is that they have relentlessly used carefully crafted advanced techniques to create stress on a level devastating to the average human, and their solution is to engineer consent to biochemical “emotional lobotomy.”  Dr. Mercola is “already wondering where they're going to find volunteers willing to have a modified herpes virus designed to travel deep into their brain injected into their bodies.  Then again, with the positive slant the media is placing on this latest vaccine concoction, they may very well have people ready and waiting.”

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by Judith H. Young, PhD


Reference Sources
September 17, 2010


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