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Canada Passes Bill C-36 To Finalize The Destruction of Health Freedom in North America

Just two weeks after the United States passed the most restrictive legislation against the health freedom of Americans (the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510)), its Canadian counterpart bill C-36, will now receive Royal assent and become law after a vote of 50 to 36 in the Senate.

The unconstitutional legislation was no stranger in the Senate. Previous bills C-51, C-52, and C-6 were all squashed never reaching final reading status. Bill C-6 effectively died during the prorogation of Parliament earlier this year and was reincarnated as bill C-36 this past summer.

Loyal Canadian and Senator, Joseph A. Day recently issued this statement via email addressed to concerned citizens:

It is with regret that I inform you that Bill C-36 was passed in the Senate chamber yesterday evening. Three standing votes were held on the matter, and each time the Conservative majority outnumbered us and won those votes. The Bill will now receive Royal assent, at which point it will become law.

Many of you will wonder what you can do next. My advice is that, come the next election, you do your best to remind fellow voters how the Conservatives abused their numbers in the Senate to pass flawed legislation. Only then will this Conservative government realize that the Senate’s role is to ensure that our laws and institutions serve all Canadian citizens, not just the interests of their political party.

Please let me take this time to thank you for your support. We fought hard to make sure your voices were heard.  Despite our efforts, we were outnumbered in the end.


Senator Joseph A. Day, LL. M., P. Eng.

A sample of the unconstitutional restrictions included in bill C-36 include:

- abolishing protection from trespass, a court-ordered warrant, and the need for court-supervised search and seizure;

- on ONLY suspicion, health inspectors with the aid of police can invade any location in the country, seize and confiscate goods deemed unsafe (i.e. health supplements) and violate all constitutional rights of all parties involved

- it bypasses existing laws on privacy and confidentiality and explicitly exempts the Minister of Health and government inspectors from any kind of third-party oversight and accountability;

- the need to publish regulations governing the activities of the inspectors is abolished, too;

- accused individuals have their access to the courts seriously limited, even the assumption of innocence is gone as violators are considered guilty until proven innocent with no recourse to any court of law.

- astronomical fines are to be handed out for crimes committed on the Minister’s assumption of guilt which requires no supporting evidence for independent examination;

- even the corporate shield would disappear, because corporate directors would be legally liable for the actions of their employees -; which actions would be deemed criminal solely on the opinion of the Minister, not by the courts;

- this bill allows foreign governments and institutions, like CODEX and the World Trade Organization, to have the same powers over Canadians in all these matters outlined above, as if they were part of our own government.

Dee Nicholson - National Health Federation Canada

According one of the biggest critics of the bill, Shawn Buckley, LL.B.:

“Acts are documents introduced into either the House of Commons or the Senate. They must pass three readings in both the House and the Senate before they can become law. This process ensures that Canadians and their representatives become aware of proposed changes, have them debated in Parliament, and have time to contest them. Regulations on the other hand are simply published in the Canada Gazette twice and then can be signed into law. Parliament does not vote on regulations.”

Jeremy Arney, Former Candidate for the Canadian Action Party discusses bill C-36

The bill essentially destroys the rule of law in Canada with its ability to bypass parliamentary procedures.

Ironically and coincidentally, bill C-36, The Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act was passed by the Liberal government of Canada at about the same time nine years ago in response to 9/11. That bill extended the powers of government and institutions within the Canadian security establishment that were highly controversial due to widely perceived incompatibility with the Canadian Constitution, in particular for the Act's provisions allowing for 'secret' trials, preemptive detention and expansive security and surveillance powers. Sound familiar?

By harmonization of standards and regulations, Canada, Mexico and the United States are all following the same path to effectively destroy the rule of law which is fundamental to our freedom. Canadians are now being asked to relinquish this right along with Americans and Mexicans.

The real question is, how long will it take before the citizens in all three countries realize that their freedoms have been systematically removed by their own governments? Even more profound a question is what will happen when they do?

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December 15, 2010


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