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Solar Activity is Ushering in The Age of Empowerment

An x-class solar flare is currently projecting towards earth after a huge explosion on the sun from sunspot 1166 late last night. Increasing solar flares are affecting both earth and humans. The intense solar activity is empowering humans in ways never thought possible.

We are entering the age of empowerment. We are stepping into a form of energy that human beings have never experienced...EVER!

We are uniting more of our spirit in our human form to make a new body and new energetic system to carry more of our higher self. We've played the game here on earth for the last 400,000 years with a veil that required us to be separated from our source energy so that we could pretend to be human and powerless.

Things are now changing rapidly. The collective vibration of all of humanity is moving up extremely fast and with the help of solar activity, the planet is changing every day. The connections we are starting to have energetically are allowing us to initiate deep contact and a level of energy superior to human verbal communication.

All humans everywhere are starting to communicate on an energetic level. If our world becomes chaotic, very small and full of crisis, it is essential that we not lose scope of everything that's happening to us on this psycho-spiritual level. We must uphold a larger vision of where we are going.


One of the biggest keys to our current spiritual evolution is empowerment. We are all moving into a stage of life towards 2012, where every human on this planet can carry more than 80% of our own true natural power of creation that we've always had but never utlilized. To give you an idea of what kind of boost we're receiving, we've only utilized less than 5% of our power of creation, so we're talking about a huge upgrade. The first glimpse of this power will be realized on a global scale by 11-11-11.

We will start seeing changes in our mood with highs and lows through our own experiences. Sometimes very difficult experiences that will come into our life will reposition many of us on the planet.

We are creating magic that we all have collectively decided will take place in the year 2012. For this magic to happen (as it is already underway) we must be on the right path and place not only energetically, but physically and location wise in order to engage the energy and engage our new lives.

Many of us are finding ourselves sitting on the fence, having setbacks or finding relationship difficulties. Some may find themselves moving without knowing why. It's meant to be. We are positioning ourselves on this planet where we need to be, and the people around us are going to have a huge effect on our lives as we start removing the veil.

The first thing that we're going to have to come to accept is the fact that we're all part of each other and we are all connected. Some of us are accustomed to saying "I don't like that person" or "I'll just ignore that person and I don't want to be around them." We will soon find ways to harmonize even the energy in our field we don't relate to because we have come from source energy with a very sacred piece of the puzzle, and this person who is bothering us also came from source energy with the sacred piece of the puzzle. The problem is, we are trying to fit it all together in a way that the puzzle does not fit. That is the reason it's aggravating because until we start to move the puzzle pieces and rotate them and look at them from all angles...only then will we see why these two pieces fit together. We will concede harmony in all situations.

As we remove the veil, we increase our vibrations and immediately become aware of the connection with other people. If we trust our spiritual guidance, we must empower even those who we feel should not be empowered. This will help all of us find our passion and purpose.

Selflessly empowering other people to find their own light will instantly increase our vibration. Some of the challenges the world is now facing will depend on us empowering others as this is the next cornerstone of all of humanity. We will see the magnetism that will naturally bring everything to us that we have been struggling with for so long and so hard.

Indeed, solar activity is assisting us, but how we claim in owning our light is up to us. It is hard to marvel in our own magnificence in our current state of mind and ego, but this is exactly what we are as humans....magnificent! We are very powerful beings

There will be struggles ahead, but how we interpret those stuggles will change the face of this planet. We have already beat the game. Those challenging us are aware of this fact, but they must finish playing their cards until the very last one is dealt.

As we move ahead, we will continue to report on advancing solar flares and their effect on humanity. Hang on to your seats, the best is yet to come.

Channeled readings Steve Rother

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

Reference Source
March 10, 2011


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