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The Psyche-Genetic Theory: Union of Soul and Body

Metaphysics is intrinsically fused with physics. This intangible emanation of conscious awareness is universally present. It is the motivating attribute that drives all atomic associations towards individualized expressions of creative genius. Psyche-Genetics focuses on the intimate connection, between the individual and the social structure that supports personal growth.

If the common effort of physicists and metaphysicians to understand the nature of reality is to succeed, empiricists cannot continue to ignore the input of subjective inspirations that originate via intuitive insight.

By focusing on human consciousness as the vehicle of research, this thesis seeks to center attention on the subtle mix of subjective and objective communications that take place between the intuitive and analytical halves of the brain. (see; Hemisphere Disconnection and Unity in Conscious Awareness. Sperry, R.W.)

Holistic communication breaks down if the feminine and masculine cognitive process of both sides of the brain is not harmonized by a balanced curriculum of intuitive and analytical exercises. Only when the two halves are in harmony, can the full potential for individual and collective genius be realized.

Current national education policies concentrate almost exclusively on analytical indoctrination via a system of rote learning and largely ignore the intuitive impulse.

This one-sided approach to child education results in a mechanistic mind-set, which, while appreciative of logical discourse, leaves the mind’s infinite potential for creative self-expression largely unexplored.

Students consequently suffer from a serious lack of originality and ethical policing. This loss of ethical focus is clearly apparent in poor examination results, and a virtual epidemic of cheating.

By more closely associating the evolution of our specie’s spiritual ethics with our increasingly complex graduation of social contracts, such a correlation will allow us to arrive at a more holistic understanding of the
true dynamics of human consciousness.

The on-going cycle of human evolution can be accurately extrapolated from its beginning all the way to its future conclusion, by correlating each Ages of collective maturation, with distinct stages of individual growth.

0- 4 yrs
Stone Age family
2.5m BC
Naïve Relativity
4-11 yrs
Bronze Age clan
20,000 BC
11-14 yrs
Iron Age nation      
4,000 BC
Teenhood    14-21 yrs
Steel Age int/nat
500 BC
Stewardship 21-42 yrs
Nuclear Age global  
1900 AD
Rational Relativity
Mastership 42- 63 yrs
Solar Age solar Future
Pure Relativity
63-84 yrs
Cosmic Age cosmic Future

The high elevation of human consciousness has not intrinsically placed us apart from, or above Nature.

We serve our on-going evolutionary purpose as an articulate and creative observer, seeking to arrive at an eventual sagacious stage of full cosmic understanding.

We have yet to holistically realize, that not only our human expression, but also all of the atomic associations in Nature, are charismatic expressions of the same spiritual Presence.  

In this respect Psyche-Genetics reaffirms, in modern terms, the intuitive Belief held by all societies throughout all our past Ages of evolution that the human body is inhabited by a soul.  

Because all atomic associations generally confirm to ethical standards of charismatic attraction, and are repelled by unethical trespass, the universal expression of atomic consciousness can be termed to be Divine.

Thus the inner force that drives us far beyond the basic biological imperatives of procreation and consumption, and inspires us to express our own unique creative genius, is divinely spiritual.

The scientific objection to anthropomorphic comparison, between human consciousness and other atomic associations, is over-ruled for two distinct reasons:

First; the objection constitutes an unfair bias that disassociates the atomic nature of humans from all other atomic associations, when there is no scientific evidence to prove that.  

Second; a wealth of synchronistic circumstantial evidence, subjective as it may be, which links human behavior with a universal set of ethical laws of cause and effect that govern atomic associations throughout Nature.

It is a mix of objective and subjective observations, gleaned piecemeal, during thirty years of research, while producing a series of internationally broadcast television documentaries on social and spiritual behavior.

Social Premise:

Psyche-Genetics focuses on the intimate connection, between the individual and the social structure that supports personal growth.

The basic tenet is that the microcosm (individual psyche) can be seen as a duplicate expression of the macrocosm (collective psyche).

Because we have some rudimentary understanding of each stage of the full life cycle of individual development between birth and death, the direct connection with the collective psyche allows us, via correlation, to determine the entire cycle of human evolution. Infancy correlates with Stone Age consciousness; Childhood with the Bronze Age; Puberty with the Iron Age – and so on - all the way to our collective sage-hood, in a future Age yet to be experienced..

This final Cosmic Age will terminate our evolutionary cycle, and mankind will be reunited with the Universal Self, which originated in the Big Bang.

The importance of this grand over-view of human evolution, with its holistic view of our eventual destination, allows individuals, as well as entire societies who may be in various stages of development, to evaluate
themselves and determine, via association, the degree of their mental and emotional states of self-awareness.

Via this knowledge, our global society can shed itself of all the immature ethnic, political and religious arguments, that divide us from our greater Self, and which make international tensions so dangerous at this critical moment in time.

The reason for the distortions in, both race, and international relations at this time, is that the modern psyche is still in a formative stage of evolutionary development. The theory will show that our most advanced societies are currently, immaturely locked into a pseudo-intellectual process of scientific self-determination, and are struggling to transcend a state of ideological political argumentation, religious protestation and spiritual rejection.  

Population and environmental pressures are driving us into a mass change of consciousness, forcing us to evolve, beyond narrow nationalism, into a more mature sense of self-awareness to gain a sober realization of our
larger global responsibilities.

For this New Age consciousness to be achieved, a holistic evaluation of the health of both the individual psyche and the collective psyche has to be based on a more reverential understanding of the kindred-ness of our
ancestral past. This will allow a less cynical and broader perspective of the present, which in turn projects a clearer and more hopeful vision of our future.  

Simply stated: A wiser understanding of both, past and future, needs to be ever-present in the consciousness, before peace of mind and heart, in each self and upon this earth, can be attained - and a Nuclear Age of creative global stewardship can take place.


Reference Sources
September 8, 2011


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