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January 2, 2012
Now Is The Time To Pay Attention To Who You Are and Where You Are Going

We have finally crossed into 2012, a year so hyped with prophecy, we cannot help but feel a sense of great energy as we transit into what promises to be a year of continued transformations on all levels (personal, transpersonal, cultural, social, global, etc.). As we now accelerate towards 12-12-12, there are just over 11 months ahead leading to a tremendous opportunity for us all to understand the nature of who we really are and what we are capable of achieving on this planet.

If you haven't already, at some point you will soon begin to ask yourself "why am I here?" and "what is my purpose?" The journey of liberation and destination has begun, for it is this very questioning that drives one towards awakening. Quite simply, you become a seeker of your own truth, the truth that already exists within.

Scientists now know that DNA can be directly affected by our words, thoughts and emotions and we can also affect the DNA of others from thousands of miles away. It has been also discovered that DNA absorbs and releases photons or light and that this may be its primary source of nourishment, making the new age concept of 'lightwork' suddenly take on tangible proportions.

Most of all, scientists have discovered that the essential energy that affected DNA the most is love. Love has a specific effect on us: "Greater coherence, greater organization, greater structure and greater crystallization--all these effects show us that the energy fields, molecules and cells of our bodies are working in greater harmony and Unity. For the first time, this actually gives us a scientific definition of love."

More and more of humanity is beginning to realize one of the greatest truths: exploring and understanding the sense of what we are on the most essential level is one of the most deeply healing and inspiring pursuits we can participate in. As the great changes in our world continue to urge all realms of life to transform, humanity is awakening at an increasing rate to its incredible potentials and expanding its identity into glorious shape.

We must acknowledge that it becomes our choice to transcend another level (frequency or consciousness) so that we can take part in the co-creation of a new and special era, a time for all things positive ,a time to imagine, a time for total brotherhood.

The general purpose of life lessons is to catalyze one’s growth of being, to increase soul strength. In our case, this often requires emotionally charged experiences because emotions provide a type of energy that temporarily boosts or retards what we are capable of doing depending on how they are used. Without this boost, we would be reluctant to transcend limits or explore new ground because our motivation would depend solely upon old ways of being and doing. The efficient use of emotions in a learning experience increases soul strength and expands knowledge, and thereafter nothing more than the newfound understanding is required as motivation when facing similar experiences in the future. On the other hand, emotions can retard progress if they limit what you feel you can do.

We must learn to separate emotions that limit us from the ones that open us to new possibilities. The value of positive and negative emotions depends upon what we do with them. Positive emotional energy can be used directly to put knowledge into action with gusto.

Seen at its most elemental, change/transformation is something that most of us have been conditioned to engage with anxiety and even fear. This is not only a process of social norms but even the nature of the ego or separate sense of self as described in certain spiritual traditions.

Love means compassion, kindness, caring, giving, sharing and harmlessness. In keeping with becoming that which we wish to see in this world, we must become Love. Focus not upon what you think is wrong in the world, but rather how Love and Harmony will bring balance back to the world. We must be willing to venture beyond the safe and limited parameters we have long lived our lives, moving into the unlimited realms.

Love of one's self is essential to the spiritual path not as a narcissistic pursuit but as something much deeper and more mature. By loving one's self, one is intending to serve the highest in themselves to the best of their ability at all times. This means taking care of all aspects of the being and not abusing one's self in any way. This means drawing in any disparate parts of the self immersed in shadow into the illuminated sphere of our consciousness to be worked on not stowed away and repressed. This means treating every situation, no matter how horrendous, as something to serve with our best and merge with as fully as we can with our presence, embodying the force of union so connected to love. This doesn't mean if a situation is distasteful to remain in it but only to be so completely aware of oneself that one can know how to erect necessary boundaries in any given moment or act accordingly not react disharmoniously. Ultimately, the more present we are or united/loving of the moment, the more able we are to act from greater depth.

Most of us are currently feeling this challenge to our conditioned self as things begin to transform with greater speed and intensity. This is really nothing more than forces that are endeavouring to actually dismantle this conditioned identity of self because it is a limited sensibility that arrests us from actually realizing and actualizing the incredible potentials that are natural to all life. These changes wash through and around us and there really is no need to fear because as our conditioned self is inevitably swept away, we will marvel at what lies beneath and all around.

We will marvel at what we truly are having suffered aeons it seems of amnesia. Indeed, we all still have the power of freewill and the suffering or bliss that these transformations can pose really come down to our own choice in how we perceive and act by them. It is should be all our aspirations to help support the growing and continued effort to embrace not only these transformations but to also help people to engage their greater sense of self and, ultimately, begin to become creative forces of transformation in the world around us as we uplift the whole of reality with positive intent into greater harmony.

As we begin to expand spiritual consciousness, we begin to realize that there is more to life, and the universe, than meets the eye. Creation is simply too astounding and phenomenal to be deemed haphazard. There is a oneness that pervades everything. As our spiritual consciousness continues to grow, we will find ourselves understanding the underlying connection of everything, until we eventually have the realization that others are actually part of ourselves, that we are a part of them, that all are one. Such lends itself superbly well to the Yucatec Mayan code of honor, In Lak'ech which means I am another yourself.

This is truly about making a Heaven on Earth (or whatever word you wish to describe something better and brighter). And what is amazing is that as the systems that have limited us fall away, we are invited to create new ones in their wake, knowing now in the deluge of the great Information Age that we live in that these new sprouts of human growth and ingenuity are coming from perhaps the greatest ever pool of understanding and wisdom! Never before has there been so much unity on our planet; such comprehension of culture; such innovation in all fields of expression! This is beyond exciting. If you turn off the relentless stream of negativity coming forth from the disseminating organs of the old world order (mainstream media, for example) and behold what is occurring on our planet, you will undoubtedly come to realize that we are literally witnessing and creating the beginnings of a Golden Age.



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