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May 9, 2012
Researchers Want To Super Stimulate Our Immune Systems With A Universal Flu Vaccine

The population is getting wise to the ineffectiveness of flu shots and both public health agencies and the medical community itself know it. The numbers and complacency rates speak for themselves. So the pseudoscientists at Vaccine Inc are now offering a solution for what they feel is an uninformed and lazy public who are no longer interested in receiving the seasonal jab year after year. University of British Columbia researchers have found a new marketing technique. A universal flu vaccine to eliminate the need for seasonal flu vaccinations. One flu shot to protect all humans against all known flu strains for an undisclosed number of years.

Led by the mastermind Prof. John Schrader, Director of UBC’s Biomedical Research Centre, the research team found that the 2009 H1N1 “swine flu” vaccine triggers antibodies that protect against many influenza viruses, including the lethal avian H5N1 “bird flu” strain.

Schrader says he has evidence that a vaccine based on a mixture of influenza viruses not circulating in humans but in animals should potentially make influenza pandemics and seasonal influenza a thing of the past.

It seems that the insanity of a universal flu shot did not make enough of an impact through scientific circles in the past. So more awareness must be generated through additional studies to really hit this ingenious concept out of the park and into a greater percentage of homes who are anchored in the false paradigm of allopathic medicine.

Just last year, scientists at Oxford's Jenner Institute said they have outsmarted the flu virus with what their own version of the universal flu vaccine.

"The advantage of this vaccine could be that we could vaccinate once against all the types of flu viruses that are circulating, not only the viruses that are circulating now but other one's that are currently only found in bird populations but might start to circulate in humans and could potentially cause a new pandemic...we need to do more testing..." said a research scientist being interviewed by SkyNews.

It would be essentially impossible to achieve this proposed feat of scientific quackery. The reality is, just as every other flu vaccine, either whole or split, the chances of an effective immunodominant vaccine that would last multiple years are next to none, especially considering the multitude of configurations and adaptations of the influenza virus. But the fact that the woman being interviewed echoed sentiments by CDC officials who refer to bird flu viruses as the next pandemic, should cause great concern to those of us who are awake to the laboratory created franken viruses which could be released at any time.

The CDC almost certainly will make universal flu vaccination official U.S. policy in the years to come, as it consistently follows the advice of the panel representatives with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry such as the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Flu vaccinations will now be advised even for healthy adults ages 19 to 49 who are who are not at highest risk of flu complications and do not come into contact with infants or elderly people.

That's only 15% of the U.S. population. But the ACIP say the effect of the universal recommendation will target far more people. That's because the 19-49 age range will mean more profits and potentially more complications from vaccines which can also lead to even further pharmaceutical intervention.

Under the guise of simplifying confusing guidelines and convincing the public that insurers will cover the flu shots, the panel is using these and other deceptive strategies to promote the universal vaccinations.

Heart Attack Vaccine Is Next on The Agenda

The next big marketing hype in addition to the universal flu shot is the heart attack vaccine. A fortnightly jab that will slash levels of "bad" cholesterol in an attempt to reduce the death toll from heart attacks and strokes. This despite more evidence being produced every few months showing that "bad" cholesterol is not "bad" at all.

Two drug companies, Sanofi U.S. and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, both based in the US, have dreamed up the drug whose goal is to wipe out excess LDL more than any other treatment, including statins. Not sure what the business strategy is there since statins are some of the best selling drugs in the world.

Commenting on the research, Professor Keith Fox, a cardiologist at the University of Edinburgh, said "although statins work for the vast majority of people, there are some for whom cholesterol remains high," he stated. "If this new treatment can help these people, that is a potentially exciting development."

Ahhh...ignorance is bliss.

New Meningitis B Vaccine On The Horizon

Finally, let us not forget about the meningitis B vaccine being touted as the next greatest thing to prevent illness in more than 80 percent of children.

A team of scientists at the University of Western Australia believe they have come up with a vaccine which could be widely available within five years. Both Pfizer and Novartis are racing to the finish line on this one.

Again, ridiculous pseudoscience, since it would be literally impossible to vaccinate against all the strains of bacteria that make up Meningitis B.

The most unfortunate aspect of this vaccine is that, once approved, it will likely be given to babies from the age of two months with a booster every year.

Nothing like injecting a two month old infant with a vaccine filled with chemicals, preservatives, and foreign DNA to deteriorate its health. We always have our fellows scientists at Vaccine Inc to thank for these brilliant ideas they come up with every year.

It seems that wisdom is not a strong point in the vaccine industry, especially when it comes to infants. They are always so preoccupied thinking about how they could, that they never stop to think about if they should.

Dave Mihalovic
is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.


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