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February 10, 2013 by MARCO TORRES
Americans, Canadians And Other Nations Must Take Back Their Governments

Most people in Canada, the United States, UK and many other nations are operating on auto-pilot, completely ignorant to the fact their current governments have absolutely no authority over them. These de facto foreign administrations of unelected industrialists, financiers, academics, military leaders along with representatives from our elected government officials have been very busy the past century implementing changes into the nations who were once sovereign and free. This is even admitted by these entities, however they have no real authority to restrict public mobility, free trade or limit access to anything. That means that everybody is free to drive without insurance, driver's license, license plates, free to trade any articles of exchange including vitamins, supplements, healing modalities and free to consume and ingest anything they wish without restriction. This is a right of all people born on any land, but they don't want you to know that and will silence and do everything within their power so you don't know the facts.

I certainly will not be silenced and neither will tens of thousands now joining these movements to educate the masses on what is really going on here.

The fact is there is no longer sovereignty within nations. The people of these nations have lost their ability to write their own laws, avoid arrest, injury and damage from corporations which seek to remove all the freedoms from the people.

They operate not according to the bill of rights of a nation, but their own commercial code which does not apply to a natural born person of any land. So they must artificially create people on paper, issue them licenses and then force natural born members of a country to contract with the government via licensure of any kind through these artificial entities which don't exist. It's really quite deceptive the way it's done but the moment you register your child for a birth certificate, they become part of this system. The cycle then continues with your SIN number, driver's license, health card and so on. It is all part of the grand scheme to ensure that the public does not enforce their rights.

It is the awakening of these fundamental human rights that they're afraid of. This is the fear of every official who deems their opinion can be enforced over others through artificial laws that don't hold any weight in the highest courts. We are now declaring those rights more than ever and every beneficiary of the corrupt system is sending the police to insist that we are in wrong and they are right. It is about knowing what absolute sovereignty truly is and embracing the power to express that right regardless of anybody else's interpretation.

Some would consider Thomas Hobbes to be the original author of political science. Hobbes was principally concerned with the fundamental problem of human life in the commonwealth, and the manner in which conflict arises from those numerous plans, projects, and desires, which lead to the individual's action, and which are usually at variance, one with another. He sets out to establish that, if each individual were to be allowed the liberty to follow his own conscience, then in the presence of a diversity of such consciences, without constraint or discipline, peace and harmony in the commonwealth would be short lived, due to an all pervasive tendency to disagreement, and the associated danger of civil disobedience.

The problems, created by living in a civil society, do not merely derive from conflicts of interest or the clash of passions but, according to Hobbes, derive more fundamentally from a diversity of consciences and the unrestrained exercise of individual judgment which, in effect, makes common action highly uncertain or virtually impossible. Where it is impossible to obtain a unanimity of wills and agreement, in which a common policy cannot be determined, then the artificial will or the artificial person is in need of creation and acceptance, because it is the sovereign power - the artificial person that effectively constitutes the state.

Those who are aggressively and belligerently dedicated to their own self-interest or self-preservation, may not necessarily constitute the principal threat to peace and harmony in the commonwealth. Those who are normally honest, intelligent and decent may represent an even greater threat to civil stability, because they believe they have right on their side and they may, therefore, be even more stubborn in fighting for what they want, and negating the legitimate demands of others. It is for this reason that the latter may be less inclined than the former, to enter into a calculation of the costs and benefits of common action, because they believe that they occupy the moral high ground.

The latter often constitutes a more serious threat, not because they are fundamentally malicious or brutish, but because they are certain that they are the custodians of the truth, therefore, they often become the greatest threat to peace and harmony in the commonwealth. For that very reason, Hobbes was clearly aware of this aspect of the human condition- human beings as active participants in civil society . Therefore he regarded this as one of the most serious practical problems, demanding resolution by those responsible for civil government, and the rule of law.

There lies the problem. Well intentioned individuals within the political and judicial systems, as well as police officers do not know the supreme law of the land. They follow interpretations of law which are false and contrary to the bill of rights every natural born human is entitled to.

The only one Law you need to follow in life is - 'Do No Harm.'

Let's take Canada for example. A gentleman by the name of Dean Clifford who has been instrumental in the commonwealth movement, was recently detained and is currently being held as political prisoner in Canada because he was simply enforcing his rights. He did so by quoting most of the following sections to the police officer who subsequently arrested him.

The criminal code of Canada (sec. 15) states that:

"No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs."

So the public does not have to obey a de facto government, yet Canada is a de facto foreign administration which the Governor General has even admitted to on their own website (5th paragraph from the bottom). Just in case they remove it here's a snapshot where it's highlighted. You can also see it on JJ's complete guide to Canada.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in section 52 states that it is the supreme law of Canada and section 32 states that:

"...the Charter only applies to governments, and not to private individuals, businesses or other organizations."

This is where the biggest misconception occurs in which police officers and their higher ups including judges and court officials are breaking the law. They are applying the statutes that do not apply to private individuals and if contested in a supreme court, would be declared unlawful. A statute, otherwise known as an Act of Government only carries the force of law upon you if you consent to it.

Demanding property tax, income tax, licenses, insurance and forcing private individuals to accept any kind of contract (or risk arrest or detainment) is unlawful and contrary to the Charter and Bill of Rights.

Financial recourse for damages from unlawful injury (which could mean simply being detained or having property unlawfully seized) could then be awarded to the injured parties through other courts. In this case, a police officer could be liable for damages and lose their house and many of their possessions since the injured party would be entitled to place a lien on the officer's possessions provided the injured party had established a fee schedule during the incident. We will likely see this more frequently in the coming months and years.

If we use the enforcement of driver's license and insurance in Canada as an example, we find that it is completely unlawful. Auto insurance is a commercial article or document that applies to commercial entities. By forcing the public to pay for auto insurance, they essential create a requirement that private property (auto vehicles) are to be under the authority of a corporation and in essence fulfilling a public service. Again, this applies to corporations and not private individuals. As long as a member of the public (or private individual) is not injuring another, everybody has the full right to mobility in any vehicle they choose and no official has the right to restrict that right.

If a police officer pulls you over and you fail to produce an insurance document, you will be charged with driving without insurance and you will be restricted further access to your vehicle unless you produce a subsequent legal insurance document. Yet, under the charter, this does not apply to private individuals.

If you refuse to produce insurance, the police will confiscate the vehicle and have it impounded. Again, this is unlawful and should be considered arbitrary confiscation of property, but it's done all the time by police. The Canadian Bill of Rights in section 1(a) specifically states that a person cannot be denied property without due process of law:

"Section 1(a) of the Bill of Rights recognizes "the right of the individual to life, liberty and security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law."

Some opponents then point to the highway traffic acts which may oppose this in some way, however this is not supreme law and does not hold any weight against it. But try telling that to police officers who are constantly infringing on the Charter and Bill of Rights. As outlined here in Bill C-235 under Construction of law:

"Every law of Canada shall, unless it is expressly declared by an Act of Parliament that it shall operate notwithstanding the Canadian Bill of Rights, be so construed and applied as not to abrogate, abridge or infringe or to authorize the abrogation, abridgment or infringement of any of the rights or freedoms..."

It further reads that:

"...every person has the right not to be deprived of that person’s property unless the person

"(a) is accorded a fair hearing in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice..."

Simply stated, the police have no right to confiscate any vehicle as per the above clauses. The police assume a person has committed a crime if they drive without a license or auto insurance. Without being convicted in a court of law, they unlawfully impound the person's vehicle contrary to the Charter and Bill of Rights.

A peace officer under the Canadian Commonwealth cannot contract with a person under statutes of Canada (which is a de facto foreign administration) since it's considered malfeasance in office, official misconduct and an unlawful act if done in an official capacity, which is exactly what police officers are committing to.

All of the above was eloquently expressed by Dean Clifford in a road side traffic stop below where he declared his rights to drive without a driver's license or insurance. Consequently, he was unlawfully detained and his vehicle was impounded.

Regarding trust law, I highly encourage all readers to become educated on these topics through the brilliant video presentations of Dean Clifford. They are simple to understand and he clearly lays out both sides of the story so that viewers walk away with a full understanding of what is at stake and how courts are clearly violating the rights of human beings. If you would like to support Dean who was kidnapped February 2, 2013 and being held as a political prisoner, you can review details here.

If we take the matter over to the natural health industry, the same applies. Dr. Eldon Dahl, now a Canadian hero for standing up to Health Canada, serves as an excellent example of how Health Canada abuses its authority and uses the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and SWAT teams to raid innocent Naturopathic Doctors who sell vitamins. Dr. Dahl and his family were held at gunpoint for 11 hours in a sting operation by Health Canada because he sold some vitamins.

Robert K. Jefferson, executive director of the Dietary Supplement Protective Union (DSPU) has recently issued a warning to Health Canada officials that enforcing Natural Health Product (NHP) regulations may constitute criminal activity by denying licences to manufacturers of the industry, a practice claimed to infringe on the constitutional rights of Canadians and thus subject to criminal legal action.

Portions of the statement and Notice to Health Canada reads:

"...the Natural Health Product Regulations are in contravention of The Constitution Act, 1867, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights -- the highest laws in the land."

"Any public servant who violates constitutional law has committed a criminal offence and is subject to prosecution. As an employee of the federal government, you are protected only against civil law suits. Health Canada cannot provide you with immunity against criminal legal action, however. You are vulnerable personally for every action you take that contravenes our constitutional laws."

"...the following activities most definitely constitute criminal activity:

  • Entrapment.
  • Initiating a raid before a warrant has been issued.
  • Obtaining a warrant under false pretenses.
  • Seizing items not covered by a search warrant.
  • Seizing goods after the expiry of a warrant.
  • Withholding material evidence at trial."

Dr Eldon Dahl - Life Choice - Raided by Health Canada and the RCMP for selling supplements

We must put back the law where it belongs--in the hands of the people who have rightful authority over the land in which they were born. We will not continue to allow our unlawful detainment or injury, or restriction of our innate rights as human beings. The time will come when all members of the police and enforcement officers recognize these rights. Between now and then we must pursue non-violent, mass education campaigns to expose all the information governments do not want people to know so that we may restore natural law in all nations on Earth.


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