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It's Time For Heart and Stroke Foundations Around The World To Revise Their Recommendations

Massive news in the world of health and wellness this week as Canada's Heart & Stroke Foundation announced that they will be winding back the 'Health Check' program after years of criticism that its criteria requirements were not good enough and were in fact promoting unhealthy choices.
This is great news as it paves the way and puts even more public pressure for similar foundations around the world, such as the Australian Heart Foundation with a very similar Tick of Approval program to follow suit.

A young woman in Australia has been campaigning since March last year for this very thing to happen. Her petition has gained nearly 30,000 signatures, but this hasn't been enough to end the program. The Heart Foundation continue to stand by their advice that people consume margarine, vegetable and seed oils and their processed, tick approved products, despite the huge body of evidence suggesting that this advice is not only extremely flawed, but is in fact damaging peoples health.

When the petition was given air time on a Current Affairs program in Australia, the Heart Foundation released a statement urging people continue to take their advice saying "The Heart Foundation makes recommendations based on good quality, strong scientific evidence. Our evidence papers are all available on our website and they are the basis of our recommendations. We are continually reviewing research as it is published and our recommendations will continue to be decided by sound science and nothing else."

They also approached the situation with character assassination saying "by her own admission, the petition author is not qualified to give health or dietary advice and we would encourage people to seek such advice from qualified professionals."

It appears however that they are in fact ignoring strong scientific evidence and research, rather than admitting they are wrong and changing their recommendations based on new evidence, they have their heads firmly in the sand.

One massive meta-analyses involving 347,747 subjects with follow ups from 5-23 years found that there was no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is time that these foundations admit that they are at fault, end their 'tick' programs and get back to what an organisation like this should be doing, that is educating the population on prevention in line with current science, research and evidence.

Teaching people how to effectively manage their stress, move their bodies in health promoting and enjoyable ways to get back to basics in the kitchen with real foods and nourishing fats.

It's time to leave the old saturated fat and cholesterol fear mongering campaigns behind and embrace a total paradigm shift that will serve in not only protecting against heart disease but preventing an array of chronic degenerative diseases that are so common and prevalent since the introduction of highly processed foods and in particular- unnatural man made fats such as margarine.

To sign and share the petition please visit


Jessie Reimers is an activist, writer, speaker, blogger and mum who is passionate about truth, honesty and creating change. She is the voice behind and her blog can be found at

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